Two big reasons for Arsenal fans to calm down?

I am not talking about the Arsenal fans that have been fighting among themselves or the Arsenal fans demanding that the club sack Arsene Wenger or even wanting the team to lose so the Frenchman is forced to quit, although I do think a heavy dose of chill pills is in order for a few of us at the moment.

No what I am on about is the optimism and belief that the performance and result from the Everton game on the heels of a good showing in Barcelona has got people seriously thinking about the title again. It would take a miracle really, and not only would we need to be brilliant and show the form and consistency that has eluded us so far, we would need both of the clubs above to mess up.

That is unlikely to be honest and a report in The Mirror in which Roberto Martinez slammed his Everton players for putting in the worst performance of the season should give us pause. Maybe the Gunners were given an easy ride and unless that sparks us into top gear we could come back down to earth with a bump after the international break.

Next up is Watford at home, a repeat of the woeful FA cup exit of last weekend. Then we travel to West Ham who are in great form and were robbed of three points against Chelsea on Saturday. If Arsenal win both of those games I might start to believe, especially if the Spuds and the Foxes drop points. Until then could all us Arsenal fans just calm down a little bit?

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  1. There are several other sets of ”fans” and you’ve listed some of them that i’d tell to calm down before these believers. There is nothing worse than some fans praying for their team to lose just so they can get what they want. It’s those same fans that either stay silent when we win or still repeat their rhetoric. Such fans know themselves well and shouldn’t call themselves fans but traitors to their club.

    1. You really sound like Wenger is the god of your religion. Fans have the right to like the manager or not! They also have the right to express what they feel about the direction their club is going. If some fans ambition is 4th place and some is 1st and you have a problem with that I’d suggest keeping it to yourself!

      1. Nope, i like Wenger but i too believe Wenger should seriously consider moving on as we’ve all seen our hopes to win rise and fall over the years. All i’m saying is if you believe your team should lose games so Wenger leaves and don’t even show joy when your team wins or still find faults and somehow blame Wenger WHEN YOU JUST WON A GAME, you don’t deserve to call yourself a fan of the team but a traitor. Also isn’t it ironic how you are saying fans should express themselves but you’re telling me to keep how i feel to myself?

        1. Actually, this hatred on Wenger is mostly due to ignorance and lack of common sense. When we lose, we all rightfully get disappointed and furious, but some fans would just direct their rage towards Wenger without even looking at the real causes of our defeat, which is very dumb especially when we played well but conceded goals because of defensive errors. When we create tons of chances but people fail to convert them, that can’t be Wenger’s fault either.

    2. @ras911

      It’s not that some fans are “praying for their team to lose”, it’s the fact that they will hopefully be benefits to losing. This season has been disastrous and embarrassing, but the ‘benefit’ is that Wenger might finally leave or at the very least, he might finally decide to buy a world class striker and move some of the deadwood on.

      It is also a similar story with the injuries. No one wants a player injured, but certain players being unavailable can actually ‘benefit’ us. Take Ramsey for example, he’s been one of our worst players this season. He consistently under performs, yet Wenger starts him every game, even if it means Ramsey in the wrong position. Wenger never drops Ramsey! So it’s harder for Arsenal to perform well and to win with Ramsey in the team. Ramsey being injured means Wenger cannot pick him, thus benefiting the team.

      Win, lose or draw, myself and many other fans still want Wenger removed, and we’ve all been proven right again this season. Arsenal cannot win or even compete for a major trophy under Wenger. Yes, I am aware the season isn’t finished yet, but barring a complete miracle, Arsenal will not win the league, and one needs to remember, that miracles do not happen under Wenger’s watch!

  2. Because both Spurs and
    Leicester also won we all
    know we are actually no
    closer to winning the title.
    But after a torrid couple of months
    the Everton result gave fans a welcome boost.
    However few fans are saying that Arsenal will win the EPL.
    Most are saying “if” we win most of our games
    and “if” Spurs and the Foxes lose a lot of points we “might” win.
    So while there’s hope we can dream 🙂

  3. Leicester, spurs,westham and Arsenal could be top 4.
    3 teams not expected to honestly be there above City, Chelsea and Utd.

    So although we probably not going to win title, Wenger has done better than Van gaal, Mou and Pellegrini.

    Rhe only reason Spurs are there is Harry Kane. If we had Kane we eould be winning the league.

    But that is Wengers fault.

  4. We really need a wc striker this summer, a back up RB and DM.
    Expect Arteta and Flamini to leave.

    But I dont expect a DM to be signed, he will use Ramsey, Eleny, Jack and Caz.

    What do u guys think?

  5. Tbh at this point I just want to finish above Spurs.

    Foeget the unrealistic title, just finish above Spurs.

    Can u imagine work if they finished above us.

  6. This was a good article save this mediocre statement…
    …on the heels of a good showing in Barcelona.

    We loose 3:1 to Barcelona (5:1 on aggregate) and you call it a good showing?
    When did we become such a mediocre team? If we don’t start get angry about such results, our downward spiral will only get worse.

    I was at the match against Everton, and after the match, I saw something disheartening. A group of Arsenal fans were carrying a Wenger Out banner, and another group of Arsenal fans came to fight them. That shows disunity. As long as we don’t fight TOGETHER to save our club, we will never move forward.

      Many empires were built on this philosophy which unfortunately is now the case at Arsenal.
      The trinity of evil, kroenke, gazidis and wenger have managed to divide the gooners which subsequently means they have solidified their positions and will bleed us dry for every penny for many years to come.
      get ready for more 8-2 and 6-0 embarrassments with these three in charge.

  7. I’m calm, just weary of us always looking back and wishing we hadn’t drawn those 2/3 games that would have put us on level pegging with Leicester and Spurs….

    As it is we have to hope they lose a few games and we have to win every one to stand a chance…now when you look at their run ins it starts to give hope, but really, we should NOT be in this position. though we all know that I think..

  8. You put on a good showing in Barcelona and lost 3-1? The long stay of Wenger in Arsenal FC has negatively robbed off on what the fans now perceive as success.

    1. Performances and results are 2 different things. The performance was good, and the result was nearly good. If iwobi had been given a penalty and mascherano sent off, (assuming we scored the penalty), we would be a goal away from going through against 10 men. I know a lot of ppl think it wasn’t a foul, and that he tripped himself but these do still get given, like Loftus cheek against west ham

  9. The real plastic fans are the Wenger fans. They do not believe in Arsenal FC but Wenger. They do not wish Arsenal FC well but Wenger. They have ignorantly transferred their love from the club to Wenger. To them, there will be no Arsenal FC without Wenger. To them, if Wenger leaves today, Arsenal FC will perish. Now show me a better meaning of plastic.

  10. Good god
    what was the real point of this article
    Itall about what if and maybe’s and if they do this and if we do thats!!!!
    If my auntie had a Pr!ck she’d be my farckin uncle !!!!
    If Arsenal win all thier games from now until the end of the season and IF spurs and the foxes drop six or nine points then we can win the trophy??? of course we can IF i win the lottery next week I can buy some shares and sell them to usmanov and force a buyout of the club and change our fortunes forever
    but its highly bloody unlikely.
    Load of cobblers article
    Ill never get that time back again.

  11. so after one win,AW has become god 4 some of us..everybody gets happy when we win but we should not get carried away..favouritism n delusion has killed our club..

  12. injuries always seem to catalyze good tactics out of AW so expect a drop in form and tactics once jack n ramsey a back..

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