Transfer seeking Mahrez to start and HURT Arsenal?

If Arsenal are to stand any sort of realistic chance of lifting the Premier League trophy next May then you would think that we need to get off to a good start, as there is some very strong competition for the title and the likes of Man City, Chelsea and Manchester United have spent some eye watering amounts of cash in the transfer market to strengthen their own chances.

So with a tough run of fixtures for the Gunners to kick off with I feel that a win at home to Leicester City in our first game this Friday night is hugely important and I would expect to get all three points as well, even without our Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez, but there is one thing that worries me and that is the Algerian attacking star of the Foxes, Riyad Mahrez.

On the one hand you might think that Mahrez would not be fully focused or committed to the Leicester cause because he really wants a transfer away, but his manager Craig Shakespeare has insisted that the 26-year old has shown a great attitude, reports the Daily Mail, and is set to start against Arsenal.

Also, because of his desire to sign for a bigger club before the current transfer window closes, I am concerned that the Algerian could be double determined to put himself in the shop window by playing out of his skin. Do the Arsenal players need to be aware of this threat and make sure that they keep him under control tomorrow?

Sam P.


  1. Connan says:

    Mahrez should be in an Arsenal shirt. He is better than most we have in this position and we could go through this season regrettingg not signing him.

    1. Rorie Day says:

      Mahrez is massively overrated; hes had one good season in his career. Even if he was to score tonight, he still wouldn’t be worth the £40 million there asking for.

      I’d rather keep faith in Iwobi and Nelson, rather than waste money and wages on Gervinho 2.0.

      And if we did decide to get another wide man; what the hell is wrong with playing Perez!

    2. neil says:

      Not sure why arsenal dont do like all the other clubs like man city (Sanchez) chelsea / liverpool (ox and sanchez) and put a bid in for Mahrez just to unsettle the player so he doesnt play .. Im sure if we were playing any of those teams there would be plenty of articles and thoae clubs players makong statements and tweets
      Claudio Bravo tweeting he would welcome Sanchez should be deemed same as tapping up and both club and player get a fine or suspension.. that would stop all of it !

  2. bran99 says:

    Whoever we miss on transfer, always comes back to haunt us real bad. Messi, Ronaldo, DROGBA, and so many others.. So I expect a gr8 show from the Algerian against us

    But it’s a winnable game, we will prevail. LC never give us hard times

    1. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

      No one gets the better of Arsenal off Arsenal on Kolasimac’s watch

  3. gotanidea says:

    Yes, he could have an extra motivation, to show himself off to the big clubs. But the 3-4-2-1 tactic should be able to nullify his threat, because Arsenal has one extra defender in the back to prevent Leicester City’s counterattacks.

    He is a good attacking midfielder and winger, but I hope Arsenal chases Rafinha instead. Rafinha is used to play with Barcelona’s football level and has been playing with Messi (like Sanchez).

    Also there is another rumor that Chelsea is chasing Barcelona’s Sergi Roberto. If Sergi Roberto is allowed to leave, Arsenal should try to get him, as an alternative to Jean Seri.

  4. Gabie says:

    Who haunt us !!!! Vardy never do anything for us liar!!!! Boys are ready i got confidence we will win tonight with great goals. Mahrez wanted by Arsenal last season he decided to listen to old vardy so he must rot in Leicester small club. What i like now is Xhaka is becoming a player Wenger show, our middlefield can control the game and defense is just ok.

  5. Gabie says:

    Comfortable win tonight !!1! Who haunt us !!!! Vardy never do anything for us liar last season !!!! Boys are ready i got confidence we will win tonight with great goals. Mahrez wanted by Arsenal last season he decided to listen to old vardy so he must rot in Leicester small club. What i like now is Xhaka is becoming a player Wenger saw , our middlefield can control the game and defense is just ok. Those Lecesiter players are big headed they wont go anywhere. I am real not scared of Leceister they won by lucky and penalty awarded with the referees.

    We will win tonight.

  6. Bryanz says:

    Mahrez was needed and is still needed at Emirates. He is good at creating chances and giving final passes just like he has been doing to vardy Jamie. He was the only reason the foxes got the trophy. Every thing is all left to the sleeping man. Some body wake him up from his usual sleep. He dreams that Walcott will ever be equated to Mahrez. Mahrez is another class. Forget the Walcott’s at arsenal. Leave alone the similarities in hair styles.

  7. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I think Mahrez is better than Theo, Danny and Iwobi. He would be very welcome here with his Premier League winning experience, assists and goals. I don’t think Wenger is interested in him because Wenger yesterday said that we don’t need another player of his type. Maybe he will change his mind if we don’t get anybody in the last week.

    However, I’m still hoping Lemar comes. I think we will make another bid for him soon.

  8. Wengers Coat says:

    Mahrez is of course better than Iwobi, Walcott, Welbeck. But Mahrez is at the peak of his career, regular starting spot each season. Signing Mahrez means stalling Iwobi potential, plus theres no guarantee he will perform for us well (Inside foward on the right wing). Walcott at least has proven hsi quality last season.Welbeck has been promising pre season

    1. Lugdush says:

      Im not saying i want mahrez, but…how many players did we refuse because of “buying him couls stop the develop of wilshere, ramsey, walcott, gibbs…is that give us succes? Is that working? And if rhey fullfit his potencial after all our patient, one awesome season and they go for hunt the league like rvp? We have to start to think about now…iwobi will develop competing with the best, and if he fails, sorry, its football and thats why player earn what they earn. We are a team with the target to win things, we are not an academy of players. World cass players are not loyal because the team wait for them to develop if that wait makes the team not competing for the best

  9. Towers says:

    Wenger’s assertions and comparisons of players he has with Mahrez are sickening.They simply show u that the man is out of touch with reality!

  10. Waal2waal says:

    i remember a striker named ravenelli came to play for boro and despite them being at the base of the league he was in the mix as one of the seasons top strikers. i dont see quite how mehrez distinguished himself while leicester struggled last season. doubt he the answer i think he knows arsenal are making a point he should have came when asked last year.

  11. Break-on-through says:

    I wonder if Arsenal will finally begin the season with some desire to actually put us in with a shout this season. Dropping points in the first game is too detrimental for us all. But still you see us casually trying to improve our passing game, while the other side looks ready to break heads. At-least this time we have some players who can tussle a bit. Holding Xhaka Coquelin Kolasinac Oxlade Welbeck Giroud, about three more but they are out. We need these guys stepping up and getting stuck in, these are ones who can dish it out a bit. We need to see more desire this time out, none of the overly comfortable BS, inflict misery onto our opponents.

  12. MANTAK says:

    Mahrez has had his day in that one big season when everything at Leicester clicked. Its possible he may be an improvement but you cant buy every player that ‘might’ improve your squad. Granted, we have some rubbish to offload to make space and on that basis we would be improved with him in our squad once we have binned off the weaker players but you cant compare him with Lemar, he is not even close.

  13. mark says:

    Mahrez goes missing in games, his head is distracted and he won’t turn up tonight. We will win comfortably.

    One season wonder.

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