Two BIG reasons Arsenal have failed in striker transfer hunt

We all know that Arsenal are very proud of being a well run club that does not live beyond our means. At the same time the debt repayment brought about by the building of the Emirates Stadium to replace Highbury is not longer holding Arsene Wenger back financially and there is a sizable sum sitting in the bank as well.

So a lot of Arsenal fans are left scratching their heads as to why the boss has not been a bit more outgoing with his outgoings. We may have spent good money on the likes of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez but during the summer transfer window and the current winter window the Frenchman has spent less than most clubs at the bottom end of the table.

I think that a couple of reports in the football media today might just hold the answer. One is the ESPN report revealing the full details of the transfer of Anthony Martial from Monaco and how much it is likely to cost Manchester United in the end. Even if the French forward does not trigger the clause about being on the Ballon D’Or shortlist one day he is likely to score 25 goals for his new club and to earn 25 international caps and that will mean that the deal will have set United back a ridiculous €70 million.

We also have The Sun reporting that it would cost Man United or the other clubs linked such as Real Madrid and PSG an incredible £65 million to get the Belgian centre forward Romelu Lukaku from Everton.

Still wondering why Wenger has not signed a top striker this month?

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  1. Well! signing a striker in this transfer Window, I doubt will happen with Danny welbeck returning from injury soon and with the likes of giroud being in great form and Iwobi being available on the bench, are reasons why arsenal Wenger wouldn’t sign any!

    1. Sky sources said earlier that lavezzi representatives were in London to speak with chelsea about a deal. But now reports say they formally signed pato. So if lavezzi agent was in London were was he?????

      1. Please, I don’t want Lavezzi, we need a young player with potential and PROVEN ability. Not a Sanogo, but someone that has shown they’re capable of carrying a team. I think someone like Draxler would be a good option, he’s a LW that could be converted into a CF.

      1. wenger is very faithful to existing players; he wants them to develop and is patient. there’s a pipeline already at hand: giroud, then walcott, welbeck, then iwobi etc.
        its just not credible in current monetary environment that wenger’s going to pony up for a striker .

  2. One thing I’ll give Wenger credit for, and as a proud gooner I can boast is that we are a club free from debts where the likes of man u, man City and chelsea are in the red!

    1. they are in the red ..but they win league championships and european titles.

      i hope us being in the black an having a couple fa cups keeps u warm…

      im not an accountant..let them worry about that.

      1. second that. i’d rather be in the red and winning championships. but thats not the wenger way. financial prudence and managing the club “the right way” come before winning for monsieur wenger.

      2. We’re currently challenging for the PL, City have never won the CL, United haven’t won a CL since ’08 and ever since Fergie left they’ve been a circus unable to retain any sort of world class player. Please tell me how they’re currently successful again ?

  3. does anyone on here think it is worth taking a punt on remy for 6 months just to shore up at c/f until summer, he would give us and extra option of the bench and his p/l experience could come in useful just throwing it out there as an outhere! though, he could be a typical handy January signing for busy second half of the season.

  4. The main reason we fail to sign players, and why wengers list of almost got him is so long, is that we dont actually try to get them in.

    Like some one said before, arsenal do track players, others do buy them. thats it.

    Some years ago Gibbs got injuried and we went out and got our selfs monreal. and that very fast without spending to much time. even monreal was shocked how fast it went.

    just imagine. without gibbs picking up his injuries, there would be nacho today.

    without walcott picking up injuries, maybe there would be no sanchez today. liverpool where after him aswell and we where forced to go all the way, bec there was no other solution.

    the last time i heard wenger say why he hasmt bough up new strikers, he said with his own words, i have walcott already and girou who are world class players.

    the delusion he has, or the blatant lie he wants to sell of the fans is pathetic. in his mind, every player who plays for arsenal is world class.

    currently we have only 3 worldclass players and 2 very very good players, the others are good players or mediocr.

    cech, sanchez, ozil. wc.
    santi, kos, nacho, very good.
    bellerin, gabriel, ramsey, coquelin, good. and so on.

    1. You have no idea of football do you?

      Kos is only “Very good” while people like Rio Ferdinand is saying that he is the best CB in the league currently? Kos isn’t just very good, he is a damn beast of a CB and one of the best in the world for his position and playstyle.

      Santi is only very good as well?
      As deep lying playmakers go there isn’t any I would prefer over Santi, he is always ready to recieve the ball from the holding CM and positioning is just fantastic! He may be a midget but he and Coquelin are our giant midgets.

      Then you say Coquelin is only ‘good’, WTF?!? Seriously WTF!
      Should we look at the amount of goals we conceed with and without him? Our attacking play with and without him? Coquelin made a massive difference and he is better than players like Schniderlin or Matic yet he is only good????

      Clearly clueless.

      1. You need to shake off that deep fanboisem in you and realise what world class actually trully means.

        By saying Giroud and co are world class you make Messi and friends look what in comparesing?

        1. Did i say Giroud?
          You need to put words into my mouth just so you can have a valid point, that is just pathetic LOL!

          Kos is world class.
          Coquelin is world class.
          Cazorla is world class.

          That is what I said and that you need to learn football.

          you can call others a fanboi as much as you want, you are just showing everyone how thick you are, learn to stick to what was said?

        2. messi is basically the final boss on mortal kombat…shao kahn i think
          ronaldo is gorro
          im zorro

          i hear him k. i agree with u about being ruthless with transfers but it works both ways. look at city. threw away 30 on bony. 35 on mangala. 23 on negredo. list goes on.
          chelsea 50 on torres. 30 on shevchenko. 22 on filpe luis
          manure lol endless list.
          prudent buys allday.
          but our squad is looking top notch.

          credit where its due

          1. LOL torres, I keep forgetting about his Chelsea move because how worthless he became, spending a lot doesn’t mean they will perform as you rightly said.

            If we are looking at current performance then there is an argument that Giroud is one of the best cf CURRENTLY. 12 goals currently in the EPL which averages out at 0.72 goals per game, 5 goals in the CL which is currently 1.52 goals per game…

            I wont say he is in the same class as Messi but Messi isn’t World Class… He is God Class 😛 Same with C.Ronaldo… not the fat Ronaldo for Brazil who was WC in his prime.

            WC only means you are among the best, not that you are the best.

        3. You need to shake off that haterism if you can;t see how good our players are. Koscielny is world class otherwise Guardiola wouldn’t have enquired about him in th least 3 windows. Coquelin is already the best DM in England and in a couple of seasons he might be one of the best in the world. Arsenal won the most points in England in 2015, Coquelin was part of that team. And if you think Santi isn’t world class then you really don’t know what a world class midfielder looks like and shouldn’t be sharing your opinion on football matters..

          1. Clubs are used to go after our players bec we where very open to sell them in the future.

            A very very good player is a 8 our of 10 to me. A 9 and 10 are the few world class known in the world.

            If you take Santi current poz into consideration, then know that there are other players who can do his job just like him. And some players the few world class 9 and 10 can do a better job then him.

            Kos and Santi are two of my fav in the team. especially Kos.

  5. Since the funds gave been avaiable we have spent smart i think. Unlike the likes of LVG whos whole transfer policy seems like panic buys.

    Value for ££..We can get a Good young striker Such as Morata (who is a proven goal scorer and has played in a CPL final and Scored) for £25-££5 million which I think would be a fair price for his age talent and prospect.

    I would much rather us buy smart than get caught with out trousers down like Man U..Do not get me wrong Martial is a talent and threat but to have so many silly clauses in his deal just means Monaco wanted to take the piss out of united.

  6. Since the funds gave been avaiable we have spent smart i think. Unlike the likes of LVG whos whole transfer policy seems like panic buys.

    Value for ££..We can get a Good young striker Such as Morata (who is a proven goal scorer and has played in a CPL final and Scored) for £25-£35 million which I think would be a fair price for his age talent and prospect.

    I would much rather us buy smart than get caught with out trousers down like Man U..Do not get me wrong Martial is a talent and threat but to have so many silly clauses in his deal just means Monaco wanted to take the piss out of united.

  7. we have giroud walcott welbeck campbell who are worldclass.
    Sanchez who is also available.
    And I have to agree with wenger there is no one available who s better than the average welbeck coz their prices are highly inflated.
    Expecting wins in the coming 4 games

  8. also with the tv deals kicking next season all the European club will take the mick and put really high buy out clauses in there players contracts(that young benfica lad we have been scouting with boa morte only 18 yrs old guedes £45million buyout its mad) knowing that no English team will be to poor to pay for it, it wont be to long now until we see the worlds first £100 million player, my money is on pogba this summer to barca. i can imagine if wenger can find a top class striker from within our academy then that will be the answer to his dreams, but that is a rare find these days.
    higuain buyout clause 90million euros
    draxler buyout clause 45 million euros probably more now he at wolfsburg
    apparently lakaku going rate starts at £65million
    stones bid rejected at £35 million from chelsea so am guessing at least £45 million upwards just to make everton think about it barkley’s another going rate most likely £50 million and beyond.
    no doubt if hazard goes £90 million+ even after shocking season
    the transfer market has gone crazy lol

  9. Wenger doesn’t like signing too many players, he’s said this himself. He only signed Elneny because of injuries. He’d prefer his injured players back instead of spending some of the fans hard earned money on strengthening the squad.

    Wenger always believes in the players he has, even though there is a huge amount of deadwood within our squad, that wouldn’t even make the bench in other big clubs. This is why we always struggle under Wenger. We badly need another forward, but Wenger won’t sign anyone because he’s got Welbeck coming back. Despite being out of the game for almost a year and always being a very average player that doesn’t score many goals, Wenger believes he’ll suddenly become world class and score lots of goals. Same with Walcott, Ramsey, Ox, etc.

    I’m all for patience and giving players (especially youngsters) enough time and opportunity to try and succeed, but Wenger takes it way too far, and it’s always to the detriment of Arsenal FC.

    1. i agree. wenger’s playing a bigger game than just winning the PL. to him , its a philosophical quest to “play the right way” and to manage the club “the right way”.
      this means developing players comes first for him, winning second.

  10. Arsenal do not need to sign another CF, we have enough and with rotation and playing the right man for the opposition then we will do more than fine.

    Giroud currently has 12 goals in the EPL and that’s 2 more than Sergio Aguero, Giroud is scoring 0.72 goals for every 90 mins played.

    Will he keep it up? I do not know. I feel that Giroud has every chance to get more than 25 EPL goals this season due to having Theo to rotate with and then there is Girouds fitness, the guy can take a lot of knocks and doesn’t miss many games for us.

    I’ve always supported Giroud and currently we have no reason to complain about him, he is scoring in big games now and he has only ever improved season after season…

    1. Half of Aguero’s total goals was from 1 game lol
      He scored 5 against Newcastle (i think)

      I think Giroud could win the Golden Boot with Ozil’s help

      It would be awesome to not only win the PL trophy but also
      Ozil-most assists
      Ozil – player of the year
      Giroud – most goals
      Cech – golden gloves

  11. Its not how much you spend that counts, its how much they are worth!

    Love to see an evaluation of current players in top EPL teams. I suspect Arsenal would be 1, 2, or 3rd most valuable team in the league. I actually think we might be number one!

    Imagine what Ozil would be worth now! Sanchez, Chek, Kolchelny, Bellerin, Ramsey, Wiltshite, etc, etc.

  12. There are 3 groups
    of players at Arsenal
    The trusted 12.
    Bell Mertz Koz Mon
    Coq Cazorla Ramsey
    Campbell Ozil Sanchez Giroud.
    Then those 17 only played when injury strikes.
    Flamini Arteta Rosicky Walcott Ox, Gibbs Jenkinson
    Hayden Chambers Wellbeck Ospina Debuchy Gabriel
    Gnabry Wellington Wilshere+ Sanogo
    Then the youngsters.
    Iwobi Willock Toral Zelalem Niles Akpom Fortune
    Adelaide Bielik Vlad the 2 Nigerians Crowley Willock.
    Elneny. Unknown.
    How many of the 32 outside the top 12
    will ever be regulars in the senior squad?
    How many will become Coquelins or Campbells
    and how many will become Frimpongs?
    Overall Wenger seems to be putting his
    faith in the 12 in the short term
    and the free or cheap youngsters in the long term

  13. Thou we need a striker,but I wish Wenger could bring this special guy named XSHAKA!!!he is a beast,a mixer of Coquelin and Carzola,good enough looks like he wants Arsenal….

  14. Intersting comments on both sides concerning Welbeck being enough or a new striker needs to come in! I for one am all for Danny getting fit and pushing on from his injury though the problem is, setbacks and game fitness!! How long will he take to shake off the cobwebs and gets up to speed as we need everyone back and bang at it for the run in. The other is spending money, for an inflated price in jan, on a new ST then hoping they hit the ground runnin asap. Its the same kind of thing with Welbz coming back may take a few weeks to get up to speed so all in all no point buying unless its a bargain buy with lots of potential. Just my opinion Danny needs to show he can get back to our level or a bigger player comes in the summer.

    1. Wellbeck underperformed at man utd and for us … He has all the attributes but none of the acumen of a top class striker … Very frustrating but I doubt he will be a top class strike …Walcott is the most overpaid footballer in the EPL .. Wenger’s faith in him is sickening … Campbell has improved but ain’t ever going to shake the EPL in the way say marred has for example …giroud is a decent option not top class but good to have around Sanchez could move to most of top clubs in Europe ….so yes we desperately need another world class strike option ..

      1. Agreed Walcott isnt a 100k a wk player! 90k was enough for an average player, wilshere also 80k is more than enough for all he plays hes on 100k. Our wage structure is shocking for average players take them all away and u can pay 3 world class players the proper wage to win us titles

  15. @ksgunner,we were always going to buy montreal,he was planned to sign that summer but because of gibbs injury it was fast forwarded that,s why it was quick the fee,personal terms ….were already agreed!!!

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