Two injuries that could HELP Arsenal win title?

It is up to Arsenal to make the most of any slip ups by our Premier League rivals of course, and after slipping back into third place, even though we are only behind Man City on goal difference, means that we will need to do better than them and Leicester City for the rest of the season, while the run of results from our north London rivals has brought Tottenham right up to just two points behind us and got people talking about them as genuine title contenders.

Arsene Wenger has had more than his fair share of injury problems to deal with this season, just like every year in recent memory, so I make no apology for hoping that our rivals’ own injury situation causes them problems. So far the Foxes have had remarkable luck on the injury front and although Claudio Ranieri has said that their star striker Jamie Vardy has been carrying a knock and not training, it has not stopped him playing and scoring.

Only time will tell if their good injury run carries on but I have to say that I hope not. The other two contenders already have a big problem each to cope with at the heart of their defence, with The Sun reporting that Vincent Kompany is going to be out of action for at least another three weeks and probably more.

Also, The Guardian has reported that the spuds have lost their Belgian centre back Jan Vertonghen to knee ligament damage and he has been their defensive stalwart and why they have conceded the fewest goals in the league.

All Arsenal can do is hope that these two injury problems cause our rivals to drop points and make sure we take advantage. But is it more likely that our own lengthy injury list will end up costing us the EPL title once again?

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    1. Man U advertise on Champion
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    2. The Google ads on your computer are not defined by me. They are governed by an algorithm which takes account of your location and ads and websites you have previously visited. Nothing to do with me!

      1. ? Okay. ..
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  2. We should not let injuries of our rivals be a reason to be believe that they will drop points or that they are vulnerable without their star players! We thought so a couple of weeks against Liverpool and it almost backfired on us!

  3. We shouldn’t be hopping to ride on the misfortunes of others. But to ride on our own fortunes will be more appropriate thing to do.

    Talking of riding on others misfortunes, Arsenal hardly capitalized on the misfortunes of their rivals whenever they’ve suffered. 4 times or so had Arsenal been presented with chances to go top of the table on tables of blatter by our rivals. But Arsenal failed to take advantage of the disadvantage of our rivals. And even when we managed to go top, we didn’t last long there as Chelsea had forced us down the ladder.

    Talking of Man City, they’ve scored many goals than Arsenal have scored. Man City have many goals scorers than Arsenal do. But they have also conceded many goals than Arsenal have conceded I should think.

    Since Arsenal can’t be scoring avalanche of goals in their BPL games, I think our best bet to win the title this season will be on points.

    1. Exactly! They would love to have the champion’s mentality but they don’t, a blooming bunch of wusses and losers. Look at the first squad and you’ll see that only seven players have tasted a league title in their lives, so no wonder we’re not at least six points away from everybody else.
      I can’t wait to see the next manager’s approach concerning the eternal talent that Wenger has hoarded during the last few years. Sackings have to ensue as soon as possible. One must not let actual talent rot away on the Real Madrid bench, for the sake of pleasing an eternal one, if you catch my drift.

  4. Maybe it would help our title bid…
    But to celebrate an injury to a fellow competitor is very unsportsmanlike.

  5. Unacceptable article..someone loses isn’t someone else gains,specially when we never capital use those advantages.I repeat again and again this is IT. It’s now or never for god same.We need to get the 2 or 3 players to go to next level now or never. This team needs a strength in depth not depth of frocks and deadwoods.. seriously, I just hear Leicester is bidding for decent ST ( Eder from Sampdoria ) to add their attacking front plus bough a powerful DM as Ranieri is for seen the future and they got the believe this 2 additions can put them up thre comes end of’s call ambition..Our is Banker when shares plummet then he’ll said there’s not real valuable asset to invest on it..every team from top 6 will strength their squad,comes august we will have same old Gruffalo story tale..and Pep in the horizon may forever our hopes go on smoke for ever and ever..

  6. All am praying for at this moment is… Arsene Wenger suffers a heart failure, goes into Coma, and wakes when we have lifted d EPL trophy. If dis doesn’t happen, forget it… Arsenal Football Club can’t prosper. Arsene Wenger is a Curse on US & our team. I mean what I say!!!!!!

  7. That is so negative looking at other teams injuries instead of focusing on our team. If we don’t drop points then we will have a better chance of winning

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