Two BIG reasons for Arsenal to ATTACK Liverpool

It is true that most Arsenal fans have been pleased with the way that Arsene Wenger has modified, or at least added to, his tactics for the Gunners over the last year or so. While we all love to see the exciting and adventurous style of football for which the Gunners have become famous under the Frenchman, it was getting a bit too obvious that we only had one way of playing.

So the plan B of last season, as well as getting us some great results, restored a lot of our faith in the beleaguered boss and began to convince us, and other teams, that we could be a serious contender for the Premier League title.

With Monday´s visitors to the Emirates Stadium, Liverpool, being one of our main rivals for that coveted EPL crown, you might think that it was time for plan B again, but I am not so sure. Chelsea and Jose Mourinho might be able to win a title with negative tactics but it still does not feel right for Arsenal and Wenger, especially at home.

And there are two big reasons, in my opinion, for us to be a bit gung ho against the scousers. One is Alexis Sanchez and his match fitness. Wenger has implied that the Chilean should be nearly 100 percent on Monday and that is a massive weapon, both in attack and in stopping them breaking on us.

The second is the minor injury that looks like keeping Jordan Henderson out. Without Gerrard he is their engine room and so without him I see us being able to get at their back line. What do you think Gooners, is it time to take a risk and go for it?

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    1. we will beat Liverpool am sure, then buy no one else in the transfer market, then have difficult times around December where we will lose points easily all teams big and small, after that we will bounce back around February and have a run like no one else, there will be a stand-out performer during that period who is not in the current starting 11(i bet rosicky if he stays), then we will finish either no.3 or no. 4 and the akb’s together with the new fans will be over the moon because of our fine form, on the next transfer period, wenger will point out at our recent form and refuse to address our obvious weaknesses, will also say that we will improve injury wise and cohesion is much more important than buying, he will also be begged to sign a new contract which he will pretend not to want at first then sign after all, akb’s will praise him like hell for that and the CYCLE WILL CONTINUE AND CONTINUE UNTIL LIKE WENGER IS LIKE 100YRS OLD

      1. You forgot to mention how we won some silverware. You also left out how we can beat the rest of the top teams, I know that these used to be some of your favorite moaning points but hey presto we have Improved.

  1. @SoOpa AeoN its funny you should ask.Hold up play is good but it hardly gets you anywhere unless others the Da ting for you.Wait but did the plan B actually come after all these years.Oh!! men this is serious.I think the hold up play guy who is actually good at that is part of the 3 musketeers in arsenal lineup
    Do you know the others or can you guess.

  2. liverpool arent title contenders they arent even top 4 contenders, if the arsenal players do their job they will blow them away wont even be close.

  3. CECH






    My first 11 against LoserPool, I hope Arsene stick with these.

  4. Definitely Arsenal should be more adventurous against Liverpool, why ?:

    1. We’re better than them
    2. We’re at home
    3. Liverpool have 5 new signings to their outfield 10 which means they don’t have “COHESION” ,luckily we have no problems like this thanks to our astute manoeuvring in the transfer market.

    1. Can’t agree more with your 5th point especially. People overlook cohesion, but “COHESION” is a real thing. You only know you’ve missed a really important thing when you lose cohesion.

      “COHESION” + Ramsey’s brilliant form + the confidence Ozil’s signing brought, almost won us the league in 2012/13.

      This season we have restored cohesion back to the team! Now we have “COHESION” + Sanchez + Cech + improving players (Chambo, Giroud, Ozil, Cazorla) + possible new signing.
      We will win the EPL this season!

      Vote thumbs up if you agree. Thumbs down if you don’t.

      1. PS: You only know you’ve missed a really important thing when you don’t have “COHESION” in your team

  5. They are work in progress we r hell bent on ensuring 4th place … Seems their defence has strengthened a bit our attack remains what it was last year i.e a bit better than average .. We outclass them in middle of park … If all players show up we will win 2 1 … But if we play Walcott Ramsey and mertesacker any result is possible as they have equal or better … If we had a serious manager we wouldn’t be having this discussion as would have brought in 3 quality players we need to compete consistently at top …

  6. To ALL GUNS BLAZING please stop with this benzema done deal business u do not have any so called source all u are doing is quoting from someone’s twitter page. Do u not think if there was a inch of truth in this story the press would be all over it and yet there is nothing being reported. The people that write these things only do it to get more followers and there are so many gullible people around that actually believe all there crap very sad but true!!

  7. How serious the Gunners are with winnig this game will see them through. The Gunners were wasteful with the chances they’ve created in their 2 last League games as they have failed to convert most of the good goal scoring chances they got in their home game against West Ham. And they managed to get past Crystal Palace to the 3 pts at stake. To assured themselves of beating Brendam Rodger’s Bus parking & counter attacking strategy against the Boss and the Gunners, the Gunners MUST eschew all form of lakadiasika displays that often leads to playing to the gallery. And importantly added to this, the Gunners must FORSAKE any kind of profigacy in front of the Reds goal post. A disciplined Gunners starts, started by the Boss will hit the Reds by: AFC 3-0 LFC. @90” +.

  8. Hmm i see some oeeps are still talking about cohesion.Cohesion isa very important part of a team yes but dont average teams have cohesion.Yes it is important but it does not actually give you the 3 points needed and i mean actually.Usually that is in most cases it is teamwork and quality that can usually win you games.But to talk of cohesion note that is of secondary importance.

  9. If chelski pull off pogba and stones transfers then us and man u have no chance of challenging for tittle be a 2 horse race with them and city who have also done great business and will prob sign at least 1 more top player we just cant compete with either financially so afraid its going to be the usual top 4 finish were be aiming for nowhere near competing for honours at least 3 world class players short of being able to do so!!

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