Transfer window could be a disaster for Arsenal if they are not careful

Aubameyang and Mari transfer situations a huge test for Arsenal board.

There was a time in this transfer window when it appeared that it would pass without Arsenal doing any business or having any effect on the team. That could easily change in just a couple of days time.

I have been watching Sky Sports morning transfer window, I have the BBC transfer page on, I have NewsNow and Google News feeds going and constant news filtering through from Twitter and other social media and there are two scenarios that could actually happen.

One is that the Pablo Mari deal is starting to look unlikely and the other is that Arsenal could actually lose Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Now, if both of those were to happen, no Mari and lose Auba, then it would end up being a disastrous transfer window for Arsenal in my opinion.

Losing Auba in this transfer window did not even register on my radar. In all honesty, I do expect him to go in the summer, he shows no sign at all of signing a new contract and I have come to accept that but not this month.

The defensive situation at Arsenal is reaching a crisis point, I believe it would be the height of negligence if the board fails to strengthen the centre half position and if it turns out it was over a million pounds that the Mari deal fell through then the board need to answer some serious questions.

I am in no way saying that the Mari deal will definitely not happen or that Aubameyang will definitely leave this week but I am saying that based on what I have read and watched today, that both scenarios are very much possible.

Going to be a nervous few days and I will not pass judgement on the board just yet, not until the clock strikes 11 pm on Friday evening. Hopefully, they will do the right thing and not allow the team to be weakened. That is not supposed to be the point of a transfer window.


  1. I agree with all that you are saying admin,I too believe Auba will leave in the summer and I am even more sure that we will miss out on Mari over what is quite honestly a piffling amount of money in this day and age,I have no doubt that our so wondferfully football knowledgable owner and directors will cock this up,because they don’t want to sign a permanent contract and would prefer a loan,I can see why they want to do it that way but honestly just sign him on a two year deal and sell if he doesn’t come up to scratch for god sake.

  2. When I see Arsenal ‘penny pinching’ it makes me feel sick. All those years ago we were a whisker away from Louis Suarez and offered £40,000,001. There is nothing to say about that but f***. Then we pay a reasonable but over the hill Ozil £350,000 a week. Schizoid or Schizoid? Mari is not exactly expensive for a 26 year old who has abou 5 years in front of him. Arsenal are a club who pull the rug from under their own feet and self-harm. With the very inconsistant Mustafi injured now we should be looking to Matviyenko but the Kroenkes are rubbish in America and even more rubbish in the UK. Spend a little Kroenke…a little.

    1. Yep, right on point Sean. Mari flew in to sign him contract all the way from Brazil, pretty long flight. Flamengo are furious, Kreoenke changed terms agreed upon before he flew in, cutting a million from deal of 7M!!!

      That’s simply embarrassing amd if Flamengo are pissed, how must be feeling Mari after that 24h long roundtrip? He won’t come and got that if this can happen, he was not supposed to leave at all, will stay there! We most likely can rules this one out…

      I remember perfectly Suarez ridiculous ending, agreed to terms, Reds expecting 45M, turned down 40M offer and we added 00,1 pound to that bet! Everyone was laughing at us, I couldn’t believe it, Wenger was furious just as Suarez, both embarrassed as all of us!

      But some of us here were not around obviously, nor a year later; Kanté was on his way to join Wenger, we couldn’t put 35M + 5M in wages! Chelsea did and we’re Champion!

      Kroenke had promise to release money when stadium was paid for; July 2013! We missed Suarez on that window! With Kante, Suarez, we would probably be champions til this day and won CL several times!

      Wenger had perfectly timed it, managing to keep us in Top4 and title fight, reaching CL final with a bunch of kids.

      Emery did okay 1st season, he got that team was bit short but close to top4 as we finished, close to winning title as we did. Asked for 3 players to improve team: Partey, Maguire, Zaha!

      Got Pepe in last minute payment plan trick, Ceballos on loan and Luiz for Kos! How does that improve?

      Until Kroenke owns this club, we will never win anything, because his only ambition is to fill that stadium, knows fans are passionate and will.

      He would have not fired Emery without empty stadium, nor will fire Arteta if stadium is full, but instantly it is empty. In order to have us come back!

      We won’t make it anywhere this season, no Europa league next year, but as long as we in stadium, Kroenke will remain and happy!

  3. Rodrigo Moreno is not training with Valencia anymore, so he would most likely go to Barcelona and let Aubameyang bite his fingernails at the Emirates

    About Mari, Arsenal had better forget him and they have to get a new CB ASAP. Because Mustafi is injured and Holding is still making big errors on the field

    1. Arsenal owner is full of tricks, but ends up hit with that boomerang of his!!!

      Had Mari flying to sign his contract; pulled a trick on Arteta, Mari and flamengo! But we indeed in need of a reliable CB since season started, we lost 2 more CBs, Chambers and now Mustafi few days after that greedy cowboy’s trick on Mari! Tricky Boomerang is back!

      Just as Pepe last second move, a tricky payement plan to forget Zaha who Palace wants full payement for! Zaha was ready to go and would have done way better!

      That’s how life works, that boomerang always hits you back!

      The positive thing at Arsenal is what Wenger built and devellopped for 2 decades; that youth system, which saved us for over a decades! Hope Arteta got it! Our first team is not Senior players but so called young players! Thats modern football Wenger was a precursor!

  4. Y’all should calm down! Me myself am being calm as-well..

    Friday 11pm will conclude err’thing..
    Louis Dunk should be a priority In the summer market.

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