Nothing but good news for Arsenal ahead of crunch Spurs clash

Arsenal have been boosted by the news that all three of Danny Welbeck, Nacho Monreal and Petr Cech have been made available to Arsene Wenger ahead of the Saturday afternoon tie with Tottenham Hotspur.

The Gunners boss will likely start the match with both Monreal and Cech in the starting line-up, while the returning Welbeck will likely find himself on the bench for the tie, with Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Mesut Ozil expected to continue their new partnership behind Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang after their explosive display last weekend.

Nacho has been one of our best performers throughout the campaign, whether being fielded at left-back or in a back three, and has maintained consistency despite a number of formation and position changes, and is a must in the line-up in my opinion.

Petr Cech however will likely start despite a number of errors so far this season, and I believe that I’m not amongst the minority in thinking that we need to bring in a replacement for the former Chelsea shot-stopper come the summer.

The toughest decision on the weekend may well be deciding which midfield player gets the nod to play alongside Granit Xhaka, with both Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey both in top form at present. The Welshman bagged his first hat-trick of his senior career last weekend in place of Jack, who replaced him just after Aaron had notched his third goal.

It will certainly be interesting to see whether Wenger opts to stick with the 4-2-3-1 formation that was used in the emphatic win at the weekend, or whether he will revert back to using wing-backs in order to give more protection to his goal against our noisy neighbours on Saturday.

Does Cech deserve to start if fit? Is Monreal one of the first names on the team sheet?

Pat J

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  1. Cech should be dropped.
    He is having a woeful season.
    Ospina must be wondering what must he do to get a game.

    Nacho is our player of the season so far in my opinion.

    Bellerine Mustafi Koscielny Monreal
    Ramsey Wilshere Mhiki

    1. Tend to agree. The goalkeeper situation has been apparent for some time now and I am NOT surprised Wenger has done nothing about it. Don`t know much about Elneny but Ramsey, Wilshere Mhiki, Ozil and Aubamayang should be enough to give Spurs a headache.

    2. I total agree with you, i think you are the only one who thinks so great like that, Cech has costed arsenal since he joined the club, He made clumsy errors like a kid. I was actual happy whether he is there or not it does not make any difference, Is like we do not have a keeper , Boys scores goals later on Cech concedes also so what different does it make.

      Even the players noticed his reflexes are poor ,cannot save a mere penalty since he joined arsenal .
      He real made me not to enjoy the club i love since i was 12 years now i am 50 Yeears,
      I wonder why did not buy a keeper I WISH WE CAN GET OBLACK FROM atletico.

      1. Ospina – many more mistakes per minutes played than Cech.

        but hey, let’s ignore that and be hysterical. it’s the 21st century.

    3. I sort of agree with your formation but Elneny also do not sit tight. Xhaka in his place will be preferable still.COYG

      1. Yeah we really don’t have any good options in CDM but I think Elneny has a bit of a physical presence, Xhaka should play further up the field in my opinion or bang in the centre with a hard working midfielder beside him.
        I don’t think he is up to the job of being the last man in midfield before the defence, Ramsey isn’t disciplined enough to play beside him either.
        My formation would probably leave us a bit open on the wings but we don’t have much depth in midfield at the moment. We are very top heavy.

  2. How about
    Seamen and Cech
    Senderos, Silvestre, Willi Young, Bellerin (Wearing some of his pathetic pajamas)
    Park Chu-Young, Gervinho, Suker
    Chamakh, Jeffers,

    Now that’s an Arse nal Team team

  3. I think Wenger would still start Cech (because he is much taller than Ospina, useful for defending in set-pieces) and Monreal (pretty consistent and very energetic in each match). Maybe Wenger would set a 3-4-2-1 to play defensive counter attack:

    …..Koscielny . Mustafi . Monreal
    Bellerin . Ramsey . Xhaka . Kolasinac
    ………….Ozil … Mkhitaryan

    1. i also beleive that’s will be how we set up we will try to control the mid so i see us using 3 4 2 1 but i have a feeling niles might get the nod ahead of kolasinac. and kos playing in the center with mustafi on the right.

    2. What comment is this ? Height has got nothing to do with the good saving. How many short keeper are doing well, Do not make unfounded statement Cech is tall where are we on the log with his tallest, He made stupid errors and his reflexes are far gone, He took all the way to win
      FA ? Same Short KEEPER OSPINA.

      1. Funny you are telling him to shut when you are the one talking stupid, Cech is much better than ospina in defending set pieces because he has like 13cm and more weight to push players than ospina. Cech is having a shit season bar some matches like chelsea where he saved us but i prefer an out of form cech than ospina who get bullied everytime especially against big men like kane and spurs Centrebacks.
        Neither of them is good enough for 1st choice gk period.

  4. we cannot say with a straight face that ospina is a better option than petr cech, he aint. what we can say is another goal keeper ought to be on the cards to replace him in the near future; but for now it makes sense to keep petr cech between the sticks vs spurs. we should have all out attack from the get go as our calling card for the confrontation with them, that’s if we’re to get anything from the game.

    on another note its encoraging to see ramsey returning to something of his former self – although everton and spurs are worlds apart in terms of being a premiership threat.

  5. I’d like to see 4-4-2 with Laca and Aubameyang playing together up top. Maybe with Laca as a false 9 dropping a bit deeper. Mhkitaryian our wide in midfield with Ozil and Ramsey and Wilshire in back of a diamond. Yes. Wilshire as DM. Maybe swapping back and forth between he and Ramsey. Back 4 of Kola, Bellerin as WB with Kos and Mustafi as CB’s. With the possibility of Monreal for Kola.

    1. Yours is the best post in this thread bro. Kick Xhaka as far away from the team as possible. Mkhi and Ozil are okay on the wings. No wing backs today, we will get sucker punched. Back four.

  6. I would like Arsene replacing Iwobi for Wilshere.
    Bellerin – Mustafi – Koscielny – Monreal
    Ramsey – Xhaka
    Mkhitaryan – Özil – Wilshere

  7. I don’t ever want to see Kolasinac in that line up again. He is too one legged for my liking and that cost us the goal against Everton.

  8. Kolasinac was so “too one legged” that he made last season’s Bundeliga team of the year, but is not good enough to play for Arsenal!

    1. He looked fine except for Wenger playing him as CB in his first game. He looked to be feeling his way into the team but then lost confidence with Wenger giving minutes to Niles and Monreal. Lacazette the same, started off well, things looked like they would gradually improve, but then he got a stigma with our manager saying he is not fit enough to last 90 min of prem football. He lost his confidence, I’d like to know how many of Lacazettes total goals have come in the last 25 min. Kolasinac was like a bull at one stage, players were looking a little scared out there, Luiz went with his studs out of fear.

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger dropped Henri for this one as I reckon he’ll go with 343, and we know what the 343 looks like v say Chelsea or v say a lowly team like he did with Europa first round games. Iwobi maybe, seeing as he’ll prob play if it’s a choice between Welbeck and himself with Welbz missing some game time recently. I’d understand the hesitance/caution but I’d also understand if fans say we need to hit them with our best firepower because we’ll be dodgy in defence one way or the other. Unless he sees Henri being capable to drop back in to help his CM players seeing as he said he can play there. Personally I would go with my fav formation with Ramsey Wilshere and Xhaka, no point taking Xhaka out of it because we know he’ll play. Tott are strong in the centre, but wait til they get a load of Aubameyang and Ozil, me thinks a defensive midfielder might be pulled back in trying to get a grip.

  10. Its about tym to drop zcech so many errors leading to goals oooospiiiiiina btn the sticks for me he deserves the 4 now lets see wat he can do

  11. We dont need to be reckless against Spuds… a draw is still not a bad result … we just have to ensure we dont lose in which case we kiss goodby to any chance of 4th.
    For me its Man City then Man Utd and then Liverpool who have bought well
    SO 4th place is between Chelski Tottenham and Arsenal…. Chelski look in freefall but have too many good players not to win games plus they have goal difference and points advantage over.
    So a solid performance with Auba on a break-away goal… I think kane always scores against us so maybe 1-1?

  12. 3-5-2 please
    Konslny mustafi monrl
    Ramsey wilshere
    Bellrn ozil miki
    Abu laca
    We’ll have all our inform players on the field and no allow them to go off the burner as well as get the best out of ozil with getting Abu linking up with them and laca not have the pressure on him of being the lone striker if we talk attack as defense here is how we should line up for more then a 100 reasons

  13. i think ospina is also a victim of what happened to perez, fabiaski, lacazette, kolasinac, he was better before he came to arsenal and wenger start keeping him on the bench for cech

    1. I have never seen him as better than Szczesny or Cech. They are both better goalkeepers and when you are in a team with better goalkeepers you will sit on the bench a lot. Besides, a lot of times he’s got the chance to be first choice, he got injured. That explains his situation at Arsenal and not “Wenger making him lose confidence”.

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