Transfer latest: Everyone is talking about Arsenal’s Alexis

Alexis Sanchez is entering the final 12 months of his contract next month, and his Arsenal future is up in the air.

The Gunners striker has so far failed to agree conditions over an extension to his deal, and is strongly linked with a move away from the club this summer.

Sanchez is enjoying his best season in an Arsenal shirt, notching up 21 league goals and 10 assists, and almost every big club in Europe is linked with an interest. Should he force a move, he would have his pick of clubs to choose from, but I’m certain our club will be keen on him moving abroad should he feel the need to leave.

Ryan Giggs has called for Jose Mourinho to make an effort to sign the Arsenal superstar, citing his winning attitude as a necessity for a top side.

Giggs said: “[He’s] a brilliant player. His work rate, the effect he has on his team-mates, a winner.

“He just looks how South Americans are, tough aren’t they.”

When asked if he could imagine Sanchez making the switch to United, he replied: “Yeah. Jose Mourinho bought [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic because he is a winner.

“He’d won everywhere he’d gone. Not only the effect on the pitch but off the pitch as well.

“You can just feel that Sanchez would give his team-mates a lift.”

Giggs isn’t alone in wanting Alexis to join his side, with Edinson Cavani also welcoming his possible arrival at PSG, with the striker keen for his team to strengthen.

The latest supposed speculation claims that Bayern Munich have managed to agree terms with the Chilean star. The German side are believed to need to agree a fee with Arsenal for his signature, with a contract already being readied.

I find it hard to believe that we would have allowed a rival club to talk to our star player whilst we are still negotiating his extended stay with our club, and while we have such an important part of our current campaign to deal with.

I’d scrap any belief in Alexis having agreed to leave just yet, but I wouldn’t rule his exit out this summer…

Could Sanchez stay put? Where do you see his future being played out?

Pat J

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  1. Jaydawg says:

    His celebrations seem to state that he is staying. I want him to stay, who wouldnt he is a world class player but Arsenal will still be with or without him

    1. muff d says:

      doesn’t bode well though, we can never keep our best players
      essentially we are still a selling club

      he is the best player we had since henry
      3 years later he leaves – says alot about us

      plenty will try and spin it, poor attitude, we’re bigger than them,
      same as we did with rvp, cesc, everyone

      notice the correlation, our best players leave as they realise the club hasnt got the ambiton to succeed

      1. Break-on-through says:

        To be honest I couldn’t believe we got him in the first place. Amazed no other teams beside us Liv and Juve went for him, or no bigger teams I should say. The Ozil signing prob helped us a little, he prob thought well they are starting to target bigger players. But for some reason we stopped after Alexis.

  2. elcid says:

    Just give the man Wengers contract and he will stay untill he is 65 lol

    1. elcid says:

      In other news, Feyenoord became the champion of the Netherlands yesterday after 18 years, In which they changed coaches 13 times. Surely Wenger can prevent Arsenal from winning the title longer then that! In Wenger we trust! LOOOOOL

  3. Goonerboy says:

    It could be true Bayern has agreed terms with him but i still think some things will decide if he will stay or go;

    UCL: If we get CL football next season, he might stick around

    Fa Cup: If we can beat chelsea in the finals he could also stay but i think he wants the both…

    Money: Of course he would want more money as this could be his last contract with us…

    Ambition: He said he wants to sit with the club in the summer, i guess he wanna know the level of their ambition to decide if he will stay or not…
    All in all, i think the most important thing he wants are UCL, Fa Cup, money and a chance to challenge for major trophies, money comes last for him i assume…

    1. MxwellSmart86 says:

      Totally agree with your thoughts. Although UCL will be the key issue, then club’s will to bring top class players to have a chance at EPL title next season.

      If these two are met then he will probably lower a bit his contract demands….current wage is totally below his importance for the team now.

      His celebration after last two goals is dedicated to those pundit that claim he is just pretending to care.

      Message is clear: “I’m a gooner NOW and will draw sweat and blood for this badge, this is me, this is my present”

      His future.. Well, we will soon find out.

      1. muff d says:

        nice sentiment
        reality wil slap u in the face as it does to all of us

        hes been looking elsewhere since xmas

  4. Goonerboy says:

    Bayern, United, City, Juventus, even Chelsea wants Sanchez….
    So am now wondering, nobody wants Ozil????

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Fenerbache want him.

  5. Abdul Zlott says:

    11 points behind Spurs
    19 points behind Chelsea.
    Thursday night football beckons.
    13 years at 7 mill a season.
    91 million quid to make promises then make excuses.

  6. Nebsy says:

    Whoever has a glimmer of hope Sanchez will stay probably still believes in Santa Claus.
    This is an event that always happens at Arsenal. Player’s ambitions will always be higher than club’s ambitions, as long as Kroenke calls the shots.
    What we can hope for is that the club spends at least 70% of Sanchez’s transfer money on a semi-proper replacement. Not proper, as proper means world class, and after Sanchez’s exit, there won’t be a single world class player who’d be willing to join a club where top four is looked upon as a trophy.

    1. Abdul Zlott says:

      5th is the new 4th 🙂
      The “quint essential 5th place trophy.
      And if Arsenal beat the Champions
      in the FA Cup final that will “prove ”
      Arsenal is the best team in the land 🙂

  7. RSH says:

    Harsh truths for some Arsenal fans
    Alexis is leaving
    Top 4 is gone
    Wenger is signing a new contract

    I know this is end of the world for many people, but it’s not. We’ve been bad for ages, we’ve just managed to scrape top 4 and pretend to be a top club for a bit. So not much is changing honestly. Now the levee has just finally broken. Hopefully Sanchez gets us a trophy in his final appearance.

    1. Abdul Zlott says:

      The Daniel Levy has
      broken through you mean 🙂

  8. ThirdManJW says:

    Don’t think he’ll stay. Champions League football is almost gone, Arsenal do not pay the highest wages, and Sanchez’s next contract will be his last big one, so he’ll be looking for a great deal. I am not even sure he wants to play for Wenger anymore. Arsenal are a club on the slide, and there are so many big clubs that want him, he’ll be spoilt for choice during the summer.

    Arsenal should have sold him with two years left if nothing could have been agreed, thus to get a much better valuation when selling. I think the best we can get is maybe around £50 million.

  9. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I still havent got over selling RVP to United and selling Toure/Sagna to City

    We must never again sell any quality player to a rival
    If Alexis is sold it should be for a good price to a foreign team

    But I am hoping he will stay
    Without Alexis we wouldnt even be in the top 5

    Alexis was
    Our Top scorer 21 pl goals and 26 total goals
    He also scored more assists than the top scorers (Costa, Lukaku, Ibra’vic, Kane)
    He is our most consistent player
    Rarely injured
    Most hard working player
    Maybe the most heart

    We need more players like Alexis

    1. Yossarian says:


      Selling Alexis to PSG/Bayern would be a blow, but selling him to Chelsea/Man U/Man C would be unforgivable.

    2. gmv8 says:

      If this club doesn’t do everything it can to retain someone who is undoubtedly one of the best, who gives you hope of better things, and and whose performance yesterday actually sent shivers down my spine, remembering better times – then every fan should show their disenchantment, on a scale greater than the Wenger protests.

      No club, even the middle tier clubs are selling their best players at the moment, with all the TV money coming in, and an action such as this would rubber stamp lack of ambition and profiteering as the clubs main priorities, above any other club currently in the EPL, which considering the amount we pay for a season ticket is absolutely unacceptable.

      Why people seem to accept that it is inevitable, is beyond belief – it is as acceptable to me as accepting that we will finish below the Spuds every year. While they seem to be thinking of every more bizarre ways to promote themselves, such as their ‘leaving’ ceremony, when they are actually not going anywhere – expect a DVD to be released soon, we seem to obsessed with kicking ourselves in the teeth.

  10. Break-on-through says:

    Should have offered him 200 or a bit more last summer, he might have taken it. The problem now is everyone is going to speak to him without our consent and they’ll offer him a big signing fee along with maybe three hundred grand a week. We can only pray that he’s a very loyal sort and would be happy once he gets a fair wage, which is something like 250 to 300. He has ambition though, which is another problem for us which I hate to admit. I could be biased here, but right now I’d say Alexis is the best player in this league. You think back on allot of his goals, he didn’t have Ozil always finding him, nor anyone else for that matter. With allot of his goals it felt like he still had work to do before putting them away.

  11. Ozil says:

    Painful truth coming but better to face reality: Sanchez is gone, we have known it for some time. The guy wants to win and he has not seen anything at Arsenal that makes him believe we are serious about winning. The fact he celebrates a goal is because he wants to fight to the end and he wants to win always every game, probably wants to beat his children in cards and his dogs in a sprint. He is just that type of competitive guy. That’s why he could not hide his emotions in Munich when his teammates didn’t even try.

    Don’t believe Wenger when he says Sanchez will stay. Wenger has always lied bout those things. Remember RVP? 2 weeks before he was sold Wenger was telling us how RVP would stay.

    And IMO there is no need to be angry with Sanchez. We should still welcome players who want to win trophies so badly. Most of us have joined Sanchez in believing Wenger is not the man to win the PL or CL for us so how can we blame a guy who only has a few years left in his career for wanting to win a major trophy? If anything we should be grateful to him for showing us, reminding us, what the Arsenal spirit used to stand for.

    We used to have a team filled with Sanchez mentality and even when that team didn’t win the PL we were never embarrassed because they left it on the pitch each and every game.
    If you wanted to beat the likes of Vieira, Keown, Adams, Parlour, Dixon, Henry, Bergkamp you better bring it because you were never going to get an easy game.

    Thank you Sanchez for the 3 seasons of hard work and great moments you gave us and for the hope you gave us. Wishing you well at Bayern.

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