Transfer off! Top striker explains why he will NOT join Arsenal

We only have the Arsenal transfer rumours to go on but it would make a lot of sense if the Poland international star Robert Lewandowski was high up on the list of strikers that Arsene Wenger was after this summer. There have been some reports that the Frenchman has already made and had turned down an offer for him by his current club Bayern Munich.

Whether or not that is true, there seems to be no reason for Wenger to hold out any hopes of signing the striker, at least not in this transfer window. The 26-year old has only been with the German Bundesliga champions for one season after all and with 25 goals in his first season at a rate of just over one every other game, it is not as if he has been a flop.

Lewandowski, however, seems to think that he still has a lot to prove to the Bayern fans and his determination to do that is why Arsenal fans can forget about seeing him in north London any time soon, unless we get them in the Champions League that is.

Also, as reported by the Express, the forward still has a few goals that he wants to achieve in Munich before he thinks about a transfer away. Despite winning the league at a canter again last season, they had disappointing campaigns in the German cup and the Champions League and that is the sort of thing he joined them for in the first place.

Lewandowski said, “I don’t believe the fans have already seen the best of me. I can, and will, be even better this season, I’m certain of that.

“It’s not always easy of course as there are so many factors involved. It’s vital we play well as a team. That’s the most important thing.

“It would be useless to me personally if I was to finish top scorer but we only come second in the Bundesliga and go out of the Champions League in the last sixteen.”

So it seems that if Wenger does want to sign this player, then Arsenal need to show that we also have a good chance of winning top honours. But should we even wait for him or will Arsenal have signed another top striker by the time Lewandowski is ready?

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  1. Standard preseason talk from a player if you ask me, not suggesting we’ll get him or that he’ll leave but nothing said here suggests he won’t.

    Anyway, season is almost upon us…..I know that because Jack has yet another ankle injury. Break out season or another injury hit one? hmm…

    1. 2-5 days.. Sounds more like a sprain. Maybe hold your I told you so’s for just a tad longer?

      1. Funny, as I never said anything of the sort. But wouldn’t be without your inability to read coming to the fore time and again.

  2. Means nothing
    Anything is possible
    Dortmund is not in Champions League- We are
    We have a better chance of winning trophies
    Arsene Wenger can be very persuasive
    Klopp has left.
    Players change their minds all the time.

    I’m not saying it won’t be extremely difficult but it’s not impossible

    1. Haha! Umm did you just wake up from a coma you were in for the past year??
      How are we ever going to persuade Lewi to leave his buddies Reus and Goetze from Dortmund!? Would be almost impossible!

  3. Hey guys i understand that mourinho is up right now, crying and cant’t sleep trying to figure out what went wrong with his tactics!

    1. Joozhy is at home breaking all the new dish ware his wife recently bought after Joozhy broke all the old dish ware when Cech was sold to Arsenal.

  4. Пожалуйста,Can Arsene Wenger just get ibrahimovic for just £12M? I’m not asking for too much.

  5. In this pre-season Ox has made the right wing his own. If he stays healthy, and he damn well should, he is should be our starting RW. That leaves Theo and Giroud to duke it out for the CF position. They both offer different things to the team, they both have positives and negatives, neither one for me is an ideal striker but we can make do with a forward line of Giroud,Theo,Wellbeck and Sanchez to choose from.
    Just like all of the fans I would love to see a World Class transfer, but I personally do not on Benzema.
    Lewandowski or Reus would be my ideal transfer.

    1. You are right. Ox is cementing his role at RW.

      Let us not forget, Ox was playing so well already last season that he was only player to appear in every game for Arsenal until he was injured. I have not forgotten it – and neither has Wenger.

  6. Also with less than a month to go, Arsene should also concentrate to send youngsters to loan and sell some players.
    Campbell seems to be going to Palermo
    Rosicky should go somewhere for his sake to play some football
    Flamini should go anywhere but here
    Hayden,Biyelik,Zelalem, Gnabry and Akpom all look to be on our first team according to and they can all use a loan spell to get some games under their belts.
    Then buy Semper and Reus and we are good to go!

  7. I will ask the same question as always.

    How can a deal be off, when there is no evidence it was ever on?? There was never any to be on or off.

  8. Just read that Joozhy claims Arsenal won but Chelsea was the better team.

    I checked again just to be sure but the team that scores the most goals in football is the “better team.” Otherwise the rules would give points for pretty passing, dazzling moves, and # of shots on goal.

    Ironically, Joozhy is the one who normally claims that possession, passing and goal chances are unimportant but winning “ugly” is everything. Which is it Joozhy?

    Just another reminder. Joozhy is a slimy hypocrite and the undisputed worst human being in football.

  9. We should offer around 55-60 m pounds if we want to sign Benzema or Lewandowski. I cant see them selling for around 40-45m with no top striker available in the market to replace them.
    I heard somewhere Real want Morata back who has buyback clause to replace Benzema.

  10. Lewandowski is at one of THE premier clubs in the world, earning good wages and he was wanting to play there for about 3 seasons before he finally got his move. Why in the world, after 1 season, would he want to jump ship to another country and play for a team who’ve not won their country’s major honours in the past 10 years? We can’t beat Bayern for wages so ya know – no incentive.

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