Two new ridiculous Arsenal transfer rumours

There have been many crazy transfer rumours this summer, but the latest two to come out of the woodwork are really stretching the imagination of Arsenal fans. One is a free transfer and one is a quoted at being totally out of Arsenal’s reach moneywise.

Let’s start with Thomas Vermaelen. Let me make it clear there is not a hope in hellof him rejoining Arsenal! The Mirror though reports: Shock reports in Spain claim Arsenal are interested in re-signing their former defender Thomas Vermaelen from Barcelona.

Catalan newspaper Sport say the Blaugrana are currently weighing up an offer from the Gunners for the 30-year-old defender.

Yeah Yeah Yeah, and did you see that porker flying over Trafalgar Square? I know Wenger has done some ridiculous defender deals (Silvestre anyone?) but I refuse to believe he will bring back an injury-riddled replacement for the injured Per Mertesacker!

The second one is Antoine Griezmann from Atletico, Olivier Giroud’s strike partner in the France team that got to the Final of the Euros. That annoying Italian “journalist” Emanuele Giulianelli reckons Le Prof will pay the 100m Euros to bring Griezmann to the Emirates “when” Atletico Madrid get Diego Costa from Chelsea. In his dreams!

When Wenger talks about the crazy inflated prices of 100m Euros for ANYONE, he really means it is crazy, and there is not a hope in hell that Le Prof will ever pay an amount like that for one player, no matter how good he thinks he is.

So please, let us just hope that Arsene gets Mahrez. Le Prof’s “cheeky grin” tells me that this is a banker!


  1. It’s looking like Lacazette and possibly Mahrez, but since AW rarely buys 2 let alone 3 expensive players I would plump for one of those…….or nowt.

    Plus a decent defender for £15 million or less..

    We’ll see..

  2. Who thought wenger would’ve fork out over 40million for a player pryor to signing ozil???
    The source it’s coming from may not be credible but in today’s market he’s definitely worth the amont quoted..
    That image at the euros of wenger whispering in his ear is coming back to me now lol.

  3. Please, can someone tell me why Arsenal FC is not involved in the international champions cup?

    1. Most likely we because wenger likes to have the squad back in Europe when the season is only a few weeks away. He’s not big on tours and even says in press conferences he’s basically forced to do them… Because you know, money.

  4. szczesny for 13.4 million? If we get that amount for him then I think he should defo leave. Providing the money actually goes towards a player we need.

  5. I am saying this very sadly(as I don’t think it is wise to be overly angry because of ‘Arsenal’)….

    The harsh truth is that, AFC is not an ambitous club…they are far from being serious….
    We claim we are a top club and never act like one, imagine Arsenal going for lacazette with a lesser bid than W/Ham….(That doesn’t mean I like Laca)…..

    Are we the only club that needs money? Are we the wisest??? Are that poor?? What is more important than the joy of the fans???….

    I always like to ignore all this am choose to be happy supporting the club I know but Arsenal sure knows how to frustrate their fans and it is time for one to stop acting like Arsenal’s problem is one’s problem…

    1. With regard to our bid for lacazette being lower than west ham. How do we know what the west ham bid was, the media figures cannot be relied upon. Secondly there are many reasons why the west ham bid could have been rejected other than the transfer fee. Perhaps lacazette said he was not interested in west ham because they do not have CL football. In a transfer deal, player, buying and selling club all have to agree the deal unless there is a release clause in which case the selling club has to sell if release clause conditions are met.

      You ask “what is more important than the joy of fans”. The club is two thirds owned by kroenke, a hard nosed american businessman, his only concern about the fans is that they continue to pay him money. If by buying a player it makes him richer then kroenke is joyous.

  6. if wenger misses out on lacazette and mahrez then he should defo leave.
    Cant withstand missing out on all these targets.
    griezzman higuain draxler suarez and now
    lacazette and mahrez

  7. It is starting to feel like Lacazette. If we do sign him, lets pray he takes to the PL and doesn’t need 1 months to settle. IMO both Sanchez and Ozil did well in their first games in the PL.

    I know I will get slammed for this, but why didn’t we go for Costa? If Chelsea are willing to let him go we should consider him. He might be a though character but IMO he is PL proven and would add some fighting spirit.

    1. He did immensely well in his first season… But attitude and poor performances galore second season.
      There are some players you just know Wenger wouldn’t go for as he’s such a fan of the beautiful game.. Do you really think he’d ever go for a player who spends as much time winding up opponents as he does actually playing the game??
      He gets called a warrior but he isn’t.. Vardy’s more a warrior than he is. Costa is a wind-up artist.

      1. Of course he has an attitude problem but is that not manageable? Doubt Chelsea would sell to an competitor though.

      2. Costa in his second season he seemed more interested in getting opponents sent off than playing football. It worked against us at stamford bridge, ok he got a ban after the game for an incident the ref did not see but chelsea kept the three points.

        Seems to be injury prone, I cannot see wenger signing him.

      3. Everyone had a poor attitude at Chelsea last season, it started on the opening day when the manager threw his toys out of his pram and blamed the doctor. From there Chelsea only just recovered to scrape into 10th place.

        Costa, fabregas, terry, matic, Oscar, hazard, falcao and many more simply had awful seasons, that will not happen again to Chelsea or most of those players.

        Atletico will not allow griezmann to.leave unless they get Costa, Chelsea will not let Costa leave unless they get lukaku and Everton will not let lukaku leave unless they sign a decent replacement. Perhaps we should sell walcott to Everton to get the ball rolling?

  8. Problem is with signing players in the last minute of the transfer window as Wenger likes to do, it creates the impression that the only reason you got the player is because non of the other top clubs wanted him. That’s already a feeling if 2nd tier football club.

    I really hope we bring in Lacazette or whom ever in the next week and before the PL season starts.

  9. Even though signing a player late May have its advantages such as knowing exactly what you need most when the time comes “ben ayon arteta “but the advantages of singing early are far greater xaka for example came in early he had time with the squad he had time to embed into the system there for the reasons that MR wenger has for delaying such singing dos not make any sense other than his satisfaction with the team he has so In reality MR wenger is not singing any one unless some thing very special knocks on his door so there for I quit looking for news so be talking to you at the Liverpool match keep the peace Gooners

  10. cash is not the issue. Last summer club comes out and says they had a gigantic summer budget for Wenger, and he only spends 10mill of it on Cech. Now this summer we’re magically poor and can only afford Xhaka, while West Ham and Bournemouth are able to outspend us. Gazidis and Wenger say whatever they can to manipulate fans. It’s just a huge joke.

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