Two major concerns the Arsenal board have with Unai Emery

Arsenal board

The Arsenal board are concerned about negativity and losing their best players.

Arsenal’s board has been under pressure to fire Unai Emery recently and below-par performances in the coming games could make that decision a lot easier.

The Gunners’ 2-2 draw against Southampton at the weekend was the sixth time in all competition that they have failed to win a game.

Ahead of the visit of Eintracht Frankfurt to the Emirates this Thursday for their Europa League clash, the club’s board reportedly has two concerns about the Spaniard being their manager.

According to the Express, the club’s board believes that Emery’s football is too negative for the squad he has.

The former PSG boss has the likes of Nicolas Pepe, Alexandre Lacazette, and Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, yet his team struggles to score the goals that they need.

And it is not just the lack of goals, there is almost no creativity for the forwards to feed off.

Their second huge worry is that Emery is unlikely to gain qualification to next seasons Champions League. That could lead to an exodus of some of their best players including Aubameyang and Lacazette.

Additionally, it would also mean it would be a whole lot harder to attract top talent if there is no Champions League football.

The thing is this, it is worrying that the board has just these two concerns.

The captaincy situation, the multiple formation changes, the huge amount of shots conceded, away record etc. Now, these are also major concerns.

Seems to me that this is getting beyond the incompetence of Emery, this goes right to the top.


  1. All stuff that was obvious for a long time.

    Koz left. Why?
    Ozil shut down. Why?
    Crazy shots against us. Why?
    There is no identity for the team. Why?

    Time to bring back Wenger. With this team he would be hammering goals in. FA Cup would have been ours. With a better D that we wanted with a Van Dyk bid, we would be top three.

    Apologize to Wenger. Give him a good transfer budget to build the back line. Win the league before United rebuilds.

      1. I don’t think bringing Wenger back is the right answer – and I don’t mean that as disrespect to Wenger or his fans – I am a fan and would love to sit down and listen to him expound!!

        But, things were not going well in the later stages of his time and he should have resigned at least a couple of years earlier. The world has changed in football management – he and Ferguson are the last of the long-term old style managers. Players are different, economy is different.

        A change was needed at the club, problem was that Emery was not the right choice for change.

        Now, would there be a bump at the club if he returned, I think yes. But it would be more because he is not Emery and not because it is Wenger returning. Having a record over 50 games that is better than Emery’s is not a good reason to hire.

        And it is always a gamble – even ideal candidates don’t always work for various reasons.

        This is major minority opinion I know, and irrelevant now, but I do believe that Mourhino had the temperment to be the right person for the job right now. We do not need a nice manager, we need a ruthless and pragmatic manager. It can’t be about playing the “Arsenal way” as I am not sure we have the personnel – it has to be about winning, or at least stemming the flow of blood.

        Lets hope a change occurs and it works!

  2. No thanks to Wenger coming back, he’s part of the reason we have drifted where we are. He doesn’t take the defending aspect of the game as serious as the attacking side. Look at the woeful CB’s he’s brought in in his time, a couple decent buys, but no top defenders.

    The players became soft and complacent under his leadership; even when his job was on the line, the players could not get the results for him. Also Wenger kept useless players around too long, was too fatherly rather than ruthless.

    I appreciate what Wenger brought to us and English football, but his time was up I’m afraid.

      1. How many CL titles in 21 years?
        Rather the normal rd 16 exit as our usual stopping point.

        We need a manger to get us to the next level, wouldn’t you agree?

  3. I keep hearing about how we need the champions league to keep Aubameyang and Lacazette yet those two joined without any champions league. Did they suddenly become ambitious? I think it’s being naive to believe these players move for anything other than money. It just happens that clubs that play in the champions league also happen to be the clubs with the means to overpay these millenial mercenaries.

  4. IMO.. Replace Emery with the better one, not Wenger because we have to move on and take a risk.
    We have to achieve champions league and some trophies but not because of Auba and Laca, if they want to leave just let them leave and we can find other good players even younger.
    First build the good team, that has identity, that has opportunity to achieve the goals.

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