Transfer windows are fantastic – denying that is futile

I have been reading a lot of comments recently, on this site and elsewhere, about this transfer window and I get the impression that a lot of Arsenal fans literally hate this period and I have to be honest, I don’t understand why that is.

I love the transfer window, it is a time of hope, dreams and debate and let’s be honest it is far better than ripping to shreds our own players every week.

The abuse aimed at the likes of Kroenke, Mustafi, Iwobi, Ozil, Mkhitaryan and even on occasions Wenger last season took on epidemic proportions and that even applied when we won a game, the Watford one as an example.

It seems to me that a hell of a lot of Arsenal fans get off on attacking our own players and I am not just talking about AFTV either.

It still goes on now but nowhere near to the same extent and that is a relief because that is what gets tiring, the endless negativity.

It is deserved? For the most part, yes, but that does not mean that it is not nice to get a break from it.

And that is what the transfer window brings, rather than sitting in self-pity at the complete collapse at the end of last season we can now get a daily dose of hope.

Will Zaha come? Will Tierney arrive? Will Mustafi be sold? What youngster will be promoted? These are the questions we are faced with every day and while they can become tedious and boring when it drags on and on that all changes once a deal is concluded and then we start debating positions, what that player will bring, how we will be competitive all of a sudden and so forth.

We all know most of the rumours are bull but a tiny percentage is not and that minuscule percentage is what we look for in every rumour.

Through the season we have absolutely no choice but to watch every Arsenal game and live and breath every success or failure, we have no such obligation in the transfer window, we can just ignore it if we wanted but we don’t, why is that?

Why is it that traffic to websites rises significantly in transfer windows?

Because fans are desperate for news on who may be bought or sold, because it is important, because it gives us that hope that is so easily distinguished when the football season kicks off.

You can knock the endless gossip and fake news as much as you want but you cannot deny that deep down most fans crave it.


  1. I read rumours for amusement purposes. I don’t take them seriously.

    I take seriously what comes out of Emery’s mouth and what’s posted on Arsenal’s official website

    I don’t even take the £40-45 million budget seriously. I have no idea where that originated from. LOL
    I think many take it seriously because we HATE Kroenke or at least know the type of owner he is

  2. Will Ozil leave? I think this has to be the major concern… I for one want to see him go, and I know majority of us wish so too. I have faith in Unai Emery, I think this season is going to be a positive one for Arsenal. One good thing about this window is that we are being linked with players in areas we need, like CB, LW, LB. and I love the idea of targeting young players with quality. Come the end of the transfer window, i am positive all the above mentioned positions would have been sorted out with some of the deadwoods gone.

  3. What I see is that at Arsenal it’s all ‘talk the talk, with nothing happening. At the Spuds it’s a record £60 million signing…. actually ‘walk the walk’. That makes me sick.

    Kroenke out

  4. You a spuds or Chelsea fan? Otherwise why be sad. Homosexuality isn’t contagious ya know, unfortunately bigotry is.

      1. Spot on Admart, we are all Transfer Window Lickers at heart.

        My nephew who passed away recently was gay and the nicest person you could ever meet and that`s nothing to do with him letting me tag along with him when he was with his girlfriends who let him in their rooms whilst they were undressing !…………I made out I was gay so to be in the rooms with them, but after a while they became suspicious of the bulge in my trousers !…………so to keep them from chucking me out I quick thinkingly showed them Kev`s transfer rumours on my phone from Just Arsenal and said Kev was this hunky transfer rumour God who got my transfer juices going wild !

        1. Oh Le Coq even in a serious comment of yours (well it started off that way!) I’m still crying with laughter!!!!
          ?????? “suspicious of the bulge in my trousers” ???

          1. Loved my nephew, Sue, he looked like a young Martin Kemp and typically all the girls wished he wasn`t gay for their own selfish fantasies ! hahaha

          2. I’m sorry about your nephew, Le Coq…. ?
            I feel bad for laughing at the rest of your comment – but it’s just the way you word things!!

          3. Dont be silly, Sue, My nephew would be laughing himself if he read my comment, but seeing as he was a West Ham fan he wont be reading Just Arsenal !……….and you know my comment was meant to be humour anyway !…………Laughing is best for the soul ! 😆

          4. ⚒ COYI!!!
            I agree about laughter, Le Coq.. and I’ve done nothing but laugh since you arrived here.. so I thank you for that ??

  5. Come on The Orange !………………3 Goonerettes in the team I think and one on the bench ?………………….

  6. If you don’t understand why we don’t like the transfer windows,where have you been for the last few years?it always end up in complete disappointment, secondly some people who write articles are taking advantage of the fact that fans are desperate to see our team improve by signing good players so they use that period to give us false hopes by naming so called targets like keV said nothing to back it up just for the sake to be able to post an article,I call hypocrisy especially when in the same time you criticise kroenke and Co,you can’t have your cake and eat it!!

  7. what i dont understand, and i mean this seriously, is, if somebody such as KEV posts up information regarding possible transfers he is berated and ridiculed here. this has been happening for some time now . and i, myself,am guilty of having a laugh at him , especially last season .but, if somebody, such as admin martin puts posts up regarding possible transfers then that appears to be taken as serious news. can somebody, anybody, please explain to me what the difference is between the news that kev posts and the news that admin martin posts. i do not get it , i am wondering why all the fuss and arguing in previous posts. i am really lost here, so i am hoping , that , somebody, in simple english, could take the time to explain to me what the actual difference. my point being , regardless of whoever posts rumours on here are surely just adding to the rumour mill, am i right ?.i myself, love reading about all the possible transfer news, passes the summer in a real funny way.keep them coming kev and admin martin, you are both so entertaining, on a par with each other !.

    1. Because what we report what is in the news. We do not make this news up, we report it, That is the huge difference.

    2. Like I said hypocrisy, imagine if they only were allowed to post articles about transfers from reliable and named sources, they’ll have nothing left to post during the transfers window, that can’t be good for business!

        1. @tissiam
          This site posts articles that is being reported in the said days news .
          Kev reports like he is actually involved in the transfer itself .
          There’s a big difference ,when he starts giving actual transfer figures and shirt numbers it gets abit much especially when I’ve been reading his posts for at least the last 2 years .
          Anyway I don’t wanna keep habingago at him because he means no harm it just gets annoying.

          1. Apologies at Dan Kit,I wasn’t aware of all these facts about Kev! I’ll try in the future to make more informed comments!

  8. okay, so as i reading between the lines here it means that kev is uttering lies, but admin martin is merely spreading rumours. am i right ?, forgive my ignorance .admin martin says his sources are credible because they have been on other sites and newspapers , right ?. but kev has no place to fall back on if he is challenged about his sources. do i have that right then ?.

    1. No, you do not. I am not sure how many more times I need to say this. We report the news, we do not make the news up, we create debate based on the news we report. Every single piece of news we publish contains a link to where we get the info from. We opine if we think a piece of news is credible or worth keeping an eye etc, an opinion. What we do not do is state as an absolute fact that so and so will take a medical or this or that has been agreed. What we do is use words like, according to, it is being claimed, it is being reported and so on. There is a huge difference between reporting the news and making the news.

      1. not certain i totally agree with your interpetation of what YOU are doing admin martin. kettle calling the pot black comes to mind. circulating one lie is as bad as circulating another lie, in my humble opinion. credible sources have been known to lie in the past too sir.just because you are able to publish the source of these rumours does not make them any less of a rumour. call me old fashioned but this is my way of looking at things. am i wrong,?, i really dont care, i just think all rumours, regardless of source, should be treated in the same way as they are meant to be .one lie is no better than another lie.justarsenal publish a rumour/lie , and its official , kev publishes a rumour/lie and its total crap. there is something wrong with that balance , me thinks.just my opinion of course.

        1. That is one way of interpreting it and I agree it is your opinion. Like they say, we all have one

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