Tuchel does not see Arsenal as competition next season

Chelsea manager, Thomas Tuchel, has named the clubs he believes will challenge for the Premier League title next season, and he doesn’t mention Arsenal.

The Gunners finished just five points below the Blues, who ended the campaign in the third spot, and they missed out on the top four by just two points.

That is a significant improvement from the 2020/2021 season when the Gunners ended it outside all the European places.

Judging by this trajectory, Arsenal should finish next season inside the top four or even as one of the title challengers.

But Tuchel named the clubs that will challenge for the EPL, and he doesn’t mention Mikel Arteta’s team.

He predicts via The Daily Mail: ‘It will be a super tough race.

‘Manchester United will be in the race, Tottenham will be in the race with Antonio Conte for sure, and we want to stay in the race.

‘And Liverpool and Man City will do everything to even make their squads bigger.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

It is always a good thing when nobody believes in you because there will be no eyes on your performance and you can play football with less pressure and under the radar.

Arsenal was written off at the start of this campaign after our dismal beginning to the term, and we have surprised most people with our recovery.

If we spend well in the summer, we could surprise a few people next season.

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  1. Well he’s talking about current squads so based on that I would write us off as well.

    Under performing United got a new manager with an impressive track record.

    Spurs got a winner as manager who already won at Etihad and drew at Anfield.

    We have a rookie manager, rookie sporting director, youngest and thinnest squad of the Premier League and we are in need of 5-7 new players as 3-4 more are expected to leave already thin squad.

    1. 100%! What MA has essentially done is created a fall back excuse for himself perfectly with the amount of players we now need!

      We need 3-4 decent players just to get back to a normal squad size. Then we need to work on signing a couple more and maybe selling/loaning some players.

      So we probably need to sign/bring back 5-7 players and sell 3-4. Do we sell well? No! Will we sign 5-7 players, no! Will he go for unrealistic targets and waste time like in Jan and the claim that we “tried”? Probably

      He’s already asking for more and more funds, he really is proving to be a cheque book manager. Not a terrible one because he has bought some decent players but still one nonetheless.

          1. Klopp spent 142m on two players and also paid a lot for Konate, Oxil Chamberlain, Diaz and their wage bill is high.

            So I really don’t get what you’re putting across
            My only problem is Edu who only does well recruiting average Brazilian players. Send players away on free and spend a lot buying Kia Joorabchan players

        1. Tuchel when he took over from Lampard.
          Didn’t spend a penny the half season when he took over in December, nothing that January.

          Took Lampard’s 16th place Chelsea and won the CL with the same squad Lampard sank to 16th.

          Spent on Lukaku sure, but that less that half of what Arteta has spent in the same time.

          Arteta is every bit a checkbook manager. Could have used Saliba, but spent an unnecessary 50 on White, who Brighton has not missed.

          His solution is not to maximize the resources he has, but to throw them all out of the pram and start over; spending a quarter of a billion so far, and still counting.

          1. Arteta will never impress some of you.
            Please just criticize fairly bearing in mind that the grass always looks greener from the other side.

          2. Arsenal spent 150m on six players while Chelsea spent 98m on a single player who has proved to be a waste

  2. It amuses me that so soon after the end of the season that didn’t end gloriously for Chelsea that Tuchel sees them in contention for the next one.

    1. Thought the exact same thing while reading. He’s gonna have so much egg on his face when Chelsea fall out of top 4. The very fact he is not mentioning us is a sly dig (he even includes man United in this after their abysmal season) and very much show his mind games. Joke of a manager will do nothing else with that club. Needs to pay more attention to his own downfalls as a manager before placing himself in contention for anything next year.

  3. Tuchel is perfectly correct about us. We took too many goals and lost 13 games mainly due to poor management of squad. The midfield is the whole issue. It needs to be fixed seriously. We also need reliable cover-ups at the back talk less of the attack. Nketia needs to stay and then 2 other attackers brought in plus a winger like Diaby or Nkunku or at worst Cdy Gakpo.

  4. If our owner was really serious about winning the league again, the quickest and shortest route back, IMHO, is to hire leaders with a winning track record. One such leader, who will soon be available for hire is, Marina Granovskaia, director of football for chelski.

    I know I have just planted an IED. Let me try to find my bulletproof vest for return-fire and blowback.

  5. Well it’s blessing indisguise, sure enough come next season, as usual one or two clubs will flop, it have always been the trend while an outsider will be there on everyonce ass…like wolves did some season ago, Leeds and more recently west ham.

    It should be our hope we turn out being the suprise package…..

    I think, united ain’t finding their mojo anytime soon, Chelsea will drop performances too

    Tothenham are where they are cos our coach was too naive introducing elneny earlier….that saw us loose 3 in a spin, if we had one just one…

    Conte will flop next season cos I don’t think levy with back him up this market with his kind of players

  6. I make him only half right. He should have removed his own team with their decimated defence and issues in attack and Man utd who will be in massive rebuild from that conversation, obviously we are not in the discussion. Most worryingly if Levy backs Conte this summer then unfortunately Spurs will be a dark horse in the title race.

  7. Maybe it is because Arsenal will be involved in Europe next season that he sees the lack of depth of talent in the present squad as a burden too big to carry?

  8. Tuchel is right. I see nothing to have confidence that this team, even with additions (probably lower caliber because out of CL again) to be able to improve on this season, while next season, we will have to cope with extra games and European football. As well as fatigue from players in world cup in the winter to deal with. Tuchel knows better than us how far we are away from being a top four force, especially with the rigors of the other competitions.

  9. this isn’t a nothing burger, but not far off…it’s not like he went off the board with his selections…now if he had said Newcastle, the Hammers or even someone like Villa, that would have hurt infinitely more…the “fact” remains we’re in year 1 of a 3 year managerial plan, so it would be a tad disingenuous to expect that those above us in the table would see what’s on offer here as a direct threat…now that could very well change if we actually get this window right, but that might be exceedingly more difficult following our late season cock-up

  10. We are nowhere near league challengers with our set up. To be one the defence had to be secure and tight whoever pulls the shirt on. Coaching is key here and managers earn their corn sorting this out. Our record of defeats show we are unfortunately still not right even allowing for injuries. Arteta has to evolve and bring back players he simply doesn’t like but are are worthy of the shirt. Very interesting summer to see who we get to increase our creativity, depth and goals output.

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