Two more years of false promises ahead for Arsenal fans….

Yep, here come the false promises once again! by Konstantin Mitov

It’s so laughable reading the statements coming out after we announced the biggest downfall of this football club by giving it’s biggest stopping point – the manager, a new deal with a pay rise for failing to achieve the top 4!

“Our ambition is to win the Premier League and other major trophies in Europe. It’s what the fans, players, staff manager and board expect and we won’t rest until that is achieved.” What a bunch of lies. Remember when Gazidis said we will compete like Bayern?

I saw it 15:3 in 3 consecutive games. The only good thing about missing the Champions League is we won’t have to make it 4 in a row. How many times have we heard this before? We don’t care about winning, otherwise we wouldn’t stick with Arsene. He’s not won a league title in 13 years! How does that make him the ideal candidate for the job?

“Arsene is the best person to help us make that happen. He has a fantastic track record and has our full backing”. His champions league and league records in the past 10 years are far from fantastic if you ask me. If he has your full backing, then why was this not announced mid season?

This year the fake promises reach sky rocket magnitudes because we missed the top 4. Why didn’t the board come out when we were beaten every week to say something? Why didn’t they back Arsene then? Why didn’t they deal with the contracts of Ozil and Sanchez?

What statement will they make when they leave? I guess those are the players that are “heavy” in the squad and will be trimmed. Pathetic. This is such a sad day for Arsenal worldwide. I am annoyed, disgusted and insulted by this decision and those comments as they spit in our face once again.

Wenger won again. Astonishing how a top club like Arsenal crawls at the feet of one man. No other top club would do this. I am not bothering with this, until Arsene leaves. Prepare for a very painful summer, followed by a season, where a top 6 finish would be major success.

This club values nothing but reaping our pockets. This is the entire reason for those comments. I am not buying anything from this club anymore, until it pays us some respect by getting rid of the main problem in town, but instead they are rewarding it with a new deal.

This is a sad time to be an Arsneal fan and it will get even worse over the next 2 years. Arsene doesn’t have any idea what will happen to him, the moment he repeats his usual mistakes. The fans will forever remember him for a fraud, but he brought this upon himself and he doesn’t understand what the fans would do to him, as he ruins 2 more years of our lives.

He’ll see disrespect like never before, the moment all other top 6 clubs leave him in the dust. 150 million are given to him some reports say. Well sit and watch how they are not spent as we will put faith that Theo and Ramsey will finally become Hazard and Kante and we’ll start dominating the league.

I am so disgusted. I refuse to give up usually, but Arsenal really is a dead club right now. And it will take years, because sadly, a lot of people will put their children’s faith in the hands of Arsene, who cant take us to the top 4 when almost every top team is in a shambolic state.

This is the last time I say it – nothing will change. Sadly it will take another 2 years of the same and some people even then, will find a reason to excuse Arsene the god.



  1. RSH says:

    ‘We will work very hard to find the additions of top, top quality players. I believe that our squad is very strong and we will only look for top-class people who can strengthen us.”- Arsene Wenger

    You forgot another lie

    1. Robert Newton says:

      Wenger is a politician.

    2. BeastPanda says:

      I can swear I’ve heard of this exactly last year and the year before that and before that… yet we got sonogo and that japanese kid and no show perez. top top quality though! only at Arsenal!

      1. Incarnate says:

        Ask yourself who sets and oversees and ensures the vision at the most successful clubs across Europe…at Chelsea, its Abrahamovich,he leaves they collapse or at least until they can find another equally passionate figure; at Man. U, it’s not one single individual but the hierarchy pushing the vision, even when Fergie was in charge, he had massive respect but they didn’t leave EVERYTHING in his hands like the current board is doing with Arsene, you are Naive to believe any human being with such powers might not have Wenger’s arrogant attitude, I would too, only the board can bring him in line with the vision they set for him and if he can’t deliver, fire him! ….only one problem though, the owners/board have no vision but making money, it is cowardice to pick on Wenger! In fact with a vision-less and passion-less board as ours, Wenger as arrogant and as past it as he might is the only semblance of sanity, I don’t support Wenger I believe he is currently doing a marvelous job, I support him because I can see a couple of moves ahead already, if Wenger leaves and the board stays the same, we are massively effed, Newcastle will be child’s play, Kroenke’s other teams are mid table contenders, he will simply look at another money making model for Arsenal, even Usamanov believes Arsene needs backing, if Usmanov came in today, he will not fire Wenger, he will seek to work with him, give him a clear mandate, back him up without pointing at the balance sheeets and if he still does not deliver, looks like a guy who would fire Wenger mid s-season, legacy or not. It’s short-sighted to call for Wengers head without first scrutinizing what effing game the board and Kroenke are playing.

        1. Incarnate says:

          “I *don’t* support Wenger because I believe he is doing a marvelous job, I support him because I believe….”

    3. khangunners says:

      Hehe the way he was sounding in the interview i dont see any major signing our squad already has strong players that is very worrisome

    4. Luke bratzi says:

      No good you lot Winnging it is what it is. Fa cup Finished 5th can’t be that bad considering that Ozil under performed Oxy came good with 3at back Monreal too and the coming of age of Holding. I’m looking forward to next season to see if we can carry it on and if these players get better and better. Enjoy your Summer and Wimbledon and get ya bums ready to stress out and get happy, I hope CB

    5. john hodges says:

      konstantin why dont you put a sock in your big mouth .

      1. RAA1395 says:

        I’m sorry but you don’t have the right to say this to another fan because he speaks with conviction…if you can convince us otherwise, be my guest….

  2. Robert Newton says:

    If Kroenke had ambition of winning trophy he wouldn’t reward failure Wenger and give him 2 year contract blindly.
    Wenger is beyond a joke and only loves his pay check just like boss Kroenke.
    Wenger likes yesman around him like Gazidis and Wenger. He doesn’t get along with men who want success like Vieira, Adams, Keown and Bergkamp are all away from the club. Arsenal will be a mid table team in the next 2 years and relegation zone team after 2 years if Wenger stays more. 2 years of pain???

    1. Herbdawg says:

      Robert, keep taking your meds.
      You’re delusional.
      You think you can see into the future, but the reality is you can’t see past your hatred of Wenger.

  3. Robert Newton says:

    Wenger is all about lies, excuses, dictatorship, arrogant, uncaring, dumbness, ambitionless and specialist in failure. What a joke human being attacking fans and always blaming others.

  4. Robert Newton says:

    Nothing will change at Arsenal until Wenger is gone. Same excuse and mistake every year. Sit back and watch other team buy best players, say no top player is available and make one cheap signing, say team is strong enough to win titles, lose opening game and make panic signing before deadline day, win games until December and blip starts in February and fight for 4 th place trophy every year.

  5. Galen says:

    man give it break. Sweet Lord, how can u waste so much time and Energy writing and preaching thesame messges over and over again. Its get to point where i jsut see your name and i know the story.
    We get it ok, gladiz is fraud and wenger is fraud and Stan is fraud. You have said it like a million times already. Anything new?

    1. farook says:

      Very well said may I add this that Wenger has signed a contract so let’s back him and the team and stop moaning.

    2. khangunners says:

      Hey i think you hve no right to tell anyone to stop saying what he feels. You are free to write an article yourself and describe how you feel. Konstatin is just expressing himself and had it been a bad article or out of order admin would hve not allowed it. There are some of us fans who are not happy with this extension and we can be unhappy coz we dont get why and how in the world he gets a new contract. So bear with us we all love arsenal but this is not the arsenal we want we dont know about you guys

      1. Herbdawg says:

        If you’re unhappy that Mr. wenger got a new contract, then eviscerate the board, not the manager. Your anger is misplaced.

        The club’s problems cannot be laid at the feet of just one man.

        Stop the hate, my friend.

        1. bran99 says:

          the one man is hated coz he’s the one putting the team on the field. when he changed formation and won games to finish the season in a high, should we all praise Kroenke for that? why is it that the failures should be pointed at the board but the FA cup wins should be directed to your master? If he is really that good he should have won the league by now, Leicester did it with very little budget, we had Sanchez and Ozil, 2 players who’s prices could cost the whole of Leicester team, why should we all go out and blame Kroenke?? he is Herpes in this club we all hate him and want him gone, but Wenger is the main cancer..

          if he is that competitive, he should have left the club for lack of investment and support from the board, but 8m a year is too much to just leave, If I was a manager at some company and my target are nothing, win or lose I get salary raise every year, would I complain lack of investment from the owner?

  6. Robert Newton says:

    Newcastle have offered 22 M to Arsenal for Giroud. We should accept it. Lucas Perez also has offers from Valencia, Seville and Deportivo. We can easily get 15 M for him. We should also sell Theo Walcott 20 M. Almost 60 million plus the sales of Szczesny, Gibbs, Gabriel, Wilshere, Campbell, Jenko we can get plenty of money to sign players like Mbappe or Griezmann imo only if Arsenal show ambition.

    1. odein4 says:

      @ Newton would you buy Walcott for 20M? Would you Buy Giroud for 22M? Pls these are all rumors no serious team would offer this amounts of money for these guys

  7. LtDan says:

    Konstantin………….if you’re so worried about the financial implications of you being and Arsenal fan then why don’t you just stop. If you’re worried about the cost of your ticket to watch a game or the cost of your subscription to Sky, BT or whoever else……….stop paying.

    Do something else with your time and your money but for f@%$ sake, just stop moaning. We’ve all seen your articles on here and it’s obvious Arsenal FC do nothing for you other than be an economic and psychological burden to you.

    You blame the manager, the board and everyone else in between but what you gotta remember is that you’re not under any duress to be an Arsenal fan and they’re not gonna start swinging the axe just because Konstantin is pissed off.

    Arsene Wenger and the board are here for the long haul no matter how many idiotic articles you want to post on this site. You’ll get pissed off long before they do !

    So why not do everyone a favour and hold true to your threat, cut your ties with Arsenal and do something else with your time, money and vitriol.

    1. Herbdawg says:

      Real Talk

    2. khangunners says:

      That is your problem man. You dont get what he is saying. He is not worried about the money or how expensive it is to pay and watch our games. He is worried the direction that the club is going and thats why he picks the manager and the board. Pple are different respect that and if you are happy with wenger we will wait for you to join us in feb 2018 am sure you to will see we hve no direction. We hope though that we change but how many seasons hve said the same thing i recall 2 years back the same way wenger promised us and so many guys said give him a shot we will win pl. Now rewind 2 years and pple say the season we finished 2nd we were close how many guys really believe this? We were so far from winning it that year that we crumbled and just coz we passed our rivals last minute does not make it a good season.

  8. Arsenal FC says:

    I bet Wenger has a massive photo of Arsenal fans in his living room and every day he sticks 2 fingers at it and says” Screw you guys,i fail miserably every season but at the end i get another contract with a healthy pay rise on top of it.You can fly planes and hold protests and banners all you want but the pussy owner and board can’t touch me hahahahahahahahaha”.

    1. Robert Newton says:

      Funny thing is majority stiil treat him as god and even most Wenger out respect him and keep giving chance but he fails.

    2. odein4 says:

      I am thinking of changing my name to Wenger, the guy is so Lucky.. no1 except Wenger fails at his job and still gets paid

  9. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Wenger’s definition of Top quality is no where near most people’s definition

    He is clueless

    We need a clear out of several players and sign some real top players

    Wenger is either too loyal to his players or very stubborn and arrogant to prove that didn’t make the wrong signings

    1. Robert Newton says:

      He is very stubborn and arrogant. He has signed more deadwoods than better players in the last 4-5 years. He signed only Cech in 2015 when we only had 2 CB and no DM. He wasted money on Debuchy, Chambers and Welbeck when there were better players available that summer.

  10. Robert Newton says:

    We have big squad number wise but 50 percent of our squad is very average and not good enough.

    1. odein4 says:

      I agree with you on this one!!! The Fan Base in Arsenal is so used to failure that they now worship it… Its a Pity

  11. FRANK says:

    Well everyone better buckle up because we are in for a ride next season. If we lose a couple of games in a row the protests will be bigger and I think they should be aimed at Stan Kroenke, not Gazidis or Wenger.
    It will be interesting if Arsenal lose Sanchez and Ozil to a team that can offer Champions League football. I really hope Ozil goes, he is overrated and doesn’t deserve a pay rise. I can understand Sanchez for wanting to leave and wish him the best with what he decides.
    Feels like we are in a time warp back to when Van Perse, Fabregas and Nasri all wanted to leave to win the Premier League.

    1. LtDan says:

      The thing with Van Persie, Nasri, Fabregas is that they all wanted to win medals / titles but they all went to clubs that were already set up to do this. They didn’t go to their respective clubs and make such a massive difference on their own to win the PL, they just joined the coat tails of already competent and established clubs and with the players that were around them, just slotted in and done their bit.

      They were just passengers who decided to go business class and enjoy the ride !

      1. odein4 says:

        So Pls tell me will you leave The UK to go stay in Congo? who leaves a worse place and goes to one thats of the same level?

  12. Herbdawg says:

    Konstantin you need a spliff and a cup of tea

  13. Herbdawg says:

    Venom and vitriol………….that’s all you’ve got Konstantin.

  14. Herbdawg says:

    Hey Konstantin, what team do you support?
    I only ask because you’ve made it clear all season that you don’t support Arsenal.
    Or, you simply don’t know the definition of support.

    1. bran99 says:

      he supports Arsenal FC, unlike you, you support Arsene FC. and lick**g Wenger’s arse doesn’t mean you support the team and so loyal, it means you are loyal to Arsene and don’t care of whatever happens to out beloved club (not Arsene FC).

      1. herbdawg says:

        Give me one example of Konstantin supporting Arsenal, rather than slating Arsenal.

  15. Robert Newton says:

    History is repeating. We sold V.persie, fabregas and nasri and now we will sell Alexis and Ozil for profit.

    1. bran99 says:

      AKBs don’t see that brother, as long as their God is still around, untouchable and get’s more years with a pay rise, that’s all they care

  16. khangunners says:

    I remember pat j saying that the club is going to hve a change in structure and we are gonna hve a director of football. All of it was just bollocks so that us fans could agree or feel good with the wenger deal. Its sad,pathetic and if you are a mathematician then you can find k which is the constant rate at which arsenal is crumbling everyyear. Pple will hate it but we are at everton level now.

  17. Herbdawg says:


    Any chance that you’ll also STFU until Wenger’s gone?????????????

  18. JamButWhiner says:

    The truth hurts, don’t it?

  19. Red Dawn says:

    As soon as the seasonal blip arrives the atmosphere will turn toxic and Arsenal will regret taking the easy option of keeping him on..

  20. Nebsy says:

    All we can do is not buy merch.
    The scumbags are spewing their lies to sell more merch.
    Not the tickets, the tickets are secure. There is an 11 year waiting line for the bloody season tickets.
    They want to sell us merch badly, that’s why they’re lying. And, sadly, they’ll succeed with the most of the fans, the dumb dumbs like Ty.
    I hope the sensible fans will refrain from buying merchandise from a club that lies to them in their faces since 2011.

  21. Tom Major says:

    while we have Kroenke and Gazidis as the main directors and share holders we will not be successful, they are running Arsenal as a business and have no love for the club, all they are interested in is bottom line profit. Look at the difference between them and Abromovich, they take money out of the Arsenal and he pumps money into Chelsea if they are unsuccessful.
    If Usmanov is successful at becoming the main shareholder things will change as he is an Arsenal supporter and wants us to win not just make money!

    1. john hodges says:

      how do you know that are you a personal friend

  22. Franklin says:

    it’s as simple as ABC.. Stop paying for season tickets if you wanna shake Wenger and amazing friends.

  23. Sam says:

    Wenger is a fraud and any one who thinks Arsenal will change under these dictators running this club is a dreamer

  24. Coldzero says:

    Everyone needs to get behind the team, it’s as simple as that. Stop the hate and stop arguing between ourselves. Other fans are laughing at us when we do that and frankly it makes us look daft.

    We haven’t had the best of seasons but an FA cup win is a good result – all teams want to win the FA cup. I have been an Arsenal supporter since the late 70’s and trust me when I say Arsenal have had worst seasons. For me the FA cup has always been a big competition to win, it’s the oldest cup competition in football, it’s a good result to win and we won it.

    In regards to hitting the board where it hurts it’s kind of pointless if you are a season ticket holder like me. If I hand mine back then it’s gone and I think someone told me there is a 10 year waiting list for season tickets now. I am not losing my season ticket due to a poor run of form last season. Most season ticket holders are not willing to do that as they go not only for the atmosphere and game but the social side of it as well. If you guys want to upset the board then I suggest you don’t buy the merchandise. Arsenal tickets will virtually always sell out.

    I think our poor run of form around that Bayern period was something in the dressing room, something clearly had gone on and I am sorry to say it was probably to do with Alexi. He has been fanstatsic for us but my guess is when things aren’t going his way he can be a nightmare and trouble maker. We have all played in teams I am guessing and we all know when the club prima Donna has a hissy fit and it creates aggro in the dressing room- the effects can be long lasting and it’s something you very rarely see with Arsenal so I am sure Sanchez created something with his hissy antics. He might need to curtail that as things don’t always go people’s way and kicking off never helps matters.

    In regards to Arsene he has signed a new contract and that’s that. So stop the banners and the rest of it- that window has now closed and it’s time to stop doing it and arguing amongst ourselves. Yes he can be frustrating but there are worse managers out there that’s for sure.

    He has changed the formation which has worked out well for us so that is something. Will he get top top end players?-unlikely. We cannot compete with the Oil clubs it’s as simple as that- we cant. Except that and move on from it. Kroenke isn’t going to sell to Usamov, not in the near future anyway so it is what it is. We have to work with what we have- besides buying big doesn’t gaurantee success – look at Manu and City.

    If Arsene shows he can buy shrewd and offload some of the deadwood this season then all we can do is get behind him. We need to be realistic in that Alexi will go, possibly Ozil and it might be an elephant in the room but due to lack of CL football it might put some players off. The youngster on the left sounds promising and reports so Lacazette likes Arsenal and he definately offers us something so that would be a good starting point.

    Whatever happens we need to all stick together and get behind the club and players now. Things aren’t that bad, we haven’t been relagated and at the end of the day we won the cup and stopped the chavs from doing the double- that’s something to celebrate.

    1. LtDan says:

      have you noticed Coldzero that even though your comments were positive, non antagonistic, levelled and positive…………… still got the thumbs down !

      Have you also noticed when reading through any other article calling for the sacking of Wenger and or the board. The claims that Wenger and the board are frauds, accepting or passive fans that are happy just to support to club “accept mediocrity”, prone to licking Wenger behind, delusional and just generally. And all those comments that spew the same bilious nonsense get the thumbs up !

      There’s obviously a huge bias on this site and I don’t think it’s just from ant Wenger dissenters !

      1. Coldzero says:

        Yes I had noticed if I was honest. I read a lot of comments but rarely comment myself to be fair – I prefer the simple life these days as there is enough aggro in the world- was just a bit fed up at seeing it at our beloved club and hoped by putting in my two pence worth it might make people have a slightly different perspective and be a bit more positive.

        I am neither a Wenger in or Wenger out- i work and go with what we have as ultimately there isn’t too much I can do about it other than hand in my season ticket and that is not going to happen as I have many friends I only see when at football and some of the local pubs would go out of business I am sure if we stopped going :). But I hate all this division we have at the club at the moment, even at the games you see it, it’s dreadful.

        Let’s hope we get a couple of good signings and keep hold of our star players and have a blinder next season then- it might bring the fan base back together again at least.

  25. Vlad says:

    I see my comments got deleted. So I guess it’s okay for Konstantin to insult Wenger, the club, and the fans, but it’s not okay to reciprocate.

    1. LtDan says:

      Exactly right Vlad. Konstantin and others all pour out their same tired insults and spouting there views but as soon as anyone shows the slightest bit of neutrality or prefers to err on the side of natural justice they just get shouted down and labelled as delusional, mediocre, wenger arse licker etc. And you notice that the thumbs up in those cases shoot up rapidly in the 30’s plus even though there hasn’t even been that many people even viewing the article.

      Like you say, the minute you reciprocate your response is deleted or thumbed down and hidden to low comments.

      I’d definitely say that there’s a bias probably orchestrated by the site itself.

      1. herbdawg says:

        And those responsible won’t stop until everyone is as bitter and twisted as they are.

    2. AsburtonGrove says:

      Mine too, if I can’t give it back to so-called fans like that twat Herbdawg, or whoever he calls himself then why come to a site like this – people only come to this site for the comments so if admin are going to be a bunch of pussies then why bother. Freedom of speech huh?

      Basically just wanting to silince true fans like Wenger and the Arsenal board.

      Grow a pair admin.

      1. Admin says:

        I have a big enough pair thank you very much!
        Everyone is entitled to an opinion about the club, but when you “pussies” start insulting fellow Arsenal fans rather than talk about football then your comments will be deleted. I delete just as many posts from AKBs as you call them, as I do of you WOBS.
        Personal insults are not allowed and never will be….

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