Two BIG factors to keep Alexis firing for Arsenal?

I am sure that it was as much of a relief as it was a joy for Alexis Sanchez to score for Arsenal against Liverpool today, it certainly looked that way from the way the Chile international celebrated. Not only did his superbly smashed goal seal the win for the Gunners by putting us 3-0 up at the break, but it ended the mini scoring drought that people in the football media had begun to bang on about.

Alexis has looked a little low on confidence in front of goal recently although it has not affected his all round game or made his head drop. Perhaps it was the words of our France international forward Olivier Giroud in the week that spurred his Arsenal team mate on, suggesting that he might be able to finish the season ahead of Alexis on Premier League goals.

That battle is well and truly on as Giroud also scored again to keep them level on 14 each. As well as having that personal honour to inspire him to keep banging them in for Arsenal, Alexis is also in with a decent shout of winning the Premier League player of the year award, especially if his latest hamstring injury keeps Diego Costa out of action.

A strong finish to the season in the league and FA cup would give him a great chance by providing a timely reminder of what an amazing impact the striker has had in his debut season. Will today’s goal be the first of many more between now and May?


  1. Greg says:

    He truly is a gem of a player! Alexis sanchez “top” gunner! Coyg!

    1. seancali says:

      I still dont get all the hype about costa…I just do not get it. he is not what some people on this site call world class. I am sure costa the cow won’t win the player of the year award. Our own Giroud is a much better striker that costa and here is why. Giroud has the skills to hold up the ball and great passing quality, better in the air and scores lovely and cracking goals. end of the story.

      1. seancali says:

        Alexis has an amazing work rate, he is for me and in my book the best player in the BPL…And yes he will bang in more goals. Its a healthy competition between him and Olivier, hell yeas. I still think Giroud will be our top scorer. how many goals has giroud got so far this season.
        14 in the bpl
        2 in the fa cup
        1 cl (he missed the entire group stages with injury)
        1 community shield

        total: 18 this season….and there are lots of games left….9 to be exact..i see him getting 20+ goals easily…

        sanchez too, he will get 20+ goals….what else can we gooners ask for?

        1. vince says:

          he is on 20 already. not sure what ucl you were watching but he scored 3 in that competition. besiktas, dortmund and one other. anderlecht i think it was a volley after a blocked FK

          1. jonnhirons says:

            His comment clearly said Giroud

      2. Goonsquad8 says:

        I’ve said it since day 1 I think he will be a flop. When I analyze his game I just see nothing that stands out to me besides his strength. Seriously look at his goals half of them look like scuffed shots to me wait till next year he will have barely any goals

        1. Goonsquad8 says:


          I’m glad you see it too seriously check my posts from the beginning of the year and i fully stand by my statement.

  2. josh37 says:

    as good as he was, i’m not sure he deserved MOTM.
    Coquelin was a one man wrecking ball, and his intelligence and positioning allowed the rest of the team to press as hard as they did and choke Liverpool. Was an amazing performance.

    Just watched the post-match interviews… Wow, a difference in class shown by the managers. Liverpool got absolutely f#$ked.. And Rodgers had the nerve to highlight the 10 or so minutes they looked ‘the better side.’ Put the performance down to ‘bad defending’ and not once did he highlight Arsenal’s brilliant performance just once labelled us ‘a side with confidence.’
    Wenger credited them for the brief spells in which they showed life, paid respect and ultimately was humble in the face of a great victory.

    We outplayed, and at moments utterly destroyed them in all areas of the pitch…
    F@#k Rodgers.. Seriously, constantly compares the two teams as though we’re in the same league, no we’re not. They’ve had one year in the CL which was more than they deserve and now we’re 9pts ahead… I actually hope we meet them in the Cup final.

  3. Greg says:

    That 3rd goal from him against liverpool, was totally “world class”!

    1. Mick The Gooner says:

      Podolski would’ve been proud of that thunderbolt.

  4. Mick The Gooner says:

    Alexis’ goal today was so good. Takes the defender out of the game on his first touch and strikes it with his second. It want perfectly placed, but the sheer power on it gave Mignolet no chance.

    We were brilliant today, against, well not exactly a Goliath, but a big team. We blew them away, in 8 minutes! We didn’t just look like a top side today, we looked like a title-winning side. From the first kick of the game we were going for the kill. Bring on Chelsea. I think we would have them beat if we played now.

    1. Goonsquad8 says:

      That little second touch to get it out of his feet was amazing. That is so hard to do as he’s coming down to the ground after evading a challenge. That goal was probably my favorite of the 4.

  5. pranavTrue Gooner says:

    One simple factor: His determination! He never gives up and never stops fighting. Down to earth and very hardworking. These kind of players will be rewarded ultimately. Thats it.

    1. BarryL says:

      Alexis was the one-man wrecking ball who kept us afloat in the 1st half of the season, and Le Coq has been the star during the 2nd half.
      But neither will win PFA player of the year because all the journos are in love with Harry Kane.

      But we all know how great they are
      COYG keep chasing Chelski

  6. CouchCoach says:

    I gave you a thumbs up Pranav, but added to his determination his footwork at pace is sheer joy to watch.

  7. GOONSTER says:

    He still needs to learn when to pass or keep the ball, he kills so many if our attacks due to his over dwelling in the ball giving the opposing players chances to rob the ball off him.

    I have been saying the same thing since the season started, if he wants to be workf class he has to start being a team player, stop being so solo.

    1. Work in his link up and passing, for a player of his quality his passing is terrible.

    2. Needs to learn when to hold on or pass the ball.

    If he can work in those he will be world class and unstoppable.

    1. Redsoldier says:

      ehhhhhh…..he is already worldclass. If he does the things u mentioned, he will be one of the best in the world.

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