Troy Deeney says this Arsenal team now has “cojones” and praises Arteta

Troy Deeney famously became enemy number one among Arsenal supporters due to his comments about their team after his Watford side defeated the Gunners.

The Englishman stated that the Gunners lacked “cojones,” a remark that would go on to set the tone for subsequent meetings between the Hornets and Arsenal.

The Gunners and their fans used this comment as extra motivation in subsequent matches, but the essence of what he meant was not necessarily untrue.

Arsenal had developed a reputation as a soft team, facing difficulties in matches against opponents they were expected to defeat.

However, this is no longer the case, as the Gunners have transformed into one of the top sides in Europe and have been performing exceptionally well in 2024.

Mikel Arteta’s side continues to demonstrate that they are a formidable force, proving too challenging for both small and big teams. Deeney acknowledges that they have outgrown their previous reputation.

He wrote in his column The Sun:

“It’s well remembered that I once accused Arsene Wenger’s team of lacking ‘cojones’ after my Watford side beat them at Vicarage Road.

“I certainly cannot imagine taking the p*** out of this Gunners team in the same way. I wouldn’t rate my chances of bullying them, either.

“Arteta was a serious competitor as a player and his team are the embodiment of how he used to play, not that some of his old team-mates shared the same level of desire.

“It’s great testament to Arteta that he has created an Arsenal team far superior in spirit and solidarity to the sides he played in, who were technically better in many areas.”

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We are now one of the strongest clubs in Europe, and it is clear to see that we can defeat any team.

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  1. People still arguing and defending Wenger’s Arsenal please consult Deeney for the right suggestion and real differences in this Arsenal and them.

    1. The difference is Wenger won us cups this current arsenal team are yet to win any cup that’s what we want cups not just wins.

  2. Sadly there would be always be haters…
    I’m guessing folks like that would love to see us return to that era when our team used to be spineless and incapable of illiciting ano fear whatsoever in our opponents.

    If Arteta has not accomplished anything, No one can take it away from him that he has indeed transformed the way we are seen.
    Now we are feared, in fact dreaded!!!
    and for one, it feels good to see us have this effect on other teams.

    God bless the day Mikel Arteta happened to us.

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