Trevor Sinclair joins Piers Morgan in slamming Arteta over Aubameyang

Trevor Sinclair has become the latest individual to fault Mikel Arteta’s handling of his problem with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang after the striker left the club.

Auba had been banished from the first team after extending his stay on a trip the club had permitted him to see his mum. That didn’t sit well with Arteta, and the manager stripped him of the captain’s armband and banished him from the first team.

The striker was isolated from the rest of the senior team and he eventually secured a transfer to Barcelona in the last window and has been in solid form at the Spanish club.

Former Premier League star, Sinclair does not agree with Arteta on how the issue was handled and said on Talk Sport:

‘His mum wasn’t well. He [Aubameyang] was probably having a tough time. 

‘That might have been one of the reasons why he was late and he had a couple of situations where he and Arteta didn’t agree on.

‘I think it was dealt with wrong. If you think about a managers objective, it’s about how to get the best out of the player or get the most for him. And I don’t think Mikel Arteta did either. 

‘He didn’t get the best out of the player, whether that was out of control because of what was going on with his mum or out of his control because he didn’t deal with the pandemic well, we don’t know. 

‘But he certainly wasn’t getting the best out of him for the last 12-18 months of his contract while he was at Arsenal.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Auba and Arteta had already fallen out when he didn’t keep to a timeline that the club clearly spelt out for him.

Their relationship would have taken an awkward turn if he had remained in the team and he wasn’t even scoring the goals we needed from him at the time.

It was the best decision to sever ties with him and everyone is making progress without each other now, which is the most important thing.

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  1. Who gives a @@##@ what Trevor Sinclair thinks anyway!!!

    In my view….

    letting Auba go was the best piece of business Arteta did during the January window!!

    1. Trevor Sinclair might not be a factor in English (or international) football, but we shouldn’t dismiss his opinion for being Trevor Sinclair; especially as he is perfectly right.
      And he didn’t only say something, he did support it with arguments.

  2. Aubemeyang didn’t want to play for the manager. His form before he left suggested that. Talk of him taking a pay cut is just bullcrap. He would of been happy to sit and earn his money in the reserves. One way or another he has the same salary as at arsenal, maybe even more…
    I’m not surprised he’s scoring goals again. He only has to focus on finishing the chances he gets from his Barca team mates. He doesn’t have to track back and put a proper shift in.

    Also la liga right now is dead.. Real Madrid.. dead, Barca.. dead, Athletico….dead

    Good riddance

    1. This was very sensitive issue the Manager has failed the player. I just hope one day he will admit. I am Arsenal fan but I hope his situation was involving his mother. Maybe Arteta was under pressure.

      1. I think Auba failed the manager, remember it was Arteta that got him the new contract. His attitude afterwards shows all besides if left to continue will have a bigger negative effect on the younger team members. In the end, I think its a win-win situation and all should rather accept it as such and stop the blame game.

  3. I dnt understand all this talk about Auba, Arsenal is playing more fluent and consistent now than wen he was here what’s this fuss or is it bcos he is scoring goals at barca? For how long? We all know Auba, after some time now we will start seeing his true colors. This is a new project and he is trying to impress

      1. it’s a potty most see the other way round. I would propose the idea of using the experienced and talented players as constants in a team. Mikel didnt know how to position Auba in the pitch. So is Pochetino with Leo. Instead of having arguments the coach has the upper hand in positioning the player on the pitch but also to reason out of the pitch to get the results! Mikel has already removed 12 players of his first first team just to command the respect he wants. He loves to work with junior players who would fear him. Imagine, Auba, Willian, Ozil, Martinez, Saliba, Guendouz, Maitland … List goes on.

  4. Yes,discipline is required within the club
    But as far i know managers,where ever you go,are taking advantage of its people
    Simply they are manager
    This things must stop,players have top right of expression

  5. Yeah we’re all entitled to our opinions but in Auba’s case, whoever doesn’t see his departure as a positive decision made by Arsenal, must be stupid, I mean very stupid(am very sorry, I just must fess my frustration).
    In a club where young players outnumbers the adult, surely mustn’t afford a nonchalant attitude by the aged ones, i.e the adult are infact expected to lead by example, and for me, Aubameyang didn’t cover himself in glory atall. Auba didn’t paint himself an image of a perfect leader to me, and such character in a team of young lads must be banished, to avoid anyth like indiscipline or worse still, behavioural unsuitability. Ofcourse, the only wrong in the deal is that Arsenal made him leave for free and not only for free, he had to be paid off like the likes of Ozil, willian, which did make his transfer to Barcelona look ridiculous. Had Arsenal gotten even a pittance of dough from his transfer, the deal wouldn’t have been regarded as a loss to them as most unscrupulous fellows are suggesting…

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