This Man City flop is simply NOT what Arsenal need!

As the latest Arsenal transfer news has it looking as though the signing of the England hero Jamie Vardy from Leicester City is dead in the water, Arsenal fans will be wondering where Arsene Wenger goes next in his search for more fire power to boost our chances of getting our hands on the Premier League trophy once again.

And no doubt the football media will soon be bombarding us with all sorts of Arsenal transfer rumours in the wake of Vardy´s decision to stay with his current club. I just hope that the one being reported by Sky Sports today about the former Man City forward Stevan Jovetic is way off the mark.

The news from Italy is that Arsenal have made ‘serious steps’ towards bringing Jovetic back to England but why on earth would Arsene Wenger think this was a good idea? I know that the Frenchman was linked with the player before he joined Man City from Fiorentina but everything that has happened since then has merely highlighted the fact that we dodged a bullet in missing out on his transfer.

Jovetic flopped in the EPL and since returning to Italy with Internazionale last summer at less than half what City paid for him he has not exactly set the world on fire either, smashing in a massive six league goals last season, which is why Inter are willing to sell. Does that really sound like the player Arsenal need to fire us to glory?


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  1. Hey, Don’t worry folks, we have another 3 years of this malarkey to endure! ?

    #Long Live the Delusional One!.. Hip , Hip.. ??

  2. Why would someone take this kind of rumour seriously? Hmmmm. Who does not know that Giroud is better than this guy? So it’s not a topic for discussion. Talk about an upgrade figure.

  3. According to Wenger’s latest statement ( given in an interview, to some Chinese media) He is looking to sign one or two more players. If the youngster’s Rob Holding and Kelechi are classed as the other two signings then we are totally screwed ?… Surely, Not?

    I also hear that we are interested in Utd’s D.Blind ?
    His not a bad player, even Barcelona are said to be linked to him, but I doubt that Mourinho would want to sell to Us.

    1. Kelechi has already signed and been given a number recently, if Wengers latest interview is as you said then it would have been after Kelechi signed.

      So STFU you n00b.

      1. Signed what? ? your ? boobs? ? cos I know that he hasn’t signed ? for Arsenal yet, as there was a dispute about his valuation with his agency. Personal terms were agreed but the player hasn’t signed yet, as he is away with the Nigerian national team. And the shirt number (25 ) thats a sweetner from Arsenal , as it is Kanu’s old number. ?

  4. We are already a second class club in terms of our salary scale and our achievement in the recent years. Do you think the best players will come and waste their years in this team with no ambition under Wenger!?

    If we are not aiming players of Jovetic class, who else can we get!?

    No day dreaming ADMIN, the best players will not come. And Wenger will make sure they won’t come as he is still leading.

    1. No ambition under Wenger? You just sound stupid saying that.
      FA Cup not ambition? Then retaining it and at the time making UTD recognise Arsenal as the team who holds the FA Cup the most? Ok they won it so it is matched by UTD now but it was winning something and the FA cup is what Wenger used to encourage the team on to win the EPL in previous times.

      Last 3 seasons league pos at the end of season:

      Fans moan about this season but ignore how Jose was going to get Chavski relegated, how UTD fans used to take the piss and now they are quiet due to their own failures, Liverfool having to sack Rodgers because they was not performing..

      EVERY DAMN TEAM apart from Lei didn’t perform, Arsenal done the best of the rest and yet Arsenal fans still moan like a little girl.

      I guess if we should also aim at players of Jovetic quality then either Ozil and Alexis are low quality or you are talking xxxxx

      1. So we judge our failures by other clubs failure!

        Last season we should have buried the other clubs during their times of failure, not followed suit.

  5. May be this is the very same Stefano jovetic that people were screaming for wenger to sign a few years back?

    I said then he was over rated and that he wasn’t even as good as Walcott. I will still stand by that statement.

    For me if wenger doesn’t go for a top 15 goalscorer from the top 5 leagues, I would rather go for a prospect like dembele in the bargain basement, as I think giroud, alexis and Walcott probably all fit in the 2nd group of 15 with the likes of icardi, dybala, lukaku, muller, slimani, aduriz, jones, gomez, martial, De Jong, bacca, costa

    Top 15 in no particular order (in my opinion)

    I know not all of them are strikers, but no doubt they are the level of player we should be connected with.

    1. Cavani is garbage. Out of that list only 3 of them are realistically available. That’s Aubameyang, Higuain and Vardy. It’d take a miracle for Wenger to dish out 60mill+ for Aubameyang or Higuain. And after his Copa America Higuain’s price is only going to get higher. I think there are still some good strikers available a tier below that could enter top class with good players like Ozil and Sanchez next to them.

    2. Would like to see one or more of those coming to replace our existing strikers. However, it’s very unlikely for any of them to come to this arsenal team under Wenger. Who wants to aim at fourth place instead of being a champion?

    3. What about Diego Costa, Paulo Dybala, Thomas Muller, Chicarito, Jonas (Benfica 32 gls 12 as).

      1. I mean some of these have performed better than Vardy and Kane throughout a longer period. Costa and Muller are world cup winners and I think allot of top teams would take either of them over the two English lads. Dybala, I’m sure there are fans on this site that would prefer the Argentinian. Chicarito again there might be someone who thinks he’d be a better poacher than one of Kane or Vardy. The last one I threw in is because I’m surprised his name hasn’t been thrown out yet, thirty two league goals and twelve assists, 44 league goals involved directly.

  6. just another drop in the rumor mill. Since were not getting Vardy I don’t even expect Wenger to try again. I can already hear him saying “we couldn’t find the right person” come September…

    1. Nah! not this time mate. The drama from that placard waving stuff and all the focus on the wrong talking points after the matches will still be fresh in everyone’s memory. I believed Wenger when he said he wanted to bring in a top striker and I think he only lowered his expectations because of the unrest at Arsenal along with him feeling pressure from being so close to the end of his AFC career. These reasons, and how maybe a punt is better than doing nothing at all. Last season Theo was the punt, an awful in the end. I think the best strikers aren’t moving it’s as simple as that, why would you sell one when everybody else is having so much trouble in finding them. Money, they can sell off other positions make some money and are able to bring in a replacement much easier. I reckon a striker is definitely coming, just not sure in the least what type of calibre he’ll be.

  7. Aubameyang is not 60m pounds. Dortmund just want to make a fortune if they sell him. I still think Wenger should go for Lewandowsky. Guys, Eduardo Vargas is an interesting prospect. 4 goals yesterday against Mexico. His goals for Chile and the understanding with Sanchez is superb. Arsenal need to sort out this Striker issue quickly. In terms of priority. A striker is what we need.

  8. So two more players to come in. I take it this means no new winger, Iwobi and Campbell it is then. Unless Oxlade and Theo get the nod. Might bring better performances out of the both of them. Sadly I would not expect to see this, I hope but not expect.. What about Gibbs, he must be staying if Arsene says he expects to make three.

    Jovetic, yeah, I wasn’t keen the first time round but thought if it’s what we want well then Arsenal must see something that I don’t. This time he has a PL failure behind him and returned to Italy without his confidence in tact. The Giroud stuff that some people don’t like, ya know the stuff I’m talking about, hold up and all. I think this part of Jovetic game was at a decent standard, good ball control and decent passing. But we need someone who has a knack for nestling nets if we haven’t said for the 1000th time.

  9. Not to worry…… The media will make the Vardy to Arsenal story into a summer-long soap opera.

    Well into July we will be reading headlines about Vardy “snubbing” Arsenal. So we won’t need too many new rumors to keep us busy getting disappointed.

  10. I remember some fans wanted Jovetic when he was at Fioentina before he went to Man city. He didn’t like up to the hype. Injuries didn’t help him as well….I doubt Arsenal will sign him but we shouldn’t say he flopped at Mancity so he will flop in Arsenal. It could work out for Him with us but He is not what we need.. .

    This team needs a striker…….Arsenal and Arsene should please show us some striking love

  11. As it stands i think the best option we have is Lukaku, he has a lot of EPL experience but i believe his over priced value will hinder the move. And if that doesn’t work Why don’t we try out Icardi? I could turn out great for us.

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