TWO Possible Arsenal XIs after Wenger gives up on Monaco

Arsene Wenger was giving a little update on the Arsenal injury situation today when he also admitted that the Gunners are currently suffering from a bit of fatigue and have been recently. Without naming names, the Frenchman hinted that his team selection for the weekend Premier League clash with West Ham could be affected by this.

But in the statement reported by it sounded to me like the manager was really preparing the Arsenal fans to see him field a much changed and weakened Arsenal team in the following game, our trip to Monaco to attempt to put right that horrendous defeat in the Champions League first leg.

When asked whether the game on Tuesday would affect his team selection this weekend, Wenger replied, “No. We were at a high level of fatigue because we played against Monaco, Everton, QPR, Manchester United, all very physical games. I will have to test medically, physically, how the players are on Friday, and I will make my decision then. The big priority is of course West Ham.”

The injury situation could also affect Wenger´s decisions and I think he will use the Monaco game to bring back the likes of Jack Wilshere, Mathieu Flamini and Theo Walcott and perhaps give Danny Welbeck another start in the centre forward role. I would not be surprised to see these two different line-ups on Saturday and Tuesday:

West Ham. Monaco.
Ospina Szczesny
Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal Chambers, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs
Coquelin Flamini
Ozil, Ramsey, Cazorla, Alexis Walcott, Wilshere, Rosicky, Akpom
Giroud Welbeck

Wenger could even bring in a central defender like Hayes or Ajayi from the academy. It is good that Arsenal have a big enough squad to do this, but would it be the right move for us?

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  1. I don’t think there will be too many changes against west ham,giroud will take welbecks place,Gibbs in for monreal,chambers for belerin, ospina for shez,and I’m hoping rosicky for santi, santi and Sanchez need rest

  2. We need to be bold and start with Sanchez, Giroud, Welbeck, Walcott, Ozil and Cazorla

  3. I respect Gibbs but he isn’t good enough and monreal was excellent where he defended with precision and contained Rooney also Fellaini and had it been Gibbs we would have lost the match. When it comes to wilshere he is a massive liability to the team and hope that he leaves arsenal coming season,he can’t pass always slows the match etc… On oxlade I am sorry for him hope he recovers soon. I would like to see Walcott start with wellbeck and giroud with ozil Rocisky flamini in mid.

    1. bla bla bla… this isnt cricket u talking about.

      flamini hahahaha better play cygan or squillaci

  4. Wenger knows best…. 3points against Westaham then we are set for Monaco Clash..

    Wellington Silva has confirmed
    he is finally set to go into
    Arsenal’s first-team squad next
    season – after years spent away
    on loan.
    The Gunners signed Wellington,
    who has been dubbed the ‘new
    Neymar’, in 2011 from Brazilian
    club Fluminense.
    But he has been unable to play
    for the club because of work
    permit problems, spending time
    with five different clubs on a
    temporary basis including La
    Liga’s Almeria this term.
    The 22-year-old got his work
    permit in October, and he has
    now confirmed he’s set to play
    for Arsenal next season.
    ‘It’s a dream for me to play
    there. Arsenal is a great club,’ he
    ‘Unfortunately this was not
    possible because of these
    administrative concerns, but I’m
    ready now.
    ‘If all goes well, I’ll be out there
    next season.’
    Good news, Arsenal fans…

  5. Want Brayen to lose just so Pep gets the sack. Am i am as*hole?

    Please god let Chelsea lose atleast.

  6. Not ready to drop point, we must play with all our key player. BBC,nemesis don’t they have fatigue

  7. hmmm, i would like to see what theo can do, sub him v w ham and start him v monoco, rosicky deserves a start as well, i am not on the side of laying down v monoco, we talk all year about a top 4 now we waist it? no retreat no surrender here,

  8. I believe the boss has enough Gunners at his disposal who he can tactically rotates to collect all the 3 points from their match against West Hammersmiths. I will make my own Tactical Gunners starts, after the boss press conference tomorrow.

  9. he was named Oscar becuz the dude can act, terrible call, to be a match for that straight red, terrible

    1. And Mourinho can’t fathom why Chelsea are hated around the world.

      Oscar should be ashamed for that BS, and the rest of there whiney, punk ass players should be universally reprimanded for goading the ref into that ridiculous, game changing call.


  10. What a horrible officiating? The Chelsea players influenced the referee’s decision.I hope psg does not go down with out a fight.

  11. Mourinho had been banging on
    about PSG’s aggression all week
    and it paid off.
    PSG were stretching Chelsea too.
    Home ground advantage helps a lot.
    Still think PSG have a chance .

    1. The red was out immediately so don’t know how much terry and co’s whinging affected the decision. Just think the ref got it wrong (it has been known!).

      Don’t like chelski but you gotta hand it to em, they know what it takes.
      2-1 chelski.

      We need to join them in the mix. Hope every last AFC player and AW watched Schalke yesterday. Yes they lost but what a good go they had.

      1. Always appreciate your insight and opinions but there is nothing respectful about Chelsea football club.

        Whether its there playboy, billionaire owner, Hall of Fame douchebag Manager, whiney ass players, repulsive, RACIST fans Chelsea FC is a comprehensive football abomination.

        Do they attain annual results….Absolutely
        But @ what cost?

        1. I agree!
          Chelski are aborent in everyway.

          They do however, as you say, get results.

          30 mins more for a potential AFC forward (cough cough rhymes with punani) to score!

  12. Hope PSG sneak a win, Chelsea and their fans are disgusting human beings and go well together.

    Would not trade 1 Arsenal player or Manger fir those fools. Fab included.

    1. Not a bigger collection of whiney, pissant players in all of Europe.

      Leave it to probably the dirtiest player in the EPL to flail like a fish on the pitch when Sideshow Bob gives him a little dose of his own medicine.

      Its sad when a game of this magnitude is reduced to such sophomoric behavior.

      Chelsea can rot where they belong

  13. I hope we have a strong team on Tuesday as well. It’s not impossible to come back from 1-3 down. Monaco are a good team but not Munich or Madrid.

    I would be very disappointed if we gave up.

    I hope we play a strong team against West Ham. Win without injuries and then play a similarly strong team against Monaco.

    We should make good use of Rosicky, Walcott, Chambers, Ramsay.

    Maybe bench Alexis and Cazorla for West Ham. Play Rosicky and Walcott

    Mertsacker had a shocker against Monaco. Maybe play him against West Ham and Chambers against Monaco. Wish we had Gabriel

  14. Who the fcuk is Hayes?

    I assume u mean hayden, but he isn’t from the academy he is a first team squad member and is out for the season anyway.

    All wenger has said he will test them physically. After last night and tonight’s results wenger will realise, anything is possible. There is no reason why we can’t nick a 3-1 then win on pens or even a 4-2 and win on away goals. I’m going and I am confident arsenal will be the only English team left in the last 8 and I said that before tonight’s result.

    Wenger should pick the fittest x1 to play west ham and then really go for it in monaco, no fluffing around, go with pace and movement straight from the kick off.

  15. Hahahaha sideshow bob payback hahahaha, first Danny on Divechester united and luis on chelsk*t hahaha this week can’t get better hahaha …… Staying up till 6:30 was worth it

  16. West Ham




  17. Wenger likes playing game by game at the moment – we tend to view the next opposition as the most important even at our own detriment. I think Wenger is just aware he needs to rotate, though I wouldn’t be surprised if he does limit his team selection against Monaco.

    Personally I’d go attacking against Monaco with a fast back 4. Chambers > Mertesacker for sure. Rambo or Rosicky HAS to play in the middle or we’ll get overrun in the midfield. Think we need Theo on for his pace and runs or their defence will be able to cope with our movement. That already starts shaping up the team for that game, so the game against West Ham should be dealt with by playing players who we will rest against Monaco and by trying to rotate enough that we can still field the strongest team in both games.

    Only Wenger and the coaching staff will know who is fit and who isn’t, so we’ll have to wait and see. Looks like Jack will be out though, so our midfield options are once again starting to stifle a little with Ox out as well. Gonna end up in a go hard or go home mentality by default at least…

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