Tuesday morning Arsenal transfer gossip update – Tagliafico, Herrera and Carrasco

Another day and another set of transfer rumours involving Arsenal, one is very persistent, one very intriguing and one that involves a player we failed to land in January.

I kick off with one that is very persistent and that is the potential signing of Ajax defender Nicolas Tagliafico. The Sun claims that Tottenham has joined us in the battle to sign the Argentine but that is not the part that interests me.

The part that interests me is not that other clubs are interested, that was always going to happen when we identify top class players, no, the part that interests me in this report is that Ajax is now open to selling the 26-year old.

That is good for us because if there has been one club consistently linked with Tagliafico it has been Arsenal and when one club is consistently linked with a particular player that player then tends to join that club.

The very intriguing one is that we are looking to sign Manchester United’s Ander Herrera on a free transfer, according to the Daily Mail.

Now, this one does make sense, we will always be interested in quality free transfers and Herrera definitely fits that profile, the Spaniard is also wanted by PSG and that alone should confirm his quality and there is just as much chance of us signing the 29-year-old as anyone else, for starters it would mean he does not have to leave the Premier League and secondly, he probably feels that he has something to prove.

And how good would it be if we snapped up a player from United on a free transfer?

Finally, Yannick Carrasco has issued a come and get me plea which has opened up the door for Arsenal, according to the Sun.

We tried to sign the Belgium international on a loan deal last January but were unable to come to an agreement with his club, Chinese Super League side Dalian Yifang.

We are absolutely interested in the forward, otherwise, we would not have tried to sign him in the winter transfer window and you have to think that we are in with a very good chance of landing him this time around – providing the Chinese outfit are more reasonable with their valuation.

That is it for today and I must say I am really positive about this set of gossip, all three seem very possible to me and the Ander Herrera one does excite me I must admit.


  1. Ander Herrera…. he’s a bloody good player… it’s hard to get excited about these rumours, as that’s all they are – rumours! Actually I lied… ? that is very exciting… and would I be happy if we got him? You bet!!

    1. Carrasco is a player built for the physical PL. He would be a very good signing for us also that goes for the ajax left back. It will be only be a matter of time if we pursue these deals or not but majorly we have to finish in the top four first.

    2. Like for like replacement for Rambo ,if you ask me and for the reported wage of 150k per week too.This deal is a no brainer.

        1. He’ll end up staying there then or go to PSG…
          Just saw an article showing a list of United’s players wages…. had to laugh it said Sanchez is on the most (350k a week) which could rise to 500k if performance based bonuses are triggered…. it’ll stay at 350 then ??

          1. We don’t need another CM from Man United, we need specialists like Martial

            I’d prefer Tierney than Tagliafico, because Arsenal need rejuvenation

            Carrasco could not keep his place at Atletico Madrid, hence he went to China. Arsenal should gamble on a younger winger instead of getting a stagnant one

  2. Herrera.. Pls whats his main attributes.. As for carrasco m sorry as much as i wud love havin him wit us, i see him joinin either chelshit or manutd.. They’ll probably cough out 60mil n a 200k per wk for him at a yung age of 25 while we are here thinkin abt if ozil is lazy or not.. We dnt even ve any quality marketable player that we wanna let go except u wanna let torrera leave for juve too as they’re already eyin him.. So m not getin my hope high at all.. Admin can we put bring a bar on these transfer rumours hereò they’re really getin to us as fans.. I rather we talk abt this week’s match than a future probability..

    1. I don’t wanna see another CM like Herrera as well. Suarez was more talented than him and he just needs more time to be fluid again

      Carrasco was not impressive in World Cup. The best dribblers in World Cup were Hazard, Messi and Mbappe, Arsenal should find a young winger in the mold of one of them

      1. suarez isn’t better to be fair to herrera as hes very similar to ramsey and better defensively, but our transfers from Man U are never hits so will avoid buying from that club…but if we took a gamble on him i will suppor thim for sure, not a bad transfer for free especially if money is needed for the other positions.

        when you go to china that young for the cash, i just don’t want you in the team..enjoy the money and the vacation, but i don’t want us to be the team that gives him the chance for a comeback, too risky for a player who is a good dribbler and nothing more.

        GTA did you watch Mbappe vs iceland, basically that was the game the kid is a monster!! if he doesnt get a Ballon D’or in the next five years i’ll be shocked, unbeleivable talent and the attitude he has is absolute perfection, all i can say he doesn’t deserve to play in Ligue 1 with little competition, this kid is meant for the big stage week in week out.

        to me the only other winger that can maybe reach sane’s level is bailey, havent seen anyone that makes me desperate to have them in our team!! maybe dembele but that’s even less likely than bailey!

  3. Another freebie, Herrera. How is he going to win us the PL? He is half as good as Ramsey. Sadly Satan Kroenke loves a freebie. Check out since he’s become the main man. Waiting for freebies becomes a habit as the ring tightens. Some billionaires are philanthropists, others have hunting channels. Even Abramovich (while they let him in the country) loved Chelsea and gave the club and supporters joy. Kroenke sees the supporters as a way of getting the loan money he borrowed to buy the club, back. He owns you ladies and gents.

  4. I tend not to take too much notice of the rumours about who MAY be coming constant. Herrera though is a top player without any doubt and IF we could get him and on a free that would be a massive step forward. He is a top proven quality Prem player with a necessary fighting spirit.

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