Trophies can wait until Mikel Arteta creates his Arsenal vision

Just like most Arsenal fans, I am very grateful for the progress that we have enjoyed under Mikel Arteta.

After our experience at the hands of Unai Emery, he has been like a saviour to us and we can only think of positive things under the Spaniard.

We are results-motivated fans and sooner than later, we will demand more than a handful of good performances from our team.

I suspect that if we spend decent money in the summer, then some fans would expect him to win trophies, but we need to be more patient.

The trophies that he wins as a manager will ultimately define Arteta’s career, however, Arsenal fans have to give him time before we ask for trophies.

He has inherited a mess of a club like most of us know and his first step will be to clean up that mess.

The Spaniard is helping our players get to grips with what it means to play for Arsenal, including the mindset and hard work that it takes to be an Arsenal player.

Each player will take a different period of time to get the vision of where Arteta is taking the team. Some will be sold as an overhaul takes place and this work has to be done before trophies are won.

I hope that Arsenal will allow Arteta the time to stabilise the club and achieve success naturally without forcing him to speed up the progress that may see some silverware but no sustainability.

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  1. Where there was a degree of certainty, there is very little out there now. However, I have been impressed with Arteta’s demeanour and tightening up of the team and really do expect him to bring success to our club, helped by a dollop of patience by us supporters.

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