Transfer values of Premier League top six stars plummet due to Covid-19

The Covid-19 outbreak that has stopped football across the world has made a significant impact on the values of players.

The virus has caused a stop to most businesses around the world, the price of oil has even dropped.

The lack of action by players has also affected their market values and transfer experts, claims that over £1.8 Billion pounds have been wiped off the value of Premier League squads.

They claim that players who are born from 1998 and beyond have seen their values affected by the pandemic and some players’ values have dropped by up to 20%.

Their statement reads: “Players, who were born in 1998 or later are downgraded by 10 per cent, all others – down to a minimum value of £300,000 – by 20 per cent. In England’s four highest leagues, this leads to a market value loss of £2.01bn – the squad values of the 20 Premier League clubs go down by £1.84bn alone.

“This equates to a minus of 18.94 per cent in comparison to the previous record value of £9.71bn.”

Arsenal is one of the clubs that has suffered losses in squad value with the Gunners’ player values dropping by £144.66m, an 18% drop on their value before the pandemic.

Aubameyang has also seen his transfer value plummet from £63m to £50.4m. Nicolas Pepe who moved to the Emirates for £72 million in the summer is now worth only £46.8m.

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    1. Prices have NOT dropped by “up to 20%” but by well over 50%, as anyone with even half a brain cell can easily foresee. This article, stupidly, now tells us that we can now expect “£50.4 miilion for Auba”. This is a ludicrous refusal to look in the face the sobering facts of how enormously this virus will wreck old financial values and NOT simply shade them down by a paltry 20%. Some dull witted folk seem to still fondly think that player salaries will not be reduced or if they are, then by a paltry 20%. They are living in financial dreamland. MANY, EVEN MOST, OF THEPLAYERS THEMSELVES ARE ALSO IN THIS DREAMLAND OF STUPIDITY AND GREED!

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