Two opposing opinions on the ‘Wenger Question’ – Who do you agree with?

Henry and Gallas divided over Wenger By Sylvester Kwentua

Two former Arsenal players have added their voice to the debate currently going in the world of football. The topic on everybody’s mouth right now is “Should Arsene Wenger resign as coach of Arsenal?”

Thierry Henry does not believe Arsene Wenger has to leave Arsenal for them to win the Premier League, but says the manager must address his side’s mentality problems. This is what ESPN reported him as saying, when asked what he thinks the problem is: “I don’t think Arsene has to leave. Should he change his tactics and his way of doing things? I don’t know. But what he must do there is mental work. The tactics help, but what I saw against Chelsea is a mental problem. This is not easy to manage. The problem is more mental than quality. Because if Leicester can win the championship… For now, it is true that they are missing something. Statistics are there to prove that.” What is that something special? I think every football fan knows the answer.

William Gallas also gave his opinion and had this to say, according to a report in the Sun: “Maybe it is time to change something at the end of the season,” the ex-Arsenal defender said. “We can’t forget what he did for the club. He did a very, very good job, so sometimes you can’t sack the manager like this. You have to respect the manager.

“That is why I said at the end of the season maybe the board has to speak with Arsene and try to find a solution.” What solutions are our dear Gallas talking about? I also think we all know the solution.

Now my take. According to Thierry Henry, the major problem with this squad is the case of mental weakness and he feels we need to work on that, or else we will keep on losing games to top teams. Now, the question I wish to ask is, if a world class coach can’t impact the mental toughness in his team, who will? Wenger has been coach of Arsenal for 20 years now and he should have got a formula to instill the mental toughness in his team. Alex Ferguson coached Man United for a long period of time and everybody saw his imprint on his team. Watching a team play is just like watching how the manager thinks. If your team keeps on playing as if they feel inferior to other teams, then I think the coach has to work on his own mentality. Wenger is too old to change his style but he is not too old to take a walk and allow a young coach who has the mental toughness to instill in the team, to take over.

So, I think William Gallas was actually right by saying the board has to speak to Wenger and try to find a solution, at the end of the season. The only feasible solution here is for Arsene Wenger to resign as coach of Arsenal before he becomes the ridicule of football. Am I too harsh on him, fellow Gooners?



  1. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Harsh? ? Nooo way,
    this has to be one of the most politest “Wenger Out” articles I’ve seen on here ??

  2. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I appreciate the 3 PL titles, 6 FA Cups and 6 Community Shields
    I appreciate the Invincibles and CL Final

    However, other than the back to back FA Cups, the last 12 years has been abysmal for us
    We have watched United, Liverpool and Chelsea win Champions Leagye
    We have watched United, Chelsea, City and even Leicester win the Premier League

    Wenger needs to go
    Enough is enough

    1. Gooneristic Truth says:

      Top Ten wealthiest clubs are:
      1. Real Madrid
      2. Barcelona
      3. Manchester United
      4. Bayern Munich
      5. Arsenal
      6. Manchester City
      7. Chelsea
      8. Liverpool
      9. Juventus
      10. Tottenham

      If this were a league, we’d definitely be facing relegation. Besides Tottenham & Liverpool, we haven’t given much hustle to any of the others or look like we are strong enough to. Even Spurs look like they are up to a fight in games more than we do. We are a sad case at the moment! …and if we are to really critically look at ourselves, I think it’s fair to say that we play more at the level of AS Monaco than of Atletico Madrid. Both of those don’t have as much financial clout as we have to afford the best, but do look as, if not better than, we do. We’ve seen enough of this nonsense!

      1. mst1 says:

        we wil still make top 4??

  3. hecmanx says:

    Henry is just being sentimental, wenger should leave at the end of the season, he can’t offer anything special to change the fortune of the club

  4. mark says:

    All of which some of us have been saying for years. He cannot motivate his team, or he does not buy the best players.

    It’s like a stuck record in my brain.

  5. arsenalfan1 says:

    The article poses the question:
    “Should Arsene Wenger resign as coach of Arsenal?”

    Answer: YES!

  6. khangunners says:

    Hehe lets just say wenger signs a contract extension, are you sure that next year we will challenge for the pl title till the end and not crumble as we hve done for the past 12 years? Why should we waste our time and give him a year or two to waste and we are just gona crumble in both years. Change is a must in life the same way you started dating and now your current gf is ur fourth or even sixth or more since wenger took charge. Lets not fear it . pple who fear change in the end are consumed by it lets change before our arsenal is eaten up and its tooo late

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