Two BIG reasons why Arsenal MUST start fast at Aston Villa

After doing what most football experts thought we would struggle and fall sort of doing, Arsenal are flying high and are full of confidence. But as much as it was great to pull off the great escape and keep the name of Arsenal in the hat for the next Champions League phase, it is vital that we take the confidence gained into the Premier League.

One of my biggest worries is that the Arsenal players will look at tomorrow’s opponents Aston Villa, who have not won in the Premier League since the opening day, and assume that this will be a doddle after going to Olympiacos and winning 3-0.

This would be a big mistake even though it is a game the Gunners should win. Despite Villa’s last win being over two months ago, it was a crunch local derby against Birmingham City. They also have the boost of a new boss in Remi Garde and they have managed to hold both Man City and Southampton to a draw in their last four games.

That is why I think Wenger needs to insist that the team go out tomorrow and make a fast starts, to avoid giving the home team any encouragement and to not put ourselves under the undue pressure we had at West Brom and Norwich and there is another very good reason for Arsenal to make a fast start.

His name is Mesut Ozil and the brilliant German has been such a key player for us this season that Wenger will not leave him out. But if we have the game wrapped up nice and early I think the boss will take Ozil off and give him a well earned rest and that could make the difference between our creative genius staying fit and picking up an injury.

Arsenal may be coping so far, but would losing Ozil be a bridge too far?

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  1. Two big reasons to win? Here they are…… 1. Aston 2. Villa.

    Btw…I would not call that Olympiakos win a great escape. If you call making the round of 16 a great escape then it means Arsenal are on the same level with Olympiakos because for Olympiakos that would be an achievement. If not, then it should be standard that we make the last 16 at least every year. This means that there is nothing special about needing to win Olympiakos by a 2 goal margin to make the round of 16. If anything, terming it the great escape is an insult. But you know what…we aren’t really a giant anymore in the CL come to think of it so I can understand the excitement about the huge achievement that is making the round of 16. Now I really hope for a reality test. So fingers crossed we get a Barcelona or Real Madrid to a lesser extent Atletico Madrid so we can truly measure where we are amongst the best.

    1. Okay then… put it this way. ..
      we escaped the Spursday night football!!
      Does that sound better ? ??

    2. K-ool… Stop… Just stop!
      If we were to rewind and go back through the comments section I would be my bottom dollar you were one of the doomiest, gloomiest commenter’s on here after the Olympiakos defeat. Considering we had four games remaining, needed to secure 9pts minimum to qualify and two of those games were against BAYERN MUNICH, an undisputed top-3 club in the world, I dare say you were already talking of Europa League… So please don’t try to come across as any form of high-standards fan when you bash the team constantly, you can’t have it both ways.

      Secondly… Giroud! Na, nana Giroud! You stubborn, stubborn person give some damn credit where it’s due! His goal against Munich was as clutch as you can possibly get! Man-handling Baoteng, getting between him and Neuer (don’t know if you’ve heard of them… but they’re pretty decent players).. Then chipping in a hat-trick when a 2 goal victory was needed? Olympiakos is a tough, tough trip.. for any club. Talking it down is simply naive…

  2. To the author of this article:
    What rest are you talking about? Does Ozil look tired to you? Don’t forget that these players are profesionals…they are expected to play every game unless they are injured or out of form.

  3. no need to rest Ozil he doesn’t look like he is tired as was the case for Alexis. Le Coq had an injury blow when we were confident he had a well deserved break. So put our best team out as long as they are available and ready to deliver. COYG

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