Two Arsenal stars wanted by European Giants? You can’t be serious!

It’s not even the silly season yet and there are already some ridiculous Arsenal transfer rumours coming out. After it was revealed that Liverpool had no intention of going in for Aaron Ramsey in January, the papers have come up with a new favourite to sign the Welshman, and it is none other than Bayern Munich!

The Express reported…..

BAYERN MUNICH have emerged as surprise front-runners in the pursuit of Welsh international Aaron Ramsey when he leaves Arsenal in the summer.

The Gunners have told the midfielder that he won’t be offered a new deal when his contract runs out at the end of the season and he will be allowed to leave.

The Bundesliga giants have been showing a keen interest in Ramsey’s contract talks with Arsenal, which have collapsed with the club looking to make some wage-bill savings.

And they would like to sit down and offer him a deal to move to Germany as soon as they are allowed under FIFA rules early in the New Year.

Now maybe they are right, but does anyone seriously believe that the German giants are going to take a player that is injured half the time on astronomical wages, and is not even a regular starter at Arsenal? I thought not….

Now the second one sounds even more unlikely, with the Star reporting that Barcelona, no less, are keen on signing Laurent Koscielny. They announced…..

ARSENAL defender Laurent Koscielny is a reported target for La Liga champions Barcelona.

The centre-back missed out on becoming a World Cup-winner due to a cruciate knee ligament injury he suffered last season.

Along with Aaron Ramsey, Koscielny is one of Arsenal’s longest-serving players.

But new boss Unai Emery has intimated that the former France international will not be offered a new contract.

The 33-year-old’s deal expires at the end of next season but a move to Barcelona would prove tempting.

So even the mighty Barcelona want to sign a 33 year-old that hasn’t played for six months and has an ongoing Achilles problem that will never be cured? I certainly wouldn’t believe it, but then again, Barca did take Thomas Vermaelen off us once upon a time….



  1. gotanidea says:

    I believe in the Ramsey rumor, but not the Koscielny rumor

    Ramsey is great physically and he could perform thrive with Bayern Munich’s system. Some quick and strong ex-EPL players also play well in Germany, like Gnabry, Sancho and Nelson

    If there is no agreement between Arsenal and Ramsey, it would be better if Arsenal can get something from Ramsey’s departure in January

    1. jon fox says:

      Neither of these daft rumours have a shred of truth. The clubs in question are two giants and will not remotely want our Ramsey cast off and also our chronically injured, fast ageing CB. COMPLETE NONSENSE WITHOUT ANY FOUNDATION AT ALL. BUT I WOULD HAPPILY HAVE VIRTUALLY ALL BOTH THEIR TEAMS IF WE COULD.

  2. Innit says:

    Koscielny is a former World Class player so his experience is valuable to any club. I remember He tamed Messi once. He can also teach younger players. So I completely understand that rumour. That’s why I want him to stay with us even after he retires

    Ramsey is useful and could do better in the Bundesliga than the PL. I think the PL is tougher

  3. Mike says:

    OT. Am I being stupid, why is Alex Iwobi known as big17

    1. RSH says:

      he is No.17. Big17 is just his a nickname. Mostly see it on his social media.

  4. Thomo says:

    Ransey and bayern do me a favour when was.the last time he got man of the match or even put in a decent season

  5. Maks says:

    It is great how media is pushing infos of Ramsey interest from the Big clubs, and then when transfer window opens…NOTHING!
    Arsenal wanted to sell him in the summer but NO offer came for great wenger boy. Maybe some are waiting for his contract to end but in the big club he wont play at all, and he is not that stupid that he can ignore that. On the other hand Wenger induced him with false feel of greatness so he will go somewhere where he will play more often… and that will be Milan as a top top destination for him.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Arsenal reportedly turned down a £50 million offer for Rambo in the summer, according to beIN sport news (John Cross) and relayed via metro. According to it, Ramsey decided to move forward with Emery as he was 1 out of 5 captains…

      Not saying it is true or false, we will never know that will we 😛
      I do think that to claim we wanted to sell him but couldn’t is questionable if that bid was true.

      1. Maks says:

        I agree. We really never know the whole truth but honestly who would want to buy him for 50 when he would be free to leave next summer? I am just sick of the media who overrated every single UK player and that is not good for them and for any UK national team as well…
        …and when you follow all the rumours you can see patterns expecially when you trace back rumours after some deal has been done. Just check back rumors for Laza and Auba and you ll see what was going to be a real deal.
        There was no even close rumours like that for Ramsey.

  6. ThirdManJW says:

    I don’t think Ramsey is good enough for ANY of the top clubs in the world, but most will be interested purely because he’ll be on a free, or for a very small fee in January. He’ll also have a sell-on value given his age.

  7. vineet says:

    Well Barcelona bought Thomas Vermaelen although he was injured all 5 seasons with us.

    Koscienly has been a great addition to us and would love to see him retire when its time with us. However if Barcelona does come in with an offer i wouldnt mind him leaving.

    he will always be our Bosscielny

    1. jon fox says:

      Vermaelen was several years younger than Kos when Barca bought him. Years left to play at the top level is ALWAYS a key component of any REALISTIC clubs, buying strategy. Kos is already 33, soon 34, with a chronic long term injury to handicap him. And some still foolishly think a club such as Barca will consider buying him. They are obviously mistaken.

  8. Durand says:

    Ramsey is good for rotation and substitution appearances, but not a starter at top club. That’s why he was told by Raul that he has no future at Arsenal; not starting and wages too high for a backup.

    Arsenal rebuilding and aiming to be elite club again, and we can’t be that with an inconsistent and undisciplined midfielder not doing his job.

    Took several years too long dismissing Walcott, and too long moving Ramsey elsewhere. Don’t see any world where Ramsey beats out Torreria or Xhaka, and maybe not even Guendouzi. Not to mention AMN and Smith-Rowe making their way into lineup, Ramsey not worth the wages or place in 25 man squad.

    1. jon fox says:

      Ramsey is already , even though still only 27 , out of his time at Arsenal . He has been found out as a middling , no true position player, who has some strengths but many weaknesses too and is injury prone besides. The club is moving on, indeed HAS moved on and the next generation of players has already overtaken this Wenger favourite. Thank God he chose to be still greedier off the field than he is even on the field and has saved us the waste of a huge new contract for yesterdays man. Hope he goes in JAN , WHEN WE MIGHT STILL GET AT LEAST A SMALL FEE FOR HIM. Players of his sort have no place under the thrilling and REALISTIC new regime. Bye Bye Aaron. Close the door behind you!

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Yeah agree, but remember, if by any chance this news creates a bidding war between the big clubs, we must all stay quiet until the deal is done. Then when the money is safely in the bank we can all sit back, celebrate and laugh our fu*king heads off.

  9. RSH says:

    Honestly, I’d be okay if they both went through .Ramsey out of EPL so there is no chance it can come back to bite us, and our defense is currently evolving and unfortunately Kos’ best years are behind him. If we could get some cash for him it would be a positive. Sounds cold maybe, but we’ve been nice for far too long and Emery probably wants to get some players in and needs to clear our big wage bill.

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