Transfer odds SLASHED after Arsenal make £22m bid

Arsenal do already have two players involved in the Copa America tournament being held in Chile this summer, with our brilliant forward Alexis Sanchez representing the home nation and our Keeper David Ospina likely to be the number one for Colombia.

And we could soon have another reason to watch Ospina’s country’s games, as the bookies seem to think that we are about to complete the transfer of his team mate Jackson Martinez from Porto. JUst yesterday it was being reported by Metro that Arsene Wenger had placed a bid of around £22 million with his current club Porto and that the Gunners were fairly confident that this would be enough for us to get our man.

The fact that the 30 goal a season centre forward has made no secret of his wish to leave and play for a bigger club will definitely not harm our chances. All this seems to have convinced the bookies, or one of them at least as Betfair cut their odds on Jackson joining Arsenal this summer down to odds on of 1/2.

They also have odds for the prolific front man to join clubs like Atletico Madrid, Valencia, Milan and even our local rivals Tottenham, but they have the Gunners as clear favourites. Would he be the right striker signing for us Gooners?

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      1. Real want to trade
        Ronaldo Benzema
        + Bale for Sanogo
        Campbell and Wellbeck.
        Barca want to trade
        Naymar Messi + Surez
        for Podolski Giroud + Ryo.
        Arsenal has quite rightly said no.

        1. You are a peculiar sort – happiest when sticking the knife in or ridiculing. Is DW your latest project?

          Where did you get “39” appearances from? Try 34. Why not balance that out and say that his appearance minutes equate to less than 24 matches in all comps? Why not acknowledge that he is a squad option/player and not 1st X1 choice and judge him accordingly? Why not mention it is first season and he missed the beginning of the season? Or his injuries not helping? Why don’t you mention he has only played CF for us 14 times? Why don’t you compare his goal record to other wide players in the league like Willian or Nasri or Milner/Navas? Why don’t you put in a mention of his 14 in 33 for England when deployed as a striker (rather astonishingly, a similar strike rate to Rooney and Charlton)? Why don’t you mention the importance of some of his goals (helping out with 3pts against WBA and WH and a draw against Hull), and the winner against Man U in FAC? Why not give him a bit of credit for a UCL hat-trick? Why not give him credit for being the only member of our squad with a PL winners medal? Why not mention his effort, attitude and enthusiasm – he is clearly delighted to be with us?

          And why am I asking so many questions? In fact, why not just give the lad a chance – he is clearly not going anywhere in the immediate future.

        2. Welbeck has done alright for first season, I strongly think he will improve season by season and turn into an amazing striker.he’s one for the future and a fine squad player…

    1. Jackson is ma man,,,he will deliver goals and challenge giroud to the limit. We need someone like him,we have lots of choices but the most realistic would be Martinez, benzema is mission impossible, higuain is too expensive and almost same age as Martinez,cavani is a dream and IBRA is just trash talk. So it leaves us with Martinez, he is a player we have lits of chance signing and we better do it quickly.I’m scared other teams will take him, we must act fast and sign him,no hesitation

  1. The ‘metro’ as your source? Why not give articles having, bbc, sky sports as their source(s)

  2. Big fan of Martinez, we should’ve signed him 2 years ago. Now I would pass on him as he hits 29 in October.

    1. we had our eyes on him two years ago, on Suarez when he was at Ajax…on zlatan when he was at Ajax!
      damn we had some opportunities passing us by ….

    2. Martinez still has at least 3 good seasons left in him,how old was vanpusssy when united signed him!???

  3. Stop sourcing Metro news admin! It has little reputation and credibility. However, we’ll see what Jackson are made off. I’m not sure if he is Colombian first choice right now. They still have Falcao and Carlos Bacca. Whatever he should show his credential here. So does on Higuain for Argentina. They also have Messi, Tevez, Aguero and Lavezzi. I guess he’ll down to pecking order.

  4. It was pointed out before and ill say it again, the fluctuations of odds is down to the punters placing bets. Only when a bookmaker or plural completely stop taking bets on something is it down to information through the grape vine.

    1. Yes and he has been odds on for a fair few weeks now – they haven’t just dropped.

  5. Here’s one for you admin.
    Arsenal bid for Pogba.
    Its official Arsenal have
    made a bid for Pogba.
    Florentin Pogba
    Paul Pogba’s brother 🙂
    St Etienne CB he he he.
    Get some clicks there admin 🙂

  6. My 7 Q&A on Arsenal Transfer. Have Arsenal steped up on their summer transfers? I presume not yet. Have Arsenal identified the players they want to buy? I will assume so. How many players would Arsenal buy this summer? I believe they could be upto 3. In what positions would Arsenal buy those players play in? They could buy them for d left back, dm and right wing positions. When will those 3 players be bought? There is still time as the transfer market is yet to open, let’s be patient. Do Arsenal need to buy a striker this summer? Ehm, I wouldn’t think so as Arsenal have 2 Gunners in addition to 1 striker that can play very well as strikers and apart of Sanchez give Arsenal 60 goals next season. But the Boss can think diffirently. How many goals would Arsenal need to score to win the domestic treble next season? If they will not concede many goals I think 130 goals are okay. Sanchez and the 3 strikers for 85, the midfielders for 35 and the defenders for 10. But they can as well complement each others deficits.

  7. Slate him. Out of that 8, one very important one that
    i) set us on the path of the FA trophy against a serious contender for the trophy at their ground.
    ii) make us to beat Man U at their ground for the first time in many many years.
    iii) that we banish the fear of big teams anywhere we play them.
    How many goals has Moratta scored for Juventus this season? But he scored the crucial goals that took the team to play the last match of European season. Crucial goals are crucial. Encourage your players to do better and do not demoralise them. RH is better than TW, just as Falcoa was better than Sanchez before the start of the season, isn’t it?

  8. AW won’t spend this year at all. He thinks we just had a bad start to the season lol we need to clear out loads of players
    BFG bench player now as he cost us points this year
    Few more but this needs to happen.
    Buy 4 player and definitely a DM so we can play 3 up front

    1. Wenger can stubborn as f*** lol
      Yes he may believe we had a bad start and that we have all the players we need.

      I hope you are wrong thoughvand he at the very least gets a top CF like Martinez, lacazette or Higuain, if not that and a top DM like Kondogbia or Schneiderlin

  9. I would be very surprised if this rumor is true.

    I believe in a youth system and I believe in our youth system. Signing an aging player is not the ‘arsenal’ way.
    I know everybody quotes the success of Chelsea & Man City, honestly I would start supporting another club if this became arsenal. I love to see a player developing, its is one of the reasons I love watching football – trying to spot talent and watching them grow.

    TBH, I have come to realize that I am in the minority, we (Arsenal supporters) would rather see a player that will be good for a couple of seasons eg. (RvP to man U) than sculpting our diamonds. We are starting to produce quality in the academy and buying semi stars like Jackson Martinez (Mario Baletolli – beginning of this season) will not help the club.

    Luckily for me, the board and I are on the same page. 😛


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