Two former Arsenal strikers in SUPPORT of Wenger´s transfer policy

While there have been plenty of former Arsenal players, including the TV pundits Paul Merson and Thierry Henry, as well as every man and his dog with an opinion about Arsene Wenger and Arsenal, ready to jump on the bosses back and bemoan his failure or refusal to use the summer transfer window to sign another striker, there are a few that have come out in support of the under fire Frenchman.

And the fact that two of Wenger´s backers are former strikers who know what it takes to be a success up front is perhaps significant. Last week it was John Hartson who explained in a Daily Star report why he agreed with the decision not to sign a new striker just for the sake of it or to bow to the pressure of the fans.

The Welshman said, “Why would he just add numbers to give himself a problem and put players on the bench and pay them astronomical wages?

“I totally understand why Wenger has not bought. The Danny Welbeck situation is unfortunate now he has to go in for a knee operation. You look at Liverpool, and how much did they need Danny Ings? They signed him for a free, but what’s the point, Danny Ings has hardly kicked a ball for Liverpool.

“That’s not the way Wenger works. He protects the club’s money, he doesn’t just go out and buy bang-average players. If you’re going to get into his team, you’ve got to improve it and you’ve got to be better than what he’s got.

“We’ve all criticised Arsenal and would like to see them be a bit more active in the transfer market – he hasn’t been. He’s won two FA Cups on the bounce and they keep finishing in the top four. They’re not as strong as Man City or Chelsea, but Arsene Wenger keeps producing and keeps building teams.

“He’s not going to buy players just to add the group. You’ve got to bring in players that are going to enhance the team.”

And Hartson has now been joined by one of Wenger´s big success stories, Nicholas Anelka. The Frenchman was brought to Arsenal as an unknown 17-year old and he gives the prof a lot of credit for helping him to achieve what he did. So as reported by the Evening Standard, Anelka thinks Wenger should show the same faith in Olivier Giroud, declaring that Arsenal have much more creativity and fire power in our squad than people seem to realise.

He said, “You can always say they need to buy someone up front, but previously they have bought Mesut Ozil, who’s a good player, Alexis Sanchez is a good player. They can score goals and give good assists. People just want big names in attack, but Giroud is good enough to score goals. And behind him there are big players who can supply him so he can score a lot of goals.

“Arsenal have a strong squad – people don’t see it, but they do.

“Arsene did the same with me – when Ian Wright was there, he didn’t buy anyone and I had to do the job up front,” Anelka said. “He believed in me and in the end I played regularly and played well. He made the same choice with Giroud.

“Arsene believes in his team, that’s why he hasn’t spent money. He believes in Giroud because he thinks he will score a lot of goals, which he already has done. When you look at the statistics he’s not so bad. Arsenal won something last season, won something the season before, so why not again?

“But people have to wait and see and then speak at the end of the season. If they don’t win anything, then you can say something.

“However, people have to trust Arsene. He knows what he is doing.”

We do not have a lot of choice really, so is time for Arsenal fans to stop moaning, hope that these two former Gunners are right, and maybe support our lads instead of slating them?

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  1. From ian wright to olivier giroud its two different generation! Things have change in world football its about time our manager mr wenger get with the times, or we will always have to play “catch up” every season with the man city’s and chelsea’s!

    1. As it stands today, it is the other way around. Chelsea have to catch up with Arsenal. You probably should have waited few weeks in order to bash Arsenal. Or Wenger.

  2. Some players are late developers, perhaps Arsene thinks OG is one of them…could hit his peak in 2/3 or 4 years time, meantime just have to be patient.

  3. Hartson said Wenger
    does not sign
    average strikers 🙂
    Ryo Mysaki, Fark Yu Yung,
    Bendtnut, Girlvinho Saynogoal
    Chump-ark Unwelbeck Arse-shaftin
    all super …average
    Anelka says when he and Ian Wright
    were there Wenger did not buy any one else.
    So Giroud and wellbeck are on the same
    level as Wright and Anelka.. err ….No.
    He also says we need to wait and
    comment at the end of the season.
    We been doing that like 10 years mate.

    1. Funny you add 4 players from national teams which probably have no issue in defeating England at any tournament. You must be young because Anelka was a steal and good business for Arsenal.

  4. Lets get behind the team on saturday against stoke city! Lets be that 12th man at the emirates and create such an intimidating atmosphere for stoke, that they wont even be able to focus on their game plans/ rugby tactics! Lets only have an away voice but a home voice as well! Coyg!

  5. mr Anelka should just shut-up (and focus on Mumbai fc….wasn’t he one of the most controversial players of his time?)….as well as Hartson……..bunch of pathetic french mugs…….. That’s how people act when they want something (e.g compensations) from someone (e.g wenger)!….

  6. Damn, the amount of disrespect coming from some of the fans. At the end of the day, Wenger, Anelka, Hartson and even Giroud have done way more for the club than any of us would ever do and know way more about the club and football than we ever will; so think about that next time you go bashing people because you don’t agree with with them or support them (e.g Giroud). There is a fine line between criticism and disrespect/insults.

  7. I would’ve been more comfortable with at least one quality signing more… don’t know about the rest of you.

  8. Well, I do not know if it really matters…

    Signing a striker or not, the all discussion is pointless since winning (I should have said “challenging”) the league (or the Champions League) was never and never will be an objectives. We do not have the squad, the mentalities, the staff and the manager to do so anyway…!

    Top four is a realistic target and another of those “small” insignificant domestic cup.

    So happy I stopped getting my season ticket 5 years ago… I think it was no where near worth the money, not even close…!

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