Troll or “Arsenal Fan”? You decide….

Yesterday in my Infamous Personal post abut Anti-Wenger insults from trolls I used this as one of my examples:

Here is a score prediction for the Norwich game… 28-0 – Cech – 09 seconds
Tasty and deluded like all Arsenal Fans ?
And this troll had the cheek to use the name Arsenal Fan!

Now, for me, anyone who uses the words “Tasty and deluded like all Arsenal Fans”, tells me that they themselves is NOT an Arsenal fan, obviously. But Mr. Arsenal Fan has taken the time to rely to this, and his defence is that he really believes ALL Arsenal fans (including himself) are deluded.

So as a courtesy I am going to give him his right to reply, and I will ask all the fans (and trolls lol) on here to give me advice on whether you believe he is not a troll or not – and should be unbanned or not? So here is his (completely unedited) reply….



Troll? Lol

If you want to write an article about all the anti Wenger comments, then be consistent with your point.
There is nothing anti Wenger about my comment!
If you want to call out ‘trolls’, then maybe you should write an article about that!!

Equally, If I wish to be silly, then so be it.

And if you don’t think we are all deluded than you are…even more deluded than I thought.

Crying, shouting, screaming, laughing, singing for a bunch of men kicking around a round leather ball is deluded. All sports fans are deluded.

But I am okay about being deluded, and I am okay about saying we are all deluded, and I am okay about joking about my club because of all the cynical comments, its my humour in a time of poor closure to a poor season.

I feel honoured to be used in your article to prove a point, but I am disappointed it doesn’t quite work. You can guide but you can’t dictate, but overal, I agree with your point about the anti Wenger comments.

If you really wanted to push people forward from anti Wenger mood, you would of highlighted the fact that even if some Fans got their wish of Wenger out; The issues we are all upset with will still be there. No one man is a club, and like wise…no one man who runs a blog is a blog.

Opinions are opinions, you ask for them when you have a blog!

Fortunately for you, these opinions are not from a troll but thank you for raising my status.



  1. After seeing yesterdays failed protest in emirates i now believe deep down inside ppl are still not ready for the change..
    Ranting, abusing on forum etc are one thing bt to show that in the stadium would have seriously made a difference
    Bt now after seeing the trolled protest and singing ” there is only one arsene wenger” all the supporters of wenger would b so happy
    personally i m gutted ! GOD just end this season fast

    1. Those are the Tea sipping old skool fans of England!

      Dare to set up the emirates where i come from?

      Who would wait 19yrs to react????

      1. HOW could fans b ok with what is happening
        how could ppl support arsene this season whn today a near about relegated team is about to win the title
        fergie whn retired gave a title to manu
        wenger next season if gives a carling cup would b a bonus

    2. People are ready for change, but they aren’t enough fans willing to give up their image of loyalty on public television that’s the problem. If you want to protest, you have to be willing to salvage your reputation, Madrid fans are the perfect example, they love their club too much they won’t accept a manager that makes their team play below standards for even less than half a season and they don’t care if it makes them look spoilt. Likewise United fans showed patience towards Moyes but then go fed up after 2 seasons, as a result both these clubs have a board willing to do everything to please the fans. Sometimes being loud and appearing as rude is the only way to get the message across to stubborn owners. Everton, Liverpool and United fans really know how to show their discontent towards a manager and we should learn from them, paying the most expensive ticket prices to watch a team that can’t challenge for the highest trophies is just NOT acceptable. And after a decade of patience and more than 3 years of being lied to about transfers Arsenal fans have EVERY RIGHT to protest against Wenger and demand CHANGE.

  2. Lol, i’m not sure he is troll. He is probably using humor to ease the pain haha.
    OT: Watched a video showing some of the more fanatic and messed up so called Arsenal fans wishing Wenger may die in May. First the disrespect, the distasteful insults and now wishes to see a human being die.

    I said it before and i ll say it again; i am for change and i believe after next season Wenger will leave as we all know. All the protests only make it worse for the team. Claiming to love something so much you are willing to intentionally hurt it to prove a point is completely messed up. All the protests will only make the matter worse! Which players would want to play on home ground with hostile fans towards some of them and the manager?

    Protest all you want but you will only make the matter worse simply because to many Wenger has given his all for the club and it would be hard to find another manager who could have done what he did. Our financial restraints were lifted off about 3 years ago and during that time we won two FA cups and failed to win the EPL title we were meant to win this year. The board will let Wenger’s contract run through and give him one more chance to win the EPL.

    I wish he’d left last season with dignity, i want change and i support and respect Wenger at the same time because AFC probably not be where it is without him.

    1. Well put Ras, and spot on about which players would want to come to a hostile ground. I know I wouldn’t if I had the chance, Id want to soak up a Dortmund Liv Barca type of At. I don’t know if this dude is a troll, depends on what he was like before this incident. I’d be willing to give him the benefit so long as he chooses carefully his most angry rants and how they are worded, if I were you that is.

      I think it’s good that you are trying to involve the rest of us but I think you might have opened up a can of worms. Every real troll now will have an idea what to do and to say, you might find that you get more replies of this nature.

  3. Hi Admin

    It’s ok for people to voice their opinion, after all there would no point for a forum like this…but it is in the manner in which people voice it which should be taken into account, like the example you posted. You should just PM them with a warning, and then if they don’t cooperate, Perma BAN, plain and simple. You are the admin after all and have certain standards to set for this forum that people must adhere to, if people cannot understand this they can find another forum.

    As for the ‘failed’ protest, I don’t really see it as failure because we saw the most Wenger Out banners we have ever seen at a game and knowing Wenger all to well, there is a good chance we are going to see the same cr** next season so it all about awareness…the fact that it is being spoken about in the media is a good start. The small seed will grow…

    1. Thank you Big gun……….some see it as a failure …….. But it was a peacefully done protest…….the fact that it was organized and able to convey a message is enough to stir the mind

      wenger and the board knows half the Fans don’t Live in England……what the rest of the world thinks, they know not…

      Facebook, twitter , Justarsenal and many other sites tells the whole story


      1. You can dress it up however you like, that was embarrassing to watch if you are a Gooner. The pundits thought it a joke, every other fan base out there laughed their asses off I have no doubt. I listened to a few people now trying to dress it up acting like they got what they wanted, this is far from the truth. If they were honest with themselves they would say they thought the majority was as furious as they were, and it would be the day Arsene and the board finally stood up and took notice. It had the opposite effect, it told the boss and the board that a minute minority were making allot of noise while the majority can be won over with better game results. The fact that it took three Arsenal fan groups to muster up something this pathetic? Don’t let these fan groups have any say in the running of Arsenal please ..pretty please.

  4. I think the only person on JA
    I thought was a troll
    was Hafiz, bless his soul 🙂
    Otherwise everyone else
    is a passionate Arsenal supporter with at times wildly differing perspectives
    which constantly leads to sparks flying and the air turning blue.
    I agree with your comment about following football being a madness.
    and to expect logic when listening to football fans
    arguing the toss about the game is utter madness itself 🙂
    And when a team is not winning then the madness can reach epic proportions.
    Arsenal fans have been in the grip of this madness for years
    gathering at the same place year after year fighting with
    fellow fans over the well where there has been no water for 12 years
    shouting and screaming as if that will bring the rains.
    Stan and Arsene know that winning is a madness which is why
    for nearly a decade they have both focused on EPL top 4 and last 16 ECL.
    Mind you money has kept their logic intact.
    I mean they have both admitted it many times in public.
    Arsene oftens says 4th place is a trophy while Stan says
    chasing Championships is not part of my business model.
    Madness comes in many forms and football fans exhibit extremely
    high levels of this particular strain which has no known cure.
    And let’s face it none of us wants a cure any way 🙂
    Football madness is too much fun 🙂

  5. Is this still an Arsenal FOOTBALL site? Or just a forum to bicker about who is a genuine Arsenal fan?

  6. OT.Bayern what’s Sanchez,Lewandoski admirers EPL,I know we need both of them,but would you Swap Lewa for Sanchez?!!

  7. I think his response was fair enough.

    As for these protests, the reality is that fans inside the ground have, on average, more insight into Arsenal than the average fan on a message board. The message board fans are often more casual, and most of the hateful, insulting fanbase are not diehards. There may be a lot of kids involved too, it certainly appears as though the level of intelligence is low amongst those displaying anti-Wenger sentiments. Sorry, but I’m calling it as I see it. They may have less appreciaton, on average, of Arsenal pre-Wenger, and the many longterm impacts of moving stadium- both of which I could write at length about.

    1. …..infact I think I’d enjoy that opportunity to try & contribute to furthering the debate if the site owner would be willing to indulge me? How would I go about submitting a couple of guest articles?

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