Turkish giants confirm interest in Arsenal star – A problem for Wenger?

I guess all Arsenal fans knew that it was inevitable that our Colombian keeper David Ospina was just too good to sit on the Gunners bench for too long. There is no doubt that Wenger did the right thing in buying Petr Cech when he became available, but Ospina’s stats from the half season he was our Number One before that proved that he was a class act.

This campaign just ended also threw up a surprising fact. Petr Cech may have won the Golden Glove and had an amazing 76.2% save percentage, but there was ONE better keeper, Ospina had a save percentage of 77.3% for the games he played in as understudy!

The Turkish giants Besiktas tried to sign Ospina last winter, and they have come back once again to try and prise the Colombian away from the Emirates. Besiktas’ sporting director, Gokhan Keskin, has confirmed live on radio that he is still a target. He said: “Nothing has been agreed on yet but we are targeting Ospina.”

To be fair, it would be harsh for Wenger to force Ospina to spend another year on the Arsenal bench, but this willleave us with another problem.Wojciech Szczesny has performed well at Roma and does not want to come back to the bench either, so we will probably have to make do with Emiliano Martinez as our backup to Cech.

The 23 year-old Argentinian lad performed well at Wolves last season, but is he ready to step up to the Premier League at such a tender age?


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  1. I dn’t understand this man wenger……… Split the entire matches in half…… Let Ospina play in some EPL matches, Cech can play the Rest

    Let Ospina play all the cup games (including a few UCL games)

    [NB: Ignoring Injury Factor]

    That way, we can keep em both happy…

    For a country like Colombia to have him as their Number 1….tells us alot….and i admire him too

    (He kept a clean sheet in the Copa America against the Americans yesterday by the way)

    1. Good I actually want Leciester to keep their players to see how they perform next time around with Champions League added. Wouldn’t mind Mahrez though for the RW he would be perfect for our style of play. Imagine Mahrez and Alexis on the wings with a proper ST up top…

      1. You want Leicester to keep their players, but you wouldn’t mind Mahrez? Could have directly said you dont want Vardy 😛

  2. The problem was when David got chances in UCL matches last season he let us down and conceded easy goals which led to criticism for Wenger for not playing cech in UCL matches(if anybody remembers). Its better he leaves.

    1. Ospina was criticised in those matches but from what I remember the criticism extended to virtually the whole team.

      Cech had his off days as well, first game against west ham and to some extent the away game with manc.

      I rate ospina very highly but he is too good to sit on the bench. If he wants to go then we should let him.

  3. “to be fair it would be harsh for wenger to force ospina to spend another year on the arsenal bench”i completely disagree with you we are talking about professional players with contracts to honour,if wenger decides to keep ospina he would have to bite the bullet and give his best to compete with cech you never what could happen the season is long and there are many games to be played and with our luck we have to expect some injuries,also wenger is already guilty of being too loyal towards certain players it,s about time he shows his ruthless streak!do you agree??

  4. Ospina is a very shot stopper keeper but has poor handling. He could still learn quite a bit from Cech who i reckon will probably leave us in two seasons. I’d rather we keep him to be honest because if we sell him we’ll have to bring back Szczesny who still can’t handle high pressure situations and nobody can really correct that except himself.

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