Two BIG reasons for Arsenal NOT to fear Chelsea!!

Make no mistake about it Arsenal fans, an away game at Chelsea is likely to be the hardest fixture for us in the Premier League this season. It always has been, especially with Jose Mourinho in charge of the Blues, with Arsene Wenger still to register a win over the Portuguese pillock. And this season they look stronger than ever, so the Gunners have a tough task at hand on Sunday.

But we have a few things going in our favour going into the game, such as the great form of Danny Welbeck and the fact that his pace and movement makes Arsenal a much bigger threat on the counter attack. This should hopefully keep Chelsea from throwing everything at us and blowing us away in the early stages. Mourinho might be an annoying, disrespectful and arrogant so-and-so, but he is no mug and will be wary of conceding the first goal.

But it is not Welbeck, Alexis, Ozil or any other Arsenal player that I mean by the title. What I noticed is that Chelsea are without only two players but both of them, Didier Drogba and Ramires, have been like Kryptonite to the Gunners whenever they have faced us. Drogba even carried that on for Galatasaray when his outrageous dive and then great goal cost us the trophy.

The Brazilian midfielder has always seemed ref-proof against Arsenal, either fouling continually and getting away with it or getting our players sent off or winning penalties for nothing. So although there are plenty of Chelsea players remaining with the ability to cause us pain, at least those two will not be on the pitch. So come on Arsenal, make it count! To be honest, Gooners, I would be more than happy with a draw. How about you?

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  1. My 3 main priority’s for us against chelsea on sunday, remain focus, defend well, and most important take our chances when given and “score”! Coyg!

  2. The big issue is that although we don’t know how Chelsea will set up and play Maureen knows exactly how Wenger will play.
    It was Einstein who said “Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results”
    Could someone tell Wenger that!

    1. Einstein did not say that quote.
      It is first recored around 1981,
      25 years after his death.
      But he probaby would have liked the quote 🙂
      By the way Einstein supported Stuttgart

  3. I hope Welbeck will be like Henry against Chelsea because that’s all we need.,, COYG!., 😉

  4. you mean Wenger you “are senile” in a “Shell sea”
    I hope u r right though.
    But i agree with you, i d be happy with a draw (although table.wise, we kinda need those 3 pts)

  5. I know some gooners would want 3 points from this game, but getting a draw away at Stamford bridge against a strong Chelsea side is just as good as a win and it can be a confidence boost for the players. But of course I would kill for the 3 points as much as the next guy!

  6. Chelsea wont try and attack us from open play. They will invite us to keep on attacking , and then try to catch us on the counter. They have been doing this for the past decade. As soon as we start attacking, every single arsenal player seems to forget about defending. I hope cesc has a cr*p game. I like the guy, but not when he is wearing blue.

  7. Cesc will be out to prove Wenger wrong, guaranteed. I still can’t believe Wenger was too arrogant to bring him back.

    1. take back a person who refused to train with the team and basically paid for his own transfer???? are you kidding me????
      these people are like leaches… left barca for us when he was not getting games… wenger made him the payer he is… then he left us during our most difficult hour… now leaving his supposedly “boyhood” club again….. and is he foking kidding us that he could not go to any other team in europe barring chelsea, manu or city???????

  8. Can you see your life, unchanging incorrectable negative-minded wenger! Can you now see what a nuisance you’ve turned our dearly club to – from a fearsome club to a fearing club! You deteriorate our standard to the extent of bringing out this insulting statement ” arsenal»fear»chelsea insted of the reverse. Believe me or not faithfull gunners, as long as this unchanging wenger remain in charge, arsenal will continue to fear and not be feared even by bottom table teams from division 2. Though football is not mathematics where 2+2 is always 4, present Mourinho chelsea becomes our greatest task this season on sunday and a draw for us is like a win.

  9. i want arsenal to win, even if it means the duff wenger’s tenure may be cemented.
    in my dreams, he wins something this year and retires and we get klopp or martinez of simeone.

    he was good once, but everything has a sell-by date.

  10. Chelsea against Arsenal or any big team always sit deep and hit teams playing on a counter attack.

    This will be the case this weekend too, if we go there all guns blazing and playing with a high line with our full backs forward and a slow Mert, Fabrigas will make us pay with a beautiful pass to Willian who will run past Flamini and cross to Costa for a tap in having out run and muscled Mert ( it might not happen exactly but I guess you catch my drift).

    Am not saying lets park the bus but teams that have had glory at the bridge in recent time give Chelsea a taste of there own medicine, even with there new technical additions there not the brightest breaking down teams who have set up well to defend and are disciplined at the back.

    We did this against Bayern, we did it against Dortmund, we did it against Barca, we did it against city at the Emirates (not this season, the 1 nill win), even our last game Gala were pushing forward therefore living gaps at the back which we exploited well, we play better against oppositions willing to challenge us as walking the ball into the net is not so easy anymore. We have to be clinical though as chances wont come easily there.

    We don’t have to win clean or play beautiful football there all we should aim for is a win.

  11. I want Wenger to wake up each morning, make a cup of coffee for himself, walk out to his balcony and think. Think about the fact that he has never beaten Mourinho in his entire career. Think about the fact that we have not beaten Chelsea in 3 years. Think about the fact that we went to the Bridge last year and got squshed like an ant. I want him to get mad. I want him to get angry. I want him hungry for a win on Sunday. I want him to rally our Gunners to hunger for a victory too. I know a draw would be great, but I’m sick of draws. Let’s give it our all. Let’s show em who we are. We are the Arsenal. And Sunday, they better recognize.

  12. If we set up not to lose, we have a good chance of getting a result. If we go and attack them we WILL be picked off on the counter if we don’t get an early goal. Let’s keep it tight and our players confidence will grow as the game goes on, because let’s face it last seasons result will be in the back of some players minds.

    We should play Flam/Wilsh at the base of our midfield and Wilshere needs to be astute and disciplined, we have enough quality in Ox, Ozil. Alexis and Welbeck to hurt them on the counter attack. Our fullbacks have to be more disciplined also, they can’t bomb forward at every opportunity or our frailties will be exposed. When they do go forward either Flamini or Wilshere or even both need to make sure they’re covering. We need to be fired up for this one from the start, come on Gunners we can do this!!!

    PS – why doesn’t someone just take a booking and leave one on Costa early on? A little knee in his hamstring should do the trick, I’m sure Flamini will be happy to oblige, and before you criticise saying ‘were a nice team’, cast your memories back a few years!

  13. if we can smash chelsea at their ground then I promise not to badmouth wenger or the team even if they don’t win another trophy for another nine years………..

    and by the way, all these pathetic team have the same tactics against us… consistent fouling…..enough of being the gentleman of the game…. even at the slightest hint of tackle go down like young and rollover like busquets… if they try to “out-foul” us try to get them red carded… there are no points for being good guys

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