Troublesome Arsenal loanee gets booed by his own fans

Trouble does not seem to be too far away from Matteo Guendouzi as the midfielder attempts to rebuild his career.

The hot-headed Arsenal man is spending this season on loan at Olympique Marseille and has been in fine form for the Ligue 1 club.

This has earned him a call-up to the France national team squad for the last two international windows.

While he is yet to make a start for his nation, he recently got into trouble with some French fans.

Le Bleus faced Kazakhstan last night in their latest World Cup qualifying match and Metro Football reports that the Arsenal midfielder was booed by some French fans when his name was mentioned by the stadium announcer.

This is because, before the match, the midfielder said he would have preferred it being played at the Stade de France instead of PSG’s Parc des Princes.

Just Arsenal Opinion

This might seem like an insignificant issue to deal with, however, it shows yet again why trouble is never too far away from the midfielder.

As he has fallen out of favour with Mikel Arteta, hopefully, he has played his last game for Arsenal.

While Guendouzi is talented, his attitude and character shouldn’t be associated with Arsenal.

He has a lot more growing up to do, but Arsenal doesn’t have the time to see him mature.

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  1. Oh dear what an unnecessary hatchet job, an insignificant moment turned into an attack on one of our own, shame on you!

    1. One he is not one of our own, said himself this week that he sees his future in Marseille. 2 he said this comment as he is at Marseille and it will play well with their fans but unsurprisingly got booed by the PSG fans inside the stadium. It like regular stories speaks to his mentality, he caused an entirely avoidable problem with the French fans when he is yet to win his 1st cap. We don’t need his drama. When as likely Marseille get knocked out in the group stages of the Europa, pressure will build on their league campaign. Watch what happens!

      1. He’s still our player so that makes him one of our own at least got the time being! I stand by what I said that a storm on a tea cup is made out to be a huge incident, which it wasn’t,

  2. Perhaps this is one obsession to let go. Little in the way of news, not even a ripple’s worth.

    Yet never pass up a chance to report any slight negative.

    Awaiting hatchet jobs on all Arsenal players, unless this merely checks a box for an agenda.

    Only posted my silly comment to reflect a silly “news” story, of a silly agenda.

  3. Correct, this is an insignificant thing to deal with. You cant beat a bit of Gouendouzi bashing on JA. I this really an issue worth dealing with? He upset PSG fams because he had an opinion of where he thought a game should be played. BIG DEAL.

    1. It’s a big deal because he always does this type of thing and the result was entirely predictable. Southgate would drop Kane if he took a dig at us whilst on international duty not that he would.

      1. Get a life Angus, for goodness sake. So Gouendouzi has an opinion where a football match should be played. REALLY!!!!!!

    2. Oh leave it out Angus, you are making it out to be some major issue which it isn’t, just as the article writer has. It was an opinion about where a game was being played ffs.

    1. Because he’s made a career of it. He is what 22 and has 4 managers on public record about his attitude issues and has been banished from the 1st team at two separate clubs.

      1. @Angus
        Get over yourself dude and get off the social media bias of Matteo.
        And in response to your previous tripe about Southgate dropping Kane if he did something similar. Kane is Englands golden boy at the moment, he could take a dump in Buckingham P and still start. 😂😂😂😂

  4. Thank God he is not with us and hope he will never again play for Arsenal. A real trouble maker wherever he goes.

  5. Oh, for goodness sake!

    How many more so called articles are we on here to suffer about this spoilt little child who has been rightly banished from our club awaiting any sort of acceptable offer for him from anyone at all.

    All that matters, as all grown up realists know and have always known, ever since he first started his childish antics under this PROPER manager, is that he has already played his final match in our shirt and that is a stone cold certainty, however much some silly kids call for his reinstatement!
    It aint gonna happen, children!!

    So get use to the fact that this immature trouble seeker and disruptive child is gone.
    It you are grown up you will be glad of it; if you are not, then you may still carp.
    But either way, it makes NO DIFFERENCE, as he is history and thank God for that fact!

  6. It’s got to the point that the sooner he goes the better as the articles about him don’t offer anything new or relevant at all. He is still our player, but so are others who are out on loan and they don’t get a weekly update about virtually nothing

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