Two players trying to force moves could easily end up at Arsenal

Not a headline I thought I would be writing this summer but there it is, Chelsea defender David Luiz and Crystal Palace winger Wilfrid Zaha could end up at Arsenal by 17.00 UK time tomorrow.

According to multiple reports Luiz has refused to train with Chelsea and is trying to force a move to Arsenal. Now, that is what you call out of the blue.

With regards to Zaha, you need to take a bit of a journey. The Crystal Palace winger has submitted a transfer request in order to force a move away from Selhurst Park. Everton want him but they also want Alex Iwobi, see where I am going with this?

So, Everton buys Iwobi, Arsenal use that money to add to their previous bid for Zaha and boom, Zaha is an Arsenal player.

Seem far fetched? Well, if I had to choose, Luiz to Arsenal looks the more far fetched in my book.

And yet Luiz could easily happen.

Obviously, Chelsea will play hardball and will stop any deal materialising or so you would think, they may easily take the attitude that the last thing they need right now is disruption in the dressing room.

The bottom line is that no matter how outrageous it may sound right now, David Luiz and Wilfrid Zaha could be teammates by this time tomorrow.


  1. Sue says:

    Not at all fussed about Luiz, but I’d happily take Zaha all day long… please make it happen, AFC ?

    1. Dan the cannon says:

      Luiz oh hell no. Why would Chelski even want to given they can’t replace the experience, false rumour hopefully. Zaha makes sense and possible given the Iwobi rumours. Drinks in the pub if it happens your round first!

      1. Sue says:

        Exactly Dan, why would they? Has he got a broken bone? ?
        Oh christ he wants to be reunited with Emery… he’s 32!!! No more oldies please!!! ?
        Just imagine our attack!! Would love it, haha sure thing, make it a double ???

    2. Pat says:

      Sue you and Eddie are my sweethearts. I do have a lot on my plates babe but I still try to pop in and see what is going on. Thanks guys, I thought it will be difficult to comment on anything as I have almost lost all interest but I read Eddie’s article on Koscielny, your comments (which I always love and it makes me laugh) then I decided to not allow you guys have all the fun?. Am back baby! Tell Eddie to watch out. Ioved you guys❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Sue says:

        Oh Pat, I’m so glad you’re back!!
        Been wondering how you & Pat are doing… Eddie will be glad to see you back too!
        There’s plenty going on with our team at the moment, so you can take your mind off other things (while on here) & I’ll do my hardest to keep you smiling!! I’ve missed you, so nice to see your name on here again!! Yippee!! ??

        1. Pat says:

          Sue I have missed you most. Bless you wonderful soul. ❤️

    3. Martin says:

      We’ve got Pepe. Why would we want the overrated diving cheat who is ludicrously overpriced

      1. Dan kit says:

        because hes 5times the player that iwobi is and they both play on the left side , easy maths tbh .

        1. Andrea Whitehouse says:

          So right!! We would have a terrifying front three and something on the bench to bring on should that three misfire.Even mix it up with Ozil out on the left.
          Please let this be true!!

        2. Lance says:

          Dan Kit, must you always bring Iwobi into every conversion? This is getting ridiculous.

          1. Dan kit says:

            I’m sorry lance but they play the same position or am I missing something here ?

      2. Sue says:

        Oh excuse me, I happen to like him

    4. ken1945 says:

      Sue, how could you!!

      Both players seemingly dissing their clubs, by forcing a move out!!
      Luiz on strike and Zaha demanding a transfer…we despise players who act like that…good heavens this is The Arsenal and we have such high morals.
      Of course, Abau doesn’t count!!

      As it happens, admins scenario does make sense regarding zaha, but we so desperately need defenders, with two going in the last 24 hours.

      I seem to remember there was a rumour about Luiz before and can you imagine if we signed Cahill as well?

      Really good to see Pat is back with us, looking forward to your sensible and personal thoughts.

      1. Sue says:

        Hahaha you really are funny, Ken!! I love your comments!! ?
        Well with this Luiz talk, I’ve completely given up with our defence, so just go all out & attack..which is why I want Zaha!! That’d be some attack ?
        Cahill has gone to Palace on a 2 yr deal

      2. Josh says:

        Auba acted like dt with Dortmund….

      3. ozziegunner says:

        Yes, Ken Arsenal supporters should show class and not be hypocritical.

  2. ArsenalwinsWorldcup says:

    Zaha or Coutinho joining our squad would make us one of the deadliest attack in Europe… I like the idea…

  3. Rkw says:

    David Luiz is a slight upgrade on mustafi so no thanks … Zaha is history … More deadwood out tierney and a decent CB In would be an excellent window for me … But leaving this to last 24 hrs is troubling

  4. ArsenalwinsWorldcup says:

    Zaha on the left wing, Pepe on the right wing,,, Auba and Laca taking turns at the center with Ozil as the creators in Chief….

    Even city or Liverpool would have to play a careful game with us??

    1. Admin Martin says:

      Not if the defence is Mustafi and Luiz, we would lose 8-7

    2. Innit says:

      Ozil doesn’t like to create anymore

      1. Martin says:

        Rubbish. He’s still our most creative player

        1. Bombo says:

          They are good players those guys need to come so that we can have a good team.

      2. Loose Cannon says:

        Of course he does! By strolling up and mid of the park he does “create” chances for our opponents to overtake him and “assists” them in heaping pressure on our fragile defence.Have you not seen his game for the past 3 seasons? If DC Utd can have him for free, that would be the next best thing after Wenger walking out from the Emirates!

      3. Protiq says:

        Buddy you need to play to his strength. you make a team around him like barca made one for messi. give him a DM and a box to box like Cazorla, two fast wingers on both wing like sanchez and Walcott and a good finisher up top, a finisher better than Giroud, he will work like wonder. with la coq and giroud he got 19 assists. with lacazette and lucas, he might surpass that. let us hope and pray….

  5. AndersS says:

    It is just the opposite.
    I don’t see any point in getting Zaha, and I think that is unlikely.
    We really need a new CB, so any talk about CB’s are much more likely to be true, even Luiz.
    Personally, I don’t think he is much of an upgrade for us. We need CB’s who can defend. Luiz’ strength is his ability to play out, long passes and shooting. At defending he is kind of average.

    1. Aligunners says:

      MAN CITY have many attackers on the wings …arsenal can easily do same by adding Zaha
      Willy boly over David Luiz

  6. kev says:

    Kieran Tierney to Arsenal is happening.The fee and personal terms have already been agreed.All Arsenal need to do is to place in the bid for formality.Concerns over fitness.
    If the move doesn’t happen tomorrow it happens in January.

    1. kev says:

      Arsenal could also make a list minute move for Wilfred Zaha as he hands in a transfer request.
      Arsenal want £40m-£45m for Iwobi

    2. Pablomoney says:

      thought you said Tierney was 100% to happen? now it might be January? dude get a life

      1. kev says:

        Calm down…there are fears he isn’t fit enough.All things being equal it should go through.The terms of the deal aren’t the problem because they were agreed time ago.The bid is just a formality.

        1. Phil says:

          I’m with you Kev-it’s a done deal.Lets hope it happens now even if we wait a few weeks for KT to get fit.This boy is top class

          1. kev says:

            Alright Phil.A real shame because we were able to agree the payment structure with them which we initially couldn’t and then this happens.

          2. ken1945 says:

            Kev and Phil, it ooks like this is happening fro the speculation up here as well…don’t know if Grandad has any furhter news, but it does look promising!!!
            Just rumours mind!!!

            kev, did you know or hear about Iwobi?

          3. kev says:

            Yeah I saw the Iwobi news.Good that we didn’t accept the first offer but we must absolutely accept the second because there isn’t much time and for the right price it’s a good sale

      2. ACE says:

        There is the ability to ignore
        certain threads bro, responding
        in that matter is incredibly

  7. Websurfer says:

    Zaha would be a dream signing, he is a fantastic dynamic goalscoring winger, who could add great service to our forwards. But wishful thinking I am afraid after signing Pepe. But Zahas determination to sign with Arsenal, his public claim, that he realy wants to shine at Arsenal, that he is burning to show his qualities at Arsenal. All this shows what a valuable signing he could be.
    I’ve always been fan of Zaha, I love his skills and his great determination. Let’s dream with him.

    1. ASNL Always says:

      Yep, you pay 80 mil to Crystal palace and handover to arsenal….Very simple….

  8. ibrahim army says:

    Davide luize would be welcome at arsenal,his leadership,his, dispelling and his is already a EPL player, but why not Jamall Leccelles of Newcastle

  9. ThirdManJW says:

    Luiz rumour is too bizarre to believe, although it would be a smart move from Chelsea as he would weaken our defence even further.

  10. RSH says:

    Dominic Thompson(played this preseason) off to Brentford. And Brentford are losing a LB that Celtic are rumored to buy. Which means Tierney may happen… We’ll see…

  11. Aminu @Nigeria. says:

    Get us 2 central defenders n send mustafi away, then we are done, though i will b happy if we get Coutinho n send away Iwobi

    1. lucky uriah says:

      u can’t kick a ball even if your life depended on it

  12. John0711 says:

    I hope this isn’t true as I thought we had changed
    But to spend a record on an attacker after having one of the best attacks and then getting an average old defender for one of the worst defences is so old arsenal

  13. Can you imagine if we get 1 defender, Tierney and zaha in and Iwoby off…
    Arsenal could look fantastic

  14. Kachi says:

    David Luiz is a leader!! We might have question marks over his defending, but he’s definitely an upgrade when you think of what we currently have! He will also pass on experience to Holding, Mav and Chambers if we keep them. If anything, he’ll teach them how to play out from the back, none of our defenders can do that! Even Upamecano has troubles playing out from the back. With Luiz we will have someone who can lead and organize the defense! Give him a two year deal and make him mentor our young players!

  15. Amazon91 says:

    Selling a 33 year old injury prone defender to buy a 32 year old Mustafi 2.0 is sheer madness!

  16. Abu adil says:

    Even £20m for iwobi will be healthier should push out the garbage out of the window same applies to elneny

    1. lucky uriah says:

      we don’t value our players well enough i have followed upamecano since he was playing with redbull in Bundesliga 2 and he is not worth that kind of money players are expensive these days and i must say that 50 million for iwobi is fair

  17. Indigo757 says:

    Iwobi price of 40 to 45 mill is to setup a zaha deal. Zaha is 80 mil according to palace. Everton offered 30 mil right but got rejected. Arsenal did that to set iwobi up for 40 to 45 mil. Arsenal will offer palace 40 mil cash + iwobi. Thats a value of 80 to 85 mil. Just look at all of the player that went for 40 mil or higher. Which didn’t even play at the level of iwobi.

  18. Dboy says:

    I don’t think Luiz is the answer to our problem. Think he would just make it worse. If we can get a good CB and Tierney I think we can do some damage this season.

    1. Austin 3:16 says:

      Dboy there ain’t much quality cb options this late, luiz is decent enough especially in a back 3 where he proved successful under Antonio conte

  19. Austin 3:16 says:

    Iwobi is decent when played in the middle n not on d wings simple.. so keeping him could be a good idea since ozil could be on his way to the mls. Kieran tierney in along with zaha n Luiz makes a good transfer window for arsenal

  20. Cheadle says:

    We need strong young defenders for next 8-10 years Saliba, Tierney, Dayot etc. forget the old guys.

    The Zaha-Iwobi-Arsenal-Everton mix could be our best chance of landing Zaha.

    Whatever happens I believe NP is a great buy but we need more and with WZ bombing down the left we just need our midfield to win the ball back and recycle to either wing.

    We need to scare teams repeatedly so they can see it is futile to resist. Points on the log, points on the log

  21. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    So, who should be the centreback who Arsenal will sign between now and tomorrow that’ll replace Koscielny? And which left winger will Arsenal sign in less than 24 hours to replace Alex Iwobi with him if he’s sold to Everton?

    One thing that I think Arsenal should take into cognizance is any centreback and left winger signings that they’ll do for 2 replacements must be of top quality players and will also have to be a far upgrade to Koscielny and Iwobi.

    But have Arsenal truly pulled out of their possible signings of Daniele Rugani and Dayot Upamecano but now going after David Luis? Will Luis fits the bill of the top quality centreback for Arsenal that they are looking for in their centre half back position? And will Arsenal have the financial muscle required to carry both David Luis and Wilfred Zaha to the Emirates Stadium in less than 2 days time? Let alone to sign Zaha at £80m that is too expensive for me but maybe not for Arsenal I wouldn’t know. But didn’t Arsenal why wouldn’t Arsenal not want to sign a regional class player in Everton Soares? Who is of top quality kind regularly scoring goals at the top level of the game and younger than Zaha who Arsenal are reportedly sorting after but who will cost half the amount of money Arsenal could use to sign Zaha beat my imaginations.

    If Arsenal succeeded to sell Iwobi to Everton at the price they want to sell him for. Will they then use substantial part of the money to quickly pursue the signing Everton Soares tomorrow before the summer transfer window closes?

    Only one centreback signing for option and for cover is needed to be signed by Arsenal in less than 24 hours time? But maybe Arsenal will have to wait till January before they do any centreback reinforcement of top quality centreback to avoid not to panic sign any centreback like David Luis or any centreback for that matter in less than 23 hour time now. The on the ground centrebacks at Arsenal of: Chambers, Sokratis, Mustafi and Mavropanous when his back from injury will hold fort for Arsenal at centreback position during the 1st half of next season’s campaign.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Everton Soares is better value than Wilfred Zaha; Brazilian international at under half the price.

  22. Scubagooner says:

    As we all know on here there is a real divide about iwobi. Some love and see potential and some hate and want rid.
    However surly most lovers also agree 40m is a good price for him.
    Also I would ask the question to all the lovers of him this.
    If we were to sell him and get Zaha would this not be better for arsenal? If that was the option would the lovers agree?
    I know I certainly would.

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