Two Arsenal strikers signing out – and one signing in!

It would seem that Arsene Wenger is keeping to his promise to offload some Arsenal players that are surplus to requirements to make room for some top quality arrivals, and it is nigh on certain that Lukas Podolski will be the first one to be out the door. The Galatasaray manager Hamza Hamzaoğlu has already declared an interest when he said: “Podolski and Gignac are both on our shortlist but we have not entered direct talks,”

Podolski has also admitted that he could be interested in a deal and is open to a new club. “If an offer comes from Turkey, I will sit down and talk about it with my family and girlfriend.” Podolski said.

“If I find the right club, the right coach, the right environment, I will evaluate it.

“If these conditions are met, I think everything is possible.

“The next transfer could be my last, so I have to take a well-thought step.”

Okay Lukas,but can you make a decision quickly so we can be sure you are gone. We don’t want another Bendtner situation, thanks!

The second one out the door is expected to be Joel Campbell as he made it clear to Wenger last season that he had no wish to sit on the bench anywhere. But the Costa Rican will not be going to Fenerbahce.

Fifa agent Muzzi Oscan, who represents Campbell’s Arsenal team-mate Olivier Giroud, tweeted on Thursday that “Campbell won’t be going to Fenerbahce! 100 %”

There is every chance that the youngster could be off to Spain though, as David Moyes is looking to bring budding talents from the Premier League to get Real Sociedad challenging the big boys next season. At least Campbell is more likely to get regular playing time over there….

The Arsenal striker set to be signing back in is Theo Walcott. I think all doubt that the 26 year-old would re-sign was removed when he was used a a Number Nine and scored as we won the FA Cup Final. The Mirror is now reporting that talks are progressing nicely and there is little doubt that he will take the extension from the Gunners.

After watching Raheem Sterling against Ireland last week I could never believe that Wenger would take the Liverpool youngster instead of Theo….

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  1. Don’t know what the title has to do with anything. No one has signed out and no one has signed in.

    1. Theo offers more than sterling, he is the better package. I hope we keep Theo but I would like to see Theo on the right wing instead of Ramsey. Ramsey should be our b2b midfielder. Him and lecoq will dominate the midfield. Sad to see podolski leave as I’m a huge fan of the German and I think he could be a good squad player for us. Only if we are getting a replacement than we should allow him to go…what’s up with us signing a world class striker?? Nothing seems to be happening. I hope Wenger does realise the need of a 30+ goal a season striker. I’m just afraid Wenger thinks what he has is goof enough to challenge for EPL

      1. That’s clearly not true. Theo has good movement and finishing but his all-round game is pretty average and has always been.

        He doesn’t track back, dribble well, pass well, hold onto the ball, receive it in tight spaces, or head the ball well. Quite how he offers more than Sterling is beyond me, his output is higher in theory but other than that Sterling is better footballer by a good way.

  2. Sign a top Striker to challenge for the leauge

    If not .. No progress and Wenger out will be called

    Happens every year

  3. In my opinion, (for what it’s worth) I think we need these signings in order of priority:
    1. a Quality young DM player who is disciplined in not going forward and has exactly the same game as Coquelin. If Coquelin gets injured next year we are in it.
    I like Kondgobia and Krychowiak but I’d take James McCarthy.
    2. A commanding goal keeper of top class who’s all round game is of high quality.
    It’s Cech for me or no one. I am not convinced totally by Schez, (good when he’s on it but loses the plot sometimes). Ospina I am also not convinced is good enough, he may settle well in time. Finally replacing Per for Gabriel/Chambers will help both keepers and the side in general.
    3. A striker that is of a different ilk to our current ones. I think if we lose Poldi, Sanogo and Campbell we should try for Lacazette. With Walcott and Welbeck being pacey front men I’d kind of like another strong target man similar to Giroud, dare I say a Charlie Austin type striker.

    Suffice to say this window should be active for us with a few in’s and several out’s, cant wait for it to get going 🙂

    1. Per has been fking solid for us. He still has another season left in him. To early to be replaced but by next year Gabriel should start alongside the boss

    2. For Mert’s entire career he has been maligned and told he is “too slow.” His youth club eventually dropped him for being “too slow.” And yet he has been a very good CB by nearly every measure.

      The point is Mert’s success does not come from pace, it comes from experience, instinct, technique, size and positioning. Therefore age is of lesser importance to this type of player. He cannot lose a pace he never had or ever tried to use.

      Mert has wisely retired from his great national team career and soon will come the time to be phased out at club level. When? We fans may not know. My bet is that Mert and his coaches will know when the time is right better than any of us.

  4. Dumb article with a deceptive title. If are that idle and want to write an article to fill the time, please and please again make the title a honest one.

    1. So when Campbell and Podolski get sold and Theo signs his new contract, I will expect an aopology….

      1. I won’t apologise because your heading purports 2 is already out and 1 is already in. That’s not yet the case. Your article heading is deceptive. That’s the truth.

  5. Wenger ~ “Maybe with the quality and the consistency included from start to finish, it’s Cazorla [who has stood out the most].

    I have always felt Cazorla was our best performer over all. I believe his game has fewer flaws than that of Sanchez. He has taken on the “Arteta role” superbly although I regret it means he can’t have as many goals or assists as he would have liked from the deeper role. But then I can understand Alexis getting all the accolades for the goals – some of them quite stunning – that he scored over the season.

  6. “After watching Raheem Sterling against Ireland last week I could never believe that Wenger would take the Liverpool youngster instead of Theo…”

    You can’t judge a player using just one game, especially as Sterling had other things on his mind during the game which could have affected his performance. Sterling is a top player. He has more to his game than either the OX or Walcott, IMO. To be frank, when Owen said he felt Sterling was a better player than Ozil, I didn’t really think he was out of order unlike how many gooners reacted :/ He’s more of a midfielder though unlike Walcott who’s more of a striker. I wouldn’t swap Walcott for anyone else, maybe just Messi 😛 I’m that fond of him as a player 🙂

  7. whats happening to charlie adams. i was expecting many clubs to be ater him. i would realy prefere him to higuain. what do you guys think.

  8. arsenal has average loads of strikers…offload podi, cambell ,welbeck and sanogo…bring WC striker—regardless of be backed up by giroud and Walcott of who if he performs well this season, then he can become a regular CF next season n we can offload OG for a younger proved striker..

  9. Giroud Podolski Wellbeck
    Sanogo Campbell . Lol 🙂
    Barca, Real Madrid, Bayern
    quaking in their boots 🙂
    Sanchez Ozil Cazorla publically saying
    “we have a fantastic front line”.
    It can only get better 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. We DON’T NEED ANY MORE STRIKERS………if we want to challenge for fourth place….lol

    Seriously, we need a centre-forward on par with Costa in terms of quality

    Alternatively, someone like Reus, Draxler, Greizmann

    City, Chelsea, United will probably all beef up their teams. We need to at least get two players in addition to Cech (if we get him).

    1. Costa who’s goal per minute ratio was worse than Giroud. Even if he is a better player than Giroud he’s hardly the benchmark for what we need.

      Alternatively someone like Draxler? Who’s a winger who could have potential to be a striker but unproven and been injured all this season.

      Can’t make a statement like that then follow it up with that comment.

      1. I don’t care about ratios. I’m not a mathematician. Costa is superior to Giroud. It’s also about getting important goals and better finishing. Costa is better in both departments

        Also, Giroud is very good but we need another very good CF. Welbeck is not one of them. Since you like ratios so much take a look at Welbeck’s

  11. Been a gooner long enough to know that we won’t sign a new striker this window. Here’s why
    1.Wenger’s comments about walcott getting to his peak and about his preferred position
    2.Wenger playing walcott as CF in last 2 games of the ssn,and to his favor walcott scored 4
    3.When was the last time AW signed a BIG NAME center forward?
    4.Welbeck coming back from injury. We all kno Wenger’s ‘ he’s like a new signing ‘ excuse.

    So to spare you all an inevitable heartbreak, prepare to have giroud, walcott and welbeck as our cfs nxt ssn.Watch this space.

    1. Well he did bid for Suarez. So maybe if he finds a suitable player, he might just buy a striker.

      1. yes he did,but do you honestly believe he didn’t know the bid would be rejected? it was a PR stunt dude coz if he was serious he would have gone back with a second bid

        1. He had a release clause look it up Liverpool owners admitted he had a release clause and they didn’t respect it.

          Type into google Arsenal Suarez release clause everyone published what was said.

          Also a second bid was made but think about it why should you spend more than you have to that’s the point of a release clause.

          1. Exactly. I Ve seen many times in business that people make offers like that to make sure the math. They don’t want an answer Mike. ..the limit was x and you offered x so you are IN the limit. With a cent plus there is no doubt….they chose not to res CT their own rules

          2. Yes, exactly. If Suarez REALLY had a bona fide £40M release clause in his contract then £40M is all that is required to allow AFC and Suarez to have a chat about personal terms. Not sure why we were so generous with the extra quid thrown in. LFC either abused or lied about his contractual situation. You don’t offer £50/60/70M for something that has a £40M price tag on it – unless you are stupid of course.

    2. Probably right about this however……

      With Wenger you just never know. I believe he wants to add an attacker. With his history you could guess it would certainly be a midfielder. But Wenger often goes against the grain and surprises so…… you never know.

  12. one of the non-linked wingers may be signed by wenger this summer …..we haven’t been linked with names like greizmann , firmino etc yet!

  13. How would Arsenal offload a whole first England team striker – Welbeck, when Arsenal are not crazy? Sell this and that can turn a Gooner to an antagonist. So, one should be careful with his utterances of who Arsenal should sell as those Gunners will want to do well at Arsenal. The Boss knows who to sell and not to sell. So, we leave the selling to him to do it. For his constant injuries, I once agitated for Jack Wilshere to be sold to Man City to make space for an import of another Gunner that could play regularly in his place. But I soon realise I am becoming his antagonist. Hence I now longer do that. Besides, Jack is a quality that is versatile as he can productively plays behind the 3 front runners and also operates well from the right wing. On no any account should the Boss swapped Wilshere, Oxchambo, Walcott and Welbeck for any Petr Cech as being touted by the media. If the Boss is at all wants to sign Cech and his signing is hinged on swapping our top Gunners, let the Boss forget about the transfer.

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