Two bad results doesn’t mean Arsenal’s season is over – Get behind the team

Arsenal fans need to stick with the team

After finishing eighth two seasons in a row, Arsenal fans just wanted to see progress being made in the current season.

Although a top four spot was wanted by everyone, a top six finish would also have been a satisfactory result, especially when the club had the fourth youngest team in Europe.

However, with the way things panned out since the first day of the ongoing season, Mikel Arteta’s men have placed themselves the favourites for the fourth Champions League spot.

This season the red half of London has been way more consistent on the pitch than they have been in half a decade. They have made the crowd gasp countless times.

They have made them believe in something. However, a few bad results have diminished the feel-good factor to some extent.

And despite being frustrated at the performances of Arsenal in the past couple of weeks, one cannot give up on the team just yet.

Club photographer Stuart MacFarlane, who has been at his current position at North London for the past 21 years, felt similarly.

After a disappointing defeat to Brighton on Saturday, he took to Instagram and said, “It’s been a tough week for everyone but let’s stick together, don’t get carried away and lose what’s been built this season.”

He carried on, “We Are The Arsenal…#COYG.”

Support is the biggest thing we can provide at the moment. Despite the club’s huge wealth, they cannot buy it. They just can be hopeful of that from the fans.

And I genuinely believe that majority of fans will stick with the team, even if things go awry from here.

It’s because the current Arsenal team has made us believe in something. It has made us feel something we haven’t since a very long time…

Yash Bisht

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Video – Mikel Arteta post-Brighton “It’s time to criticise ourselves”

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  1. Of course they have a chance – football by it’s nature – never say die.
    The fans are upset and rightly so. Forget the injuries and Arteta’s blame game chat – he caused the debacle against Brighton with his team selection and piss poor lack of management qualities.

  2. I can’t believe many Arsenal fans have already thrown in the towel. Giving up on our team isone thing but to surrender 4th place place to Spurs with out a fight is unforgivable. Lets win our next game and tail gate the Spurs. They could just wilt under the pressure and spin out on the next lap. Make em earn it. Our NLD can become the decider like the title winning victory last game at Anfield in ’89.

  3. Fans support is like using Nitrous Oxide to boost the horsepower of an engine. Surely it boosts, but the engine needs to be working first and the bigger the engine capacity, the more boost Nitrous provides for the same amount used.

    Our support is like that but players have to keep their engines working and in fine condition, and not let it misfire and stop working. No amount of boost or support can help there imo. The games against Brighton, Fans were there and they were great all game actually, but what lacked was our players’ willpower to exert themselves. Our players didn’t feed on that support at all.

    1. 100% right.
      The players and manager have to give the fans something to shout about.
      Not performances like against Palace and Brighton.
      Fans were more optimistic when we lost to City and Liverpool, why? Because of the overall performances and attitude the players and manager should in those games.

      Give the fans something to get them excited then that in turn will boost the fans energy levels.

  4. I have given up hope for top 4, not so much only because of the two terrible games, but for the fact that the performance has been poor all along except for a handful of games — we have been extremely lucky to win some games, namely the two against Wolves Having squandered the advantages we built with luck, It is highly unlikely we can be enjoying the same kind of luck in the stretch to finish.

  5. Fans were behind the team when they played Palace and BHA. How did they repay the fans? With a whopping 5 minutes of good football.

    Maybe its time for the team to get in front of fans?

    1. Well said! Really wish there was a much lower salary cap but with performance bonuses, then you’d see some miraculous improvements on the pitch….including the managers salary.

      1. It is said the hotter the bottle the sweeter the victory.

        Is it a case we could leave it late, this would really make me breathless.

        Deal me in am here for the long haul

  6. The Palace / Brighton etc games were the one we looked at as insurance for making Top 4, but we fcked them up and have to win against Spurs, Chelsea, United, etc, that is going to be very difficult as we don’t often do too well against those teams.

  7. You are of course right.
    What has happened is, we have thrown away our advantage to secure top 4, and Spurs are now the favourites for 4’th.
    But at the same time Man U and West Ham also have lost ground and are now almost certainly out the running for Top 4.
    So, at least it is now down to us or Spurs.

    1. I think that fairly sums it up
      The last two games hurt and only Tottenham benefitted.
      Why the first 80 plus minutes were so unbelievably awful when the last 5 plus 6 minutes showed some spirit escapes me, but that is almost unforgivable at this level and this stage of the season
      The gulf between the best and the rest is palpable

  8. It is evidently more difficult for Arsenal now. However, the negative attitude shown by so many fans even though our fate is still in our own hands is disappointing.
    The season is not over and Arsenal are still in the race for 4th.

  9. Its not just 2 defeats though, thats not even half the story. Its the whole season and what is going on. Lets not forget the other 8 defeats and the poor cup results.

  10. It will require a miracle of sorts for Arsenal to make the top 4. We have to play very well in our remaining games and hope Spurs slip up. But lets hope for the best.

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