Two LEAVE Arsenal to allow TOP striker transfer IN?

I am putting two and two together here and I may have got five, but there are good reasons for Arsenal fans to believe that Arsene Wenger could now be on the verge of completing the transfer of one of the very best strikers in Europe.

Jackson Martinez may not be quite in the same league as Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, but there are not many forwards who come even close to his record of 92 goals for Porto in just three seasons. And those who might claim that the Portuguese league is easy should remember that he also netted eight goals from just 10 games in the Champions League last season.

The reason I think that Wenger could be about to seal the deal is because it now looks as though Arsenal are about to free up the squad room, with both Lukas Podolski and Joel Campbell linked with moves away. The Daily Star claim that the Turkish club Galatasaray have agreed to sign the German in a deal that would not get us much of a transfer fee but would free up a lot of wages.

Joel Campbell, meanwhile, looks likely to stay in La Liga where he spent most of last season. He did not do nearly enough to convince Wenger to keep him at Arsenal and in another Daily Star report he welcomed recent transfer links to Real Sociedad.

So will it be two out and one in for Arsenal and the striker situation?

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    1. Jackson is not even 3 choice striker in national team. He sometimes doesn’t make to bench then I am not sure how will he win us titles?. Either Colombia manager doesn’t know his capability or Arsenal fan’s over estimating him.

      1. I, like you, am not completely sold on him – but 3rd choice strikers for South American national teams are not always quite as tragic as it may first appear. Especially if someone like Falcao is ahead of you in the queue – still nailed on for national team despite club problems. I’d probably take Argentina’s 5th or 6th choice striker behind Messi, Higuain, Aguero and Tevez!

  1. Campbell cost us nothing
    and will cost 4 mill at
    most over 2 seasons.
    He was signed about 7 years ago then
    did not get the papers so was sent on loan for years.
    Arsenal stopped him from going to Italy and brought him back
    but then only gave him a couple of preseason run outs
    before being benched then was sent out on loan.
    Podolski a 25 mill loss.
    Ryo Park contributed nothing over 3 years.
    Injury wreck Diaby was kept on for years.
    Injury wreck Sanogo is contracted till 2017.
    Rosicky has been badly injury prone for years.
    Gnabry Chamberlain Wilshere Walcott have been given 3-4-6-8 years to come right so why should Campbell be treated so badly?

    1. On one hand you guys scream for WC players but at the same time complain about players having to leave to make room for these players. Campbell is not good enough thats why he will get sold (if he will get sold at all). He was with us till January and could’nt make the team so obviously Wenger feels he is not ready or just not good enough. Accept it not every young player can make it..

    2. @davidnz
      Mate I agree that Campbell has been treated appallingly where as players like Diaby have had millions from the club for delivering sweet FA. It does seem unfiar I grant you, however I think forget the sentimentality and lets celebrate getting in a new striker…if indeed we do.
      For my part Martinez is really the cheapest option and Id rather a real striker and to be honest I really want Benzema though I don’t see that happening but Martinez to me is the second rate cheaper option and it seems that we’re linked with him because he is just that rather than being linked with the really top notch strikers that we should be.
      Im NOT convinced regarding Martinez

  2. They are still Linking Jackson martinez to Arsenal after he’s almost a done deal with Milan…… These rumour mongers are not Loyal

  3. I think there are also good reasons to not believe AW is on the verge of signing one of the more sought-after strikers in Europe.

    A few of those reasons being that Giroud scored 14 from 21 starts, Walcott ended the season in sizzling form, Alexis can play up front and scores goals anyway, Welbeck is a regular replacement for OG and plays across the line, and Sanogo is back-up to the back-up. Perhaps AW is just having a clear out.

    Of course, I’ll happily be proved wrong. But we all know that we’ve been disappointed before and we’ve had huge signings the last two years in a row. Plus several Arsenal players have come out talking the big talk about growing together as a team and eyeing up the Premier League next season. Players, as representatives of the clubs, are often expected to promote the clubs. Especially when the new kit it being released, lol.

    I guess it’s just a case of how one interprets the signs, and which signs one uses as indicators.

    As I say, I’ll be happily proved wrong and may well end up eating my words. But I’ll believe the big name striker signing when I see him officially unveiled as an Arsenal player 🙂

    1. Your absolutely RighT . I cant see any new strikers coming and as I’ve said on this forum on countless occasions you have to read what Wenger says in press statements and then translate it…. “Olivier Giroud IS good enough to enable Arsenal to win the PL”
      THIS REALLY MEANS “I am not going to back down and admit that Giroud is not quiet the player I thought he was, however for the purposes of this conversation we will not be getting anyone ne because the board does NOT want to spend the money and I DONT want to admit that I am wrong sooo no strikers this year question please”
      THATS wenger talk in real terms

  4. Also I should add that freeing up space on the wage bill could mean freeing it up for a player of any position. Perhaps there is a deal that is almost done, but it may not be the dream striker people are hoping for. We’re still in the hunt for Cech and a first-team DM/CM who’ll be paid big money.

  5. Don`t know who and don`t know how or why but Theirry Henry will get his way and a top striker will arrive.

  6. I think Wenger wants benzema he has been tracking him for last couple of years and wouldn’t surprise me if he makes a bid for him believe he is the bosses number 1 target!

  7. After the departures of diaby, ryo and ajayi the squad currently consists of 27 players born 1993 or before meaning 2 players too many for the 25 man squad. So those 2 need to leave just to reach bpl targets, if we want new signings, there has to be more departures.

    Surely 1 of the 3 keepers will move on, if cech is signed, possibly 2 as macey, iliev and huddart could quite comfortably cover 3rd choice and all would class as underage.

    It seems highly likely that jenkinson is going to be loaned out and you would expect the same will happen with sanogo. That for me should be that, it will give us room for 3 or 4 signings. Ok there is also the likes of rosicky, arteta, flamini and wellington to consider, will they be needed?

    Even as it stands, if everyone was fit we could field 2 pretty decent sides, that have proved even with injuries they are capable enough of winning 2 of the 5 trophies available. Now we just need to fulfill our squad entitlement and improve on one or two areas, to see if we can lift one or both of the big two trophies the premier league or champions league.

    My changes to the current squad (players born 1993 or before) would be

    Campbell, podolski sold for £10m (leaving 25 players)
    Cech in £10m, Szczesney loaned out = 25 players
    Benzema in £30m, sanogo loaned out = 25 players
    Kondogbia in £22m, Martinez loaned out = 25 players.

    Personally i think that is all that is really required, however, should a top centre back like hummels become available, I would also sacrifice jenkinson on loan or even sell debuchy. Sure we could also improve on mertesacker, flamini, arteta and rosicky
    however, we do have to have some players in the 25 that will accept that a starting x1 place is no longer a given right.

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