Twitter erupts claiming Gareth Southgate has excluded Bukayo Saka from Euro’s squad

According to a number of unofficial Twitter accounts, Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka is amongst the seven names excluded from Gareth Southgate’s 26-man squad for the European Championships.

The youngster would have been the Gunners only name in the England squad for the upcoming tournament, but according to various reports, Saka is set to miss out.

Trent Alexander is the next biggest name supposedly set to miss out on the final squad, with Southgate having to trim the numbers from 33 down to 26 by June 2 when the official squad must be submitted.

While I’d be disappointed for Saka to miss out on the final squad, I can’t help but feel a little relieved that our young star could potentially get a break after what has been two intense and gruelling campaigns, in which he has played heavily.

Saka had some worrying injury issues during the campaign which he appeared to be slightly rushed back from, and him missing the European Championships could be a true blessing in disguise.

While I’m struggling to find any official sources to claim that the decision is made, we should prepare ourselves for the possibility, as it will no doubt be less fun not having a Gunner in the England squad to cheer on this summer.

Would any Arsenal fans be happier if Saka wasn’t selected?


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  1. Reggie says:

    Wont do him any harm!

  2. SueP says:

    Give the guy a break

  3. Matthew says:

    Nigeria was there for him with open arms but he chose england&now they drop him before a major tournament…serves him right

    1. jon fox says:

      Matthew Well if he identifies as being English then he IS English and nothing therefore “serves him right”! That is a spiteful and uncalled for remark and you would be well served by growing up speedily, young man.

      1. SueP says:

        Totally agree Jon

    2. Gona Amate says:

      So if you were in his shoes you could ‘ve chosen Naija over England, a continent whose tournament takes place when the season is at it’s pick? Oh no, Africa has got to move forward.

  4. jon fox says:

    Wise Gooners should be praying that SAKA misses the cut. He badly needs a summer off and a full pre season to regain his sharpness and to hit the ground running for our opening Prem game. Only unwise Gooners want him to go to the Euros.

  5. hungrygunner says:

    For a rising star like Saka, missing out of a major tournament would be a shocker.
    Saka would gain a tremendous amount of experience at the Euros with the best of England
    IMO it would benefit AFC.

  6. Sean Williams says:

    Although Saka needs a break I think Southgate has made a screw up by excluding him (if it’s true). Truth is though every England manager screws up the finals and Southgate will be no exception

  7. Son says:

    I would feel really bad if i was in his shoes. But he’s still young and can still go on to feature in other tournaments like the world cup next year, or switch alligence to nigeria(still possible under the new fifa rule).
    Anyways i wish him all the best and in any outcome i hope he gets better and develops, and he brings his A-game next season

  8. ThirdManJW says:

    To be fair, his form dipped at the wrong time. As an Arsenal fan, I’ll be glad if he gets a rest though.

  9. Edison says:

    I saw it coming that he would miss on the final list.. Being an England manager is the toughest job any manager can have presently.. England is at present is fortunate to have so many stars.. And Saka did not end the season in the best of form..

  10. Mambo says:

    meh, not like England will win anyway.

    1. Mambo says:

      They simply participate like our club.
      Quite sad for Saka really.

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