Two Arsenal January transfer sagas already identified

Signs are clear which Arsenal transfers will be the most speculated about in January

There are just over ten weeks to go before the January transfer window opens up and already it is becoming clear which transfers are likely to dominate Arsenal transfer gossip.

The most obvious one involves an Arsenal player leaving the Emirates. Mesut Ozil will be widely speculated despite his insistence that he will stay and fight for his place.

It is hard to see Ozil all of a sudden becoming an automatic starter under Unai Emery’s and that alone will lead to rampant speculation over the Germans future. It simply will not go away.

Every word uttered will be analysed and dissected and the tabloids will have a field day, trust me on that.

In terms of players arriving I am already seeing the name Dayot Upamecano mentioned quite a few times. Seems Arsenal remain interested in signing the RB Leipzig defender.

Just today the Daily Star is running the headline Arsenal handed Dayot Upamecano transfer boost as RB Leipzig decide to cash in.

The fact that Unai Emery already has a full complement of defenders will be ignored. The fact that Arsenal also have a new defender joining next summer will also be ignored by the media.

Have no doubt that other names will surface in the lead-up to the transfer window opening up. But Mesut Ozil and Dayot Upamecano will be mentioned right up until the last second on deadline day. That I am absolutely convinced of.

Going to be a long couple of months.


        1. QUALITY is more important than Quantity

          Niles is rubbish as RB
          Chambers is average and should focus on CB and DM
          Mustafi isn’t good as a CB let alone RB
          Bellerin isn’t very good at defending
          Tierney is a LB

          But if quality isn’t important to you then fine

          1. I disagree with most of that lol

            Chambers is actually a pretty solid RB, the only thing he lacks to truly make the spot his own is pace.

            Mustafi is a decent CB, he just has errors to his game that have been made worse by the pressure from an unbalanced squad.

            KT may be at his best as a LB/LWB but that boy can play CB, RB, and even DM and still give a damn good showing – I’ve seen it myself so personally have no doubts about that, I can understand those who haven’t seen it having doubts though.

            Niles is pretty poor at RB that I will agree with, but if he wanted to he could be much better, but I feel his heart is in the midfield so don’t think he has really given the RB position a proper crack – disappointing young man for me personally πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

            Ultimately I find your argument flawed because how many world class players will join to sit on the bench as back up? Only if Bellerin doesn’t nail down the starting spot would we get anyone interested – players join to play not to sit on the bench, unless young and hopeful or older and winding down their careers and this is true at every level πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

    1. Another? We don’t have a specialist RB. A RBs first job is to defend, something Bellerin has proved consistently he can’t do.

      In contrast: “Upamecano is big, strong and with pace to burn. Not only that but he is an old-fashioned defender who “loves to defend” according to France youth coach Jean-Claude Giuntini”

      If signed maybe he would take over Bellerin’s position. He would certainly provide a worthy rival for the RB position.

    1. Sue I was totally lost. I thought it wasn’t a goal then it was a goal πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Hope your weekend is fun!!

        1. @ Sue. The kit is pretty tropical Sort of like on of those summer drinks. Nice day here in the mid-hudson valley of New york. Cloudless blue sky the old flyfishermen called a bluebird sky.

          1. Ooh that sounds lovely! It was a nice day here too, no rain πŸ˜€ winter is almost here though ☹
            How cold will it get there, georgie?

  1. The business we need to do in January is to find a specialist contortionist untangler to try and get Xhaka`s nob out of Emery`s butt !……………….I think it all started when they played Twister on drugs at the Xmas party when all the other staff had gone home !

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