Triple blow to Arsenal transfer plans, but one could prove positive

Arsenal have been linked with a number of players in recent months, and their chances to agree deals for Romelu Lukaku, Granit Xhaka or Zlatan Ibrahimovic have taken a blow.

The Everton star is known to be a fan of former club Chelsea, and reports are claiming that their incoming manager Antonio Conte is keen on bringing him back to the club.

Lukaku is believed to be keen on playing Champions League football next season, and having proved he can be deadly in front of goal, more than deserves a place in the European elite competition. The Blues will need an enormous run of winning matches, as well as a huge amount of luck in order to qualify for the CL for next term, so maybe we could still tempt him to snub last season’s league champions.

Granit Xhaka is the player who has been most heavily linked with a switch to the Emirates in the summer, with reports claiming his father had been in London carrying out talks over a deal. The midfielder has moved to rubbish any talks however, and claims any rumours of a move are ‘all nonsense’.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is another striker who is linked with leading our line next season, after his current Paris Saint-Germain contract runs out, but he has been urged to extend his stay in France.

His team-mate and friend Thiago Silva has urged his club to tie him down for one or two more years, claiming he cannot imagine life in Paris without him. He said: “I’m not just saying this because I’m friends with him, but I can’t imagine PSG without Zlatan.

“Ibra is invaluable for our team; opponents struggle to get him under control. He’s simply too clever and his moves are very intelligent.

“Some argue that he’s getting old, I would rather say he’s experienced. If I were the club president I would extend his contract for one or even two years.

“He’s like no other, unique. Even at 34 he’s got a huge passion for football.”

One positive which would come from Zlatan agreeing to stay in Paris is that team-mate Edinson Cavani would be highly likely to quit the club in the coming window. The Uruguayan recently admitted he was to consider his future in the close-season, whilst also revealing his time with the club has been frustrating, having been played out of position due to Zlatan’s ever-consistent favouring.

The 29 year-old is highly professional, and would not bring the same ego as Zlatan. Wenger would most likely be more eager to work with Cavani, and has previously mentioned having a liking for the star.

Would we rather Cavani to the Swede anyway? Do you believe we still have a chance to sign Lukaku or Xhaka?

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  1. we can get vardy kante stones and reus this summer.
    If gibbs debuchy arteta flamini and rosicky really go out.
    Whilst maybe chambers goes to everton on loan

    1. According to stats, minutes per non penalty goal, in PL. Vardy and giroud are similar, as is kane. Lukaku is better and aguero the best.

    1. Apparently, theory wants to leave if he’s not included in the squad for the euros. I say: bench him for the rest of the season!

  2. There are players out there we can get and we need to focus on adding quality to our squad.
    Why dont we target someone like

    Laporte- his teams plays alot of Europa league we can offer him premier league and champions league.

    Morata- First team choice over any of our strikers right now

    Tielemans- Creative e player who can take up Ozil position and play CM as well

    Perin- Young tall talented Keeper who we could use as a regular rotation with Cech (plays at least 10 league matches along with all FA and Carling cup) someone we can bread in to replace Cech.

    There are players out there we can get we need to stop looking at the obvious choice and go for the choices no one would expect and use them to build a better team

  3. Lukaku to Chelsea is not going to happen without a massive fight. No CL football. We should get him and maybe sell Giroud to do so.

      1. ManU needs to offer CL football first. Does Lukaku want to be managed by Mourinho? Or if van Gaal stays does he want to go to ManU.

        Arsenal offers the best and maybe we should sell Giroud, whilst we can get a good return on him.

  4. I still find it incomprehensible, that after all our transfer dealings in the last 12 years, intelligent, knowledgeable and totally switched on AFC fans still fall for all the media hypes and lies time and time again….i guess that is the power of football, easily able to make fools of the most astute… for me, I will enjoy all the rumours and talks of players we are linked to, but I will wait until end of the transfer window before I get excited about amy signings, if any lolllll

  5. Some players may not mind one season without CL football.

    However, top footballers are not stupid. They will know that Wenger hasn’t won the PL in over a decade, that Wenger hasn’t won CL ever. Those are huge negatives for potential transfers. Some players will be happy just earning a higher salary and living in London. BUT other players want trophies as well, plus guarantees of big signings to compete. Don’t underestimate a club’s trophy ambitions as a player’s conditions on joining as well as salary.

    Wenger’s not as ambitious as other managers sadly.

  6. ha ha ha ha
    does ANYONE really belive we were actually IN for these three players? I for dont think so, ALL these rumours come around the time of “season ticket renewal” much in the same way that the “Arsene is spending big this summer” rumours fly around at the same time.
    Ibrahimovic wont be comming to us EVEN if he does leave PSG not least because we would NEVER spend the money he wants on wages and also remember “Zlatan doesnt do trials”
    Granit Xhaka was only ever to fuel the season ticket furor and Lukkaku is no better than Giroud.
    I will happily bet my house that Wenger will state that Iwobi is the next Tierry Henry so no striker is needed and that Wilshire being an injury recovery is like a new signing (A la Diaby) there wont be any new signings of note and they wont care if we as fans do our bollocks or not cos they know theres NOTHING we can do

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