Two clubs including Premier League outfit battling to sign Arsenal man

Alexandre Lacazette has been one of Arsenal’s top players in the last few months.

The Frenchman has been in great form even though he has a deal that expires at the end of this season.

The former Lyon man will captain the club until this campaign finishes before deciding on his future.

It remains unclear if Arsenal wants him to stay beyond it but he has done well enough to attract clubs from outside the Emirates. reports that at least two clubs want to sign him when he becomes a free agent.

The report claims West Ham and Lyon are both interested.

Lyon has been looking to do a deal for their former top goal-scorer, but David Moyes’ Hammers also like what they have seen from him recently.

The English club will look to give him a deal to move across town and join their side.

Just Arsenal Opinion

If Lacazette was playing for a new deal in the last few months, it is hard to say he has not done enough.

He might not score many goals, but he is one of our most important attacking players.

His hold up play helps the club to create chances and gives freedom to other attacking players to score.

It would be great to keep him, but for now, we hope he keeps doing well and help us earn a top-four finish.

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  1. It would be good if Laca is to stay beyond this season given his sitting deep and linking play since it is fullfilling Arteta’s demand. On that he has sofar shown good leadership.

  2. I dont buy into this nonsensical fantasy that LACA is an important and top class player He is neither imo. He is slow, non scoring, looks shagged out by the 70th minute and we need a FAR better player than he has ever been, even when he first came.
    He is far poorer now than back then and he was not much cop even then.

    I say let him go and get a far better player in his stead. One who can score, head a ball ,has some speed and some REAL PHYSICALITY. And who can last the whole game without looking like an old man playing with fit young kids but who can t keep us with them.
    A non scoring so called striker is about as much use to a would be top side as a chocolate teapot. REALITY!

    1. Jon even a broken clock is right twice a day.even during our run of 10 games when he had 9 assists and 1 goal, you were already criticising him even going as far as calling him “useless”.I saw your comment after the Villa game,you didn’t waste any time ,you were already on his case.I bet you’ve been waiting for Laca to have a bad game so you could let everyone know that you were right,how constantly go on about supporting the manager and the team but your words/actions tell a different usual,what you think you are and like to remind us a lot(wise,experienced”real” fan….. is nothing like the reality.the least you could do is support him until the end of season,by the way he was not the only one who had a bad day at the office and if you really watched the games,it was obvious in the last couple of games that he needed a rest.

      1. Siamois I will not dignify the unnecessary personal insults by returning them, tempted though I am. I merely remind you that JA is a fan site where fans have their own opinions and are free to air them.

        Perhaps you disagree with that sentence. If so will you please mind explaining WHY you do ?

        1. Jon I have no problem with you not rating Laca or criticising him,it is the way you go about it,the words that you use to describe him, it’s all very personal and dare I say it hateful,even when he has a decent game you won’t give him credit.yes he doesn’t score enough but calling him useless,slow,no stamina…is just plain ignorant/mean.if we were to get 4th,he would have played his part no doubt about as the ardent,loyal fan that you are,the least you could do is support him until the end of the season,no?

          1. Siamois But I do support him while he plays for us! I simply say that I believe we are better off without him. The divide between you and I is that you interpret criticism as “ignorant and mean”, while I – as I have always done and always will – – am unafraid to criticise certainplayers, IF they are not helping our cause in the longer term than simply the next ten games (as right now we have no one else who can replace him).

            I firmly believe that by next season we WILL have a far better replacement and, like many other Gooners, I AM CALLING HONESTLY AND OPENLY FOR THAT TO HAPPEN. I remain certain that it will happen and cannot wait , personally.

            For you to expect fans not to criticise players we do not rate, is unrealistic and unwise. You say you do not have a problem with that but you plainly DO HAVE!

            1. Alright Jon maybe “ignorant” might not be the right word but definitely very the way I do agree that we need s new CF for next season.lastly,next time Laca has a good game,will you give him credit for it??😉

    2. Jon, the problem is, you always angry, thank God you ain’t the coach, we could be in relegation battle by now,

      Our only solution is to get a fast, energetic and skillful CM and AM, then Lacazette won’t have to defend so deep, then he can get more chances to pick goals,

      I’m sure you can see that the EPL is too physical, takes a lot of energy , defending as a CF isn’t easy.

    3. Have to agree with almost every sentence, would like to add that other than being a “top class weekly wage earner” certainly there is no “top class” in anything he does, he is there just because Mikel could not land his preferred target/s this winter and maybe he had a better attitude compared to PEA

    4. I don’t understand your diatribe about a player who is the gel for our frontline and link play
      You must be watching some other team in another realm
      Laka is great for us for now

  3. Laca has transformed the way we are playing any old fool can see what he is bringing to the team, Arteta picks him every week and is probably first on the team sheet. His workrate is phenomenal and is often back defending for his life just outside our area. Im sure Arteta will talk with Lacca at the end of the season but to replace him and what he brings to the team will be hard. He doesn’t score many but that down to how Arteta plays him, obviously a focal point for the wide players next to him, allowing them to go do their thing. Its a tough one but he is helping this team achieve what its aiming for this season with his unselfish play. All the top professionals that have played the game speak of his work and appreciate his contribution to Arsenals relative success. He will take some replacing.

    1. i agree with all you’re saying, but i just dont think it’s sustainable to have a striker that scores 4-5 goals a season. not possible to achieve anything like that. we have a scouting network for a reason and they can find players who have the attributes that Arteta wants to make the team better. i’m not scared to lose laca because we’ve had so many better strikers in the past. heck, we’ve had giroud who could hold up play and score, so having a striker that cannot even put the ball in the back of net is not something i’ll accept. moreso something i’ll tolerate because we have no choice until next season.

      1. Lacca, RSH, is playing a totally different role to Giroud and has the abilty to score more and in the past here and elsewhere has. He isnt playing like a number 9 and that is why he isnt scoring as many goals. Its not as if he is missing shot after shot, he isnt in position too. I see why people get frustrated but professionals in the game at the moment are praising him for what he is bringing not for not scoring. If we get a better player then great, im all for that.

        1. Laca works hard but he is not good enough. There are a number of reasons he doesn’t score amongst which are his limited skill set and a lack of a striker’s instinct.
          Unfortunately, his relatively poor stamina also creates an additional problem as it limits the tactical options available to the manager late in the game.

          1. But David Arteta has had over two years to get him out, he plays him and the way he does is because he wants too. If he didn’t im sure he wouldn’t pick him every game and make him captain. He could play Martinelli there or Pepe or got someone different in on loan in January. He is Artetas choice of striker and people knocking him are not seeing the full picture. It is by design he plays the deep lying number 9 and he doesn’t get the opportunities because of. He is playing a very demanding and unselfish role for the team and people slagging him off are shallow. Yes we all want our strikers to score more but he isnt being asked to play on the shoulder of the center backs, his positioning and role is designed to bring the wide players in to play off him. His role is very demanding without the rewards and credit too him for doing it.

  4. The fact that Lacazette is doing well as a deep lying midfielder means that someone else in the Arsenal midfield is not doing their job. For all his energy a lot of Lacazette’s work is huff and puff which often leads nowhere. Up front, Arsenal are shorthanded. Couldn’t score against Liverpool managed one very important goal against Villa, but this could return to haunt us now that Arsenal are approaching the deep end of the season

  5. hes doing a servicable job. But the simple truth is he doesn’t score goals so he’s not good enough to start for us. I’d rather ditch his large wages and invest in two new forwards. We NEED a striker that can score bundles of goals. We cannot beat the better teams like Liverpool/City/ honestly even Spurs without clinical strikers. the amount of times kane saves awful spurs sides is ridiculous. imagine a reliable striker that plays with hungry youngsters? we gotta move on from laca.

    1. Things turned sour at Dortmund, Arsenal and time is ticking when things will turn sour at Barca too, but that is no longer my problem. Mikel did a great job to boot him out and what a remarkable turn around. He should have been booted out las October!

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