Two players that could bolster Arteta’s squad without spending any money

Arsenal fans anticipate that by the end of this transfer window, Arteta will have strengthened his attack and midfield. To boost his team’s title charge, Arteta needs to add another quality forward who can increase the team’s goals or assists.

In midfield, Arteta requires a player who can cover for any injuries to Granit Xhaka or Thomas Partey, with the hope that Fabio Vieira can replace Martin Odegaard when needed. For the attack, Mykhailo Mudryk has been identified, and his transfer is underway, though it is not certain he will join. As for the midfield, it is unclear who Arteta truly desires.

Anyway, have you ever considered what might happen if Arsenal does not sign a new player this January, then how would Arteta boost his thin playing squad?

If Arsenal does not sign anyone this winter, they could easily end up recalling two of their best academy graduates, Folarin Balogun and Charlie Patino, who are both doing very well on loan.

Patino is enjoying regular football for Blackpool in the Championship; the 19-year-old has two goals and two assists so far, and many who have watched can attest to the fact that he is developing into the finest midfielder many expected him to be.

Folarin Balogun, on the other hand, is becoming a Ligue 1 sensation, with 10 goals and an assist in 16 league games this season.

There is no doubt that if the two are to return to Arsenal, they will be stronger. So, what happens if Arsenal is forced to recall them?

With the additions of Balogun and Patino, players like Nketiah, Xhaka, and Partey could be brought off earlier in games, allowing more rest and recovery whilst allowing for crucial top-level opportunities for the two stars,

What do you think? Should recalling Balogun and Patino be an option if the transfer window does not go as planned?

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  1. As for Patino, I agree that it would be a good idea, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to bring Balogun now… maybe it’s better to let him continue fighting for the artillery of Liga 1

  2. They both looked promising but a very long way from Premier League ready last season. And that was for a team chasing a top-4 spot at best. So less than half a season later seems rather premature to expect them to meaningfully bolster a title challenge. Maybe next season, maybe

    1. Last season, most of today’s title challengers were not good enough to get top 4. But this season they have evolved into challengers. Why can’t, these two not contribute to this team? Why write them off?

  3. I think Arsenal should wait on Patino to develop & meanwhile sign what they need this year. They are in strong position to win the PL and may be even Europa league.
    They need additional striker ! Goal scoring winger anyway to rest likes of Saka Martinelli

    1. ESR is a goal scoring winger, is he not?Too much is expected of Martinelli whose form, not unexpectedly ,has shaded off lately.The lad needs a break.Having seen Patino for Blackpool, he seems to have grown/filled out and he is developing well in left central midfield.He will I am sure take over from Xhaka in the fullness of time.

      1. Which is why I wonder why Arteta started our entire premier league front three against a League One side. Could Marquinhos not have played well in that game from the start? Is he waiting for Saka to have a serious injury before he knows how to rest and rotate players especially against a very inferior opposition in an inferior competition? Jeez

              1. It is not about new or old fans. Plain simple and obvious fact is that the overall quality of the competition is much lower than the premier league. Being the oldest doesn’t make it any more competitive.

                1. It’s clearly everything to do with the newer fan, as the older fan remembers the days of 42 league games and they never disrespected the FA Cup.

            1. Is it f..k, foriegn players that come to England often talk about the FA Cup growing up, nothing to do with emotions it is about respect and being the oldest in the footballing world it deserves that, I take it you have never seen Arsenal win the FA Cup, I have and my first was when we beat Man Utd 3-2, and I have never missed a final when Arsenal have reached it

          1. HD, ITS A GENERATIONAL THING ! drg8xt is still very young and so has a very different take from you and me on the FA CUP and its importance.

        1. Inferior competition? Really!
          A competition revered and watched around the world !
          Anyway regarding the question of calling them back, that’s of course if we have the option to do that ?

          1. Quality of the teams and the football itself is inferior compared to the premier league. So yes, inferior in comparison

            1. Maybe they will prefer us winning FA cup to EPL or EUROPA league if it isn’t inferior. Every big team uses their second 11 for FA cup( Man city vs Chelsea is a typical example), that tells us which is superior.

  4. What of the implication it’ll have for Arsenal if they resorted to be calling back their players from the loaned clubs at the slightest of needing them to do a job for them in the team. Because they couldn’t sign new ones in the transfer market. But will any clubs take Arsenal seriously to loan a player from them next time? Knowing that they could recall their players from them at any ttime

  5. How can FA Cup be inferior to EPL when the same terms that play in the EPL play in the FA Cup…..!!!!!

  6. I thin we should definitely bring Flo back from France. I am under the impression he is actually very close to Eddy’s level. If Eddy gets injured, who plays up top? Seriously… WHO?!? Eddy is our only #9 left on the team. We would have to play Martinelli or ESM in an unfamiliar position during the most pivotal league run we’ve had in over a decade.

    In terms of actually spending, I wouldn’t hate it if we bought or loaned Memphis on the cheap.

    That being said, we 100% need reinforcements leading the line and in all honesty cover for Partey as well.

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