Trawling the archives… Messi favours Arsenal move?

Lionel Messi is the talk of the town after telling Barcelona that he would like to quit the club, but could Arsenal be his next club?

There is way too much speculation to bring you all the latest gossip surrounding his future, with a number of clubs now linked with his signature, and Barca fans calling for the heads of the board and the club president to resign.

While all of this can be debated, and it will be, my input is that Messi could have told the hierarchy that he would leave unless the president left, but that just isn’t the case.

The BBC reports that Messi has sent the club a fax in order to activate a clause in his contract which would allow him to leave the club on a free transfer, but the issue is that the clause has expired.

June 10 was the deadline for the activation of that clause, but with the football season having been delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there could be cause for argument.

While all of this is going on, a number of clubs are working tirelessly behind the scenes to thrash through their finances and come up with their respective offers, in hope of striking a deal for someone who is widely considered the greatest player of all time.

The newspapers are doing the rounds with their rumours on where he could possibly go, and we are being mentioned amongst the limited list of sides.

Five years ago (I know!), the DailyStar reported that Messi was favouring a switch to Arsenal should he quit the club, with London a place that he would like to live.

The report also stated that he would be looking for a huge £600,000 per week wage, but how relative this article could be to his true demands is unknown.

While I don’t for a minute think that we could be about to sign the GOAT, I am allowed to dream aren’t I?


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  1. YES Patrick of course you are allowed to dream. So long as you have made it clear that is ALL YOUR ARTICLE IS DOING! So relieved you put in that final redeeming sentence then!

  2. There’s a number of factors to where he’ll go. The first is wages. Although no one knows what his wage demands are he is reportedly on £500k pw at Barca. He might take a wage cut but he would still demand a huge pay salary. Realistically only Man C, PSG or Juve would be able to afford him.
    The second is the manager/head coach. He’d only go to a club with a top drawer manager and a club that has a serious chance of winning he Champions League. He’s worked with Pep before and knows he’s a serial winner. He could chose PSG to link up with Neymar again or even Juve to play along side Ronaldo.
    He’s a great fan of Marcelo Bielsa and reportedly wanted him to be the next Barca manager. Imagine that, Messi going to Leeds.

    The thing in all this is it could be bad news for us. Barca will now be on the hunt for a new striker. With their interest in Aubameyang it’s a worrying development.

    1. Out of boredom, here’s your answer:

      Assuming a weekly wage of £400k and £50 net profit from each shirt (minus production and distribution costs) =
      416,000 shirts.

      For reference, last year we sold around 800,000 shirts globally.

      Doable? 😀

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