Trossard warns his Arsenal teammates about the cost of sloppiness in Sevilla

Arsenal’s Leandro Trossard has issued a warning to his teammates ahead of their upcoming Champions League match against Sevilla. He emphasised the importance of starting the game strongly to secure a victory.

Arsenal’s recent 2-2 draw against Chelsea was considered fortunate by many, as they narrowly avoided a loss due to a slow start in the match. Their previous Champions League outing ended in a defeat against Lens, underscoring the need for improvement in their European campaign.

Sevilla, a strong Spanish side with a track record of success in European competitions, will prove to be a formidable opponent. They have a history of winning the Europa League consistently, making them a challenging adversary.

Trossard is well aware of Sevilla’s reputation and has urged his fellow players to step up their performance in the match in Spain, recognising the significance of a strong start to secure a positive outcome.

He said, as quoted by Standard Sport:

“We always want a result. We want to win every game. 

“That is how we approach every game as well. That is how we will do it for Sevilla and make sure we are ready for that.

“It is a tough place to go. For Lens it was so many years since they played there as well, so I think we just need to make sure we are at it from the first minute.

“If we are playing our game and if we can control the game, I am absolutely sure that we can win those games. But if we are not, we give them a chance.”

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Trossard knows the task in Seville might even be harder than the match we played against Chelsea and we certainly must do better to achieve success.

However, we expect our players to know this because we need a win in the game to put ourselves in a good position to qualify beyond the group stage.


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  1. Our trip to Andalusia is expected to be tough, they seem to be in high spirits under their new manager as they managed to hold Real Madrid to a draw at home last weekend. i’m sure of a win though even if narrow. Lastly, our attackers gotta be watchful of that S.O.B called Sergio Ramos cos he is the master of dark arts, he’s capable of injuring key men with his reckless tackles and could’nt care less if sent off and can be dangerous at set piece.

  2. The first warning should be fired at Arteta. He seems to be on a mission to wish players into form. Players like Jorginho, Havertz, Nketiah.
    Why is he not playing Partey when he is fit? Even some of the influential former players are complicit with their silence, to the conspiracy to ignore our best midfielder when they know Arsenal needs him. I want to say this: Tottenham will run away with the league if Arteta keeps playing stupid favouritism games with the team.

    1. Here is my niggling theory about MA:

      He will do whatever he wants I think.

      His love for Arsenal is undoubted. But his love for the sport supersedes that.

      So Arsenal is his petri dish to try out ideas and try his extreme best to win things, no matter how small. However, he has greater aims in life, which may or not have been influenced by the career path of his idols.

      PSG, Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan…maybe even City. You get the drift.


  3. Must admit just watch the Spuds playing a full Fulham team, and they were in total control.

    The thing about three points lane, they sport no block buster super star in their outfit

    That’s a very manageable outfit will fight for each other, hate to say, but the truth sets me free.

    1. Spurs playing so good is a big reason why I still hope for this season been a good one for us.

      The fact that they are constantly ahead of us is a great kick to the front teeth for our rightly proud boys.


      We wont let it stand 😉

      1. Yeah sure, we don’t want to be main trend in the same sentence as none of these creeps. Those London derby draws are meant as a parting gift from us to them cos we on our way up, leaving them behind.

    2. I see them in a healthy position to make top four. It’s best they continue grinding out wins or draws with their Duracell bunny kinda play till they can manage to sustain themselves.

  4. Sevilla is a tough game, especially without Partey; he needs to start. If we want to control the game then Jorginho has to benched. Jesus needs to step up as he is our number one striker and he looked average against Chelsea. Maybe give Zinchenko a rest too (Tomy or Kiwivor). Keeper issue is not important as Ramsdale can be rash and nervous under pressure.

  5. I look at Sevilla squad of veterans, hard as nail ballers and multiple serial champions, I see no way out for Arsenal tonight, no jokes. This is before adding the brutal Ramos to the mix

    I gave up the idea of mentally pitting each of their players in all positions against ours at the first opportunity and hasnt since return back to that thought.

    El Neysouri and Ramos brutal ball heading prowess alone is a guarantee that Raya is a starter tonight due to his cross claiming ability. Havertz is starting too to negate this disadvantage.

    Other than pace which we lacked in abundance against Chelsea just days ago, there is no way to beat this aging but still beastly veterans.

    Only Rice survives tonight. Saka is probably getting sent back to the treatment table…and so is Partey if he comes back in to the starting 11.

    I tried to be a tad positive and watched the Sevilla vs Madrid highlight for some weakness. Sorry mates…it will be a bruising night out for our squad.


  6. I miss Xhaka for nights like this. We better find someone in his image soon for matches like this. Less fluffiness, more steel.

    I will start ElNenny tonight and give him the license to roam and disrupt so Odegard and Trossard can pilfer thee spoils and play Saka in, if only to ensure any major injury sustained heretofore can be immediately written off without major impact to key squad members

    Wishful thinking. Key objective tonight is to rein in our key players and substitute them early once it is established that they are employing the dark arts.

    Someone mentioned Kiwior…I cant get the image of him shying away from shots after shots and tackles after tackles out of my mind. Not the type of player that will enjoy tonight’s match but merits a start simply from the point of view of been dispensable if Ramos took out his knee along with his metatarsal.

    Banter. Dont kill me in the comments. This is not a PGD forum

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