Two former Arsenal players in the news and I care for one reason only

Robin van Persie and Ashley Cole have been in the news over the last few days and the truth is I do care.

I care because it gives me an opportunity to berate them, to act as a bitter Gooner and brand them vile and disgusting.

You see, at any other time when they are not in the news and I unleash vitriol on them it could seem petty, spiteful and even a little vindictive and they do not deserve for my character and integrity to be questioned because of unwarranted outbursts.

But when they are in the news then I can offload on them without it reflecting badly on me.

I simply do not care what justification or blame game van Persie is trying to achieve, he did what he did and he knows it. In fact, it was never that he left us that was the issue for me but the way he did it.

Same applies to Laurent Koscielny but he is no longer in the news and so I will not waste my time on him, but van Persie? Definitely, because he is in the news.

His reputation is shot to pieces, he only had one chance of a legacy and that was with Arsenal, his tenure at Man Utd was simply too short for that but all he will be remembered for by Arsenal fans is his betrayal and not his talent.

Then there is Cole retiring and no doubt he will be applauded by the sycophant media, they always try to erase the repugnant deeds committed by footballers but the fans do not, they never forget and whether the media like it or not it is the fans that are the custodians of a players legacy.

The Chelsea fans may well look at Cole and see a player with a positive reputation but not Arsenal fans, we do not forget how he left us, the secret meetings, his reaction to a huge wage offer and his attempts at excusing his actions.

So, yeah, I do not care that those two are in the media but only so I can feel good about myself as I write the words vile, disgusting reprehensible and think words I cannot publish on here.


  1. Austin 3:16 says:

    Ashley for fact that he played a key role in the unbeaten season should still be seen as a legend but for RVP??? Well he’s just to proud to admit his actions so much so that he’s lies are so abvious even having the audacity to say arsenal grew tired of him and didn’t offer a contract to him. Oh c’mon Robin…

    1. Frédéric slimane says:

      Cashley Cole is not in the INVINCIBLES documentary and rightly so!!

  2. patrick says:

    Wish them all the best and their future undertakings… Now we concentrate the current players in the team and move on to success…

    1. patrick says:

      Now we concentrate *ON* the current players in the team and move on to success…

  3. Sean Williams says:

    If what Robin Van Persie is saying is true then we HAVE to change our attitude to him to accomodate the truth. The truth is crucially important and should motivate the largest part of our lives. Hatred has never cured hatred ever…not once.

    1. jon fox says:

      Sean , If you (or anyone else)is naive enough to believe what this shallow man says about not being offered a new contract, then you have not the IQ I think you DO have. RvP was clearly using this weekend TV appearance to try to con gullible GOONERS INTO BELIEVING HIS LIE. Don’t fall for it Sean. You are surely brighter than that! Your post and its message is based on a clear truth(“not to hate” etc) BUT IN this case it is based on a man who is lying. I never routinely believe something JUST BECAUSE a well known person says it publicly on TV. Those who do so believe are the type who vote for TRUMP! Nuff said.

      1. Frédéric slimane says:


  4. simon says:

    move on

  5. Sue says:

    Love the picture ?
    RVP makes me sick & I’m so glad I wasn’t around to hear all the BS he came out with! ?
    And I can’t stand Cashley either!

  6. Tommogun58 says:

    Cole’s a snake,but he was a great player for us,that said I will never forget the way he engineered his way out of our club and that other snake Mourinho’s part in it.
    As for RVP, he celebrated scoring against us with great gusto soon after he left,as big a snake as Cole.

  7. Kenyanfan says:

    I hate RVP most. For ever. Recently he even questioned Emery’s tactics and said he doesn’t see any philosophy with his game plan.

  8. Frédéric slimane says:

    I completely agree with this article both snakes,and don’t forget the many years arsenal stood by van pursie, years in the medical room and after one good year with us he leaves for man utd and Ferguson who made him believe that himself would be at the club for many more years!!

  9. M B Nyika says:

    Robin Van Cash

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