Two Arsenal players make top ten transfer flops of the season

Arsenal has just ended arguably their worst season in two decades after finishing outside the European places.

After winning the FA Cup last year, their fans hoped that the team would break back into the top four in this campaign.

They signed the likes of Thomas Partey and Gabriel Magalhaes to add to their FA Cup-winning team in the summer.

These new players had shown in their previous teams that they can deliver solid performances.

When the Gunners signed them, there was much optimism that Mikel Arteta’s team would end the campaign well.

However, they finished outside the European places despite a top-seven finish guaranteeing them a place in the newly-formed Europa Conference League.

Their poor form has earned two of their summer signings a place in the Premier League’s ten worst signing of the season.

Sports Mail claims that Partey and Willian are two of the worst buys made by Premier League teams in the campaign.

The Ghanaian came 10th on the list after failing to show top-level performance consistently.

Willian came third on the list after joining them from Chelsea on a free transfer.

The Brazilian makes £220,000-a-week at Arsenal, but his performances aren’t worth a quarter of that wage.

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  1. That’s because they wait till the last minute. See how Aston Villa is beating them to the signing of Buendia!

  2. Bit harsh on Partey, he had to face a lot of changes:

    From La Liga to EPL

    From Madrid to London

    From great coach to clueless coach

    From great fitness team to clueless fitness team

    1. 👍 We will see if they have the same opinion of Thomas Partey after next season.
      Must agree on Willian, a total disappointment.

  3. It is absolutely disrespectful to have thomas partey included! Part of the reasons that make me believe Arsenal’s players are very well underrated and we caused that ourselves.

  4. Partey is not a flop, a let down maybe because Arteta played him wrong most games but the guy is a beast and has huge potential under tge right guidance. Willian, yes biggest flop on the planet and again Arteta has to take the blame for playing him ahead of Pepe, ESR and Willock whe under performing at the start of the season and into new year. How he couldn’t see Willians lack of contribution is a total mystery, cost us European football!

    1. Smith Rowe never underperformed at any point last season he wasn’t even played in the Ell, he was only played in the cup games. It was when injuries accidentally forced him into our team in the Epl the change of form started. How Mikel could not notice his work in the training is a question I can never answer. This tell a lot on his ability as a coach.

  5. Partey is a real class act who has had a below par start for us but no serious fan doubts his proven huge quality.

    Willian, by stark contrast, is a busted flush who is here only for the money, very plainly, and we need him gone asap, as all wise Gooners surely know.

  6. Willian was a no-brainer, but having Partey on the list is a bit harsh…that said, the Wengerian way Arteta brought him in at the 11th hour certainly put some unnecessary pressure on a player who had no time to get acclimated to both a new club and League…not to mention, his nagging injuries early on and the fact that Arteta’s scared tactics didn’t suit him whatsoever…I’m sure that failing to live up to the somewhat unrealistic expectations, considering the aforementioned circumstances, are what ultimately landed him on this list…it’s a real shame as I still consider him a top drawer player, when healthy and when the tactics are right

  7. I liked Partey’s late displays, he reads the game very well, always in place for the 2nd ball, his tackles does usually end with disciplinary calls, his passes are ambitious (though some are not pwrfect but widely misplaced). He makes our 2nd DM/CM looks better whether it was Xhaka or ElNeny.
    Willian lacks physical power and probably stamina but he has the touch. I expected him to have better creativity/eye for through passes but …if he did not leave and he could be used better. I am not/was not pro signing him, if you needed an experienced/old AM player with a good touch for a season, he should have played Ozil, Arsenal kept paying the salary anyways but no we went to sign Willian for 3! In my opinion, their weak points are almost the same.

  8. I totally agree with Willian as the biggest flop but adding Partey to that conversation is a big disrespectful to our best midfielder atm. New league, new team, new fitness team new coach, with a bunch of lazy players. Niggling injuries, come on. Partey is not among the flops of the season. He has had a poor season yes but not a flop at any point. At his former club everyone works like a DM naturally but in ARSENAL the team is generally weak and spineless and he was suppose to be the spine in a bunch of sluggards.

  9. Partey simply hasn’t lived up to his billing yet in my opinion, as a reported £45million window buy I don’t think he was meant to be one for the future so much as to have an immediate impact in an area of the pitch where we needed improvement collectively, I don’t believe he has had that impact unfortunately

    I would like to imagine he is not blaming everyone and everything else himself, hopefully he’s just more determined to show us what he can do next season

    I would like to think that he can be a key player for us but judging on what I have seen so far I have to say I’ve been disappointed

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