Tribute- What can you say about Bergkamp? Plus videos to remind you!

Remembering one of Arsenal’s best ever playeers, Dennis Bergkamp by TRJ

There have been a few articles today commemorating the 20th anniversary of DB10’s arrival at Arsenal. I remember clearly being in denial – that this was some kind of cruel prank…it wasn’t just Dennis but it was the Double D – Dennis and David (Bergkamp and Platt)!

What the hell was going on!

We had just concluded the most horrible seasons in memory. There was the George Graham affair and Paul Merson’s admission to an addiction to booze. The football was uninspiring, we finished 12th in the table and we lost the European Cup Winners Cup to Real Zaragoza in the final moments of extra time.

…and then in the close season, Bruce Rioch is appointed as manager and suddenly we have these two genuine super-stars at the Arsenal! Wow! Something was being done and changes were afoot. As we are led to understand, a certain Arsene Wenger (then at Monaco) had advised his good friend David Dein to bring Bergkamp to Arsenal.

24 hours after Rioch was sacked (for failing to communicate effectively with the board) Remi Garde and Patrick Vieira were on their way to Arsenal, and with Arsene negotiating his exit from Japan to join the Gunners.

But there was the Bergkamp years! We changed and Arsene built a team around this man. Everything changed. Nutrition, fitness, the game plan, etc. If there was water-shed moment for Arsenal…this was it. What you see today…it started then. Rioch started it..Wenger took it to another level.

In my mind, the player who has most affected Arsenal in a positive way…Dennis Bergkamp.

The maestro Dennis!

The legend! Cannot be forgotten….

Plus a few more if you missed that!—–

We WILL be as good as his team very very soon!

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  1. That goal against newcastle was out of this world not many players even today can pull that off.

    1. He was the best Arsenal Player ever.He was the most unselfish and loyal player unlike Henry the gloryhunter who left for Barca.

  2. Watching that video of dennis bergkamp brings back those precious memories of the “gems” i remembered him scoring for us! Damn! What an intelligent, marvelous, awesome player he was to wear an “arsenal shirt”! Coyg!

  3. That goal dennis bergkamp scored against leicester city was truly a “world class gem”! Coyg!

  4. In my opinion the greatest arsenal Player. techinically he was out of this world. if he was playing today he would be going for £100m. Some of his touches were so effortless. It was as if he was joking or as if he didn’t even try.
    When people talk about Arsenal playing some Hot stuff they talk about Dennis. When you think of Denis You think of Beauty.

  5. When dennis bergkamp took the field for arsenal you could have expected most of the time, he would produce a “world class goal” from his bag of tricks! ” the dutch master”!

  6. The Bergkamp years, The best years of my life. What a pleasure, we love you Bergkamp, Thanks for the magic, and thanks for the memories.

  7. I know fans of other teams who’ve stated Dennis Bergkamp is the best player technique and vision-wise that they’ve ever seen in the flesh. I have to say, I’m in full agreement.

    To put it simply, an on-form Bergy was like a chess champion playing against novices.

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