Two BIG reasons for Arsenal to debut Elneny at Stoke

Arsenal have a colourful recent history against our next Premier League opponents, with all sorts of unsavoury incidents and mutual bad blood being built up in the time of Tony Pulis and carrying on under their new boss Mark Hughes.

Neither set of fans will soon forget the Aaron Ramsey and Ryan Shawcross broken leg incident and it-s ongoing aftermath and so our Welsh midfielder can expect a warm reception from the Potters on Sunday. The team have also struggled there in recent years and we really need to put that right this time.

That is why I think the new Arsenal signing Mohamed Elneny should be handed his debut at the Britannia Stadium. A lot of you might think it is too soon but there are two very good reasons why Arsene Wenger should stick him straight in.

The first is the fact that the Egyptian midfielder really is an all action player who will give everything and run all day in that holding midfield role. He is not all about defence, as the Arsenal boss is reported explaining by The Mirror, but that energy and work rate is a big part of his game.

Wenger said, “Overall I believe he will be a good addition to the squad,” said Wenger. “First he has not come in straight to a big club, he had an intermediate stay in Europe so the adaptation is less of a question mark.

“He is 23 years old and has already got Champions League, Europa League and Swiss League experience. He is a player who is adaptable in midfield.

“He can be box to box and be a holding midfielder so that is for us very promising. We wanted a versatile player and I wanted a player who can play defensive but can as well play to box to box.

“His strengths are his technical level, his vision, his intelligence, his disciplined attitude and his physical attitude to compete at a high level. I think he has the physical qualities to play at the top level.”

Even though the Stoke pitch is now bigger and they are more of a footballing side under Hughes, they will still provide a very physical challenge and will try to bully Arsenal off the pitch, so the game is definitely suited to a player like Elneny.

The second reason is that the player himself has revealed that he is very much aware how the Gunners play and he knows a lot about all of his new team mates.

Elneny said, “It is one the biggest clubs in the world, I know everything about it and its players.

“It is an indescribable feeling, I am really glad of course. Arsenal is one of the world’s greatest teams, and I am very keen to participate positively with my new team, God willing, and to give my best for the team and for myself.

“Arsenal is one of those teams that everyone enjoys watching and of course I would love to play for such a great team.

“Mr Wenger is a highly respected manager and one of the world’s best managers. It is my honour to be trained under his management.

“I would like to tell [the fans] that, although you have not seen much of me, I promise I will contribute positively with the team. I am hoping that we win the Premier League and cup this season, and the Champions League as well.”

So it appears that our new player has already spent a lot of time studying Arsenal and getting accustomed to what he will need to do to thrive in the Premier League. He has a few training sessions before the game as well, so will Wenger hand Elneny an early debut in Stoke?

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  1. My reason to start him would be because I don’t want flamini or arteta on the pitch … he can’t be that bad 🙂

  2. 4231 put him in there with Mathew for this game just to help him in. We can’t keep letting in goles and I for one would bench BFG and keep MA away from Arsenal

    1. ” Would love to see him make his debut against stoke in the red and white of arsenal! Coyg! ”

      Looks Like u’ve failed to realize its an away game and we won’t be on our Red and white jersey…..stoke will be on red and white strips we’d go yellow!

      Not to forget tagging COYG!

  3. He seems more like a Santi replacement. Don’t think he speaks English very well either… Just sayin.

      1. I know right! I swear the amount of comments on here that either criminally under-rate Santi, or infer that as he’s now over thirty and may break at any moment are dumbfounding!! The only place I want to see our little wizard is in the starting XI!! Be it deeper, in the 10 or on the wing, I don’t care!! He’s simply that good with no signs of declining as of yet

    1. @NY_Gunner
      Agree. El-Neny may not speak English but he will speak/understand French. Egypt speak French as official language in addition to their mother tongue – Arabic.
      Arsenal is a mini French colony.

  4. El nenny will primarily compete with Ramsey, Wilshere and Cazorla for a place. It appears Coquelin STILL remains the only true CDM we have at the club.

    1. I still don’t understand people’s obsession with boxing players in to a specific role… The whole ‘true DM’ is a dying breed, even Coquelin is arguably something else considering the advanced positions he takes up often in front of Santi and takes major risks in winning the ball back for us… IMO, the reason Coquelin has had such a successful integration into the first team is that he focussed incredibly hard on the basics of his role first and foremost before adding other elements to his game (long-balls, driving runs into space, more aggressive ball movement in general) it’s not rocket science to tell a player to curb the attacking side of their game and focus primarily on defence before attack… Nor is it that hard to see that playing in a midfield pairing with either Ramsey or Cazorla is going to be different as well. I’m not claiming to be an expert on Elneny at all, but I’ve learnt that individual highlights in big matches are a lot better for gauging a players mentality and strengths. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch his CL game against Real Madrid… Anyone who floors Toni Kroos 3 times in one match deserves a bit of credit defensively IMO.

  5. three things im hoping to see this weekend
    !. Alexis return
    2. Eleny’s debut
    3. And of course an away win @ Stoke


  6. I think Elneny will be
    on the bench meaning
    captain Arteta and or
    16 mill Chambers will be out.
    Burnley Southampton and Bournmouth
    follow Chelsea and look to be more
    games to ease Elneny in.

  7. most of you talk like he’s a 25,000,000 buy from some star team, playing him in the premier at stoke not for me if he gets he won’t know whats hit him.

  8. Its far too early to dismiss him being a DM

    1. excellent stamina
    2. excellent work rate
    3. excellent passing
    4. Young with time to improve
    5. Has DM experience, so he is not new to the position

    Dribbling- but again time to improve

    With Wilshere, Ramsey, Cazorla, Rosicky, Oxlade who can all play box2box CM, I don’t believe Wenger’s sole intention was to get another box2box player (although he can play that position if needed)

    Give him time

    1. There’s no such thing as a DM in Arsenal, Wenger likes his midfielders as either ACMs or B2Bs that specialize in one aspect of their game. Ramsey is a b2b that attacks, Cazorla is an ACM that plays deep and Coquelin is a b2b that defends, based on Wenger’s comments Elneny is a b2b that will be tasked to do Coquelin’s job.

  9. @ aussie drake
    Why are you attacking elneny? You haven’t seen the guy play for arsenal as yet, why judge him? If you can’t get behind and support the team, then go support “big bash 20/20” cricket!

  10. I pray He replaces Ramsey cos that’s one player i am tired of seeing in the line up. Too indisciplined. Well, He was in Switzerland for some two years so i guess he does some french and english. Maybe a little. I m hoping.

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