Two pundits agree that Arsenal & England should build team around this star

Harry Redknapp and Piers Morgan are both in agreement that Arsenal and England should build their teams around Jack Grealish.

The forward is currently impressing for Aston Villa, and has proved to be one of the most consistent creative players in the division over the past two seasons.

He was widely speculated to be on the wishlist of both Arsenal and Manchester United over the last 12 months, but Villa are understandably eager to keep him.

Money talks in this game however, and Telegraph claims that he has a £100 Million asking price over his head, but that doesn’t put off Redknapp and co.

The former Spurs boss claims that we not only need to invest in the squad this month, but that it should be Grealish we are targeting.

“I think they have to spend,” Redknapp told the listeners on his podcast The Harry Redknapp Show. “They are way off it, at the moment. They need to bring a bit of quality. Arsenal is a massive football club – Take a Grealish. He needs to play at the bigger club.”

Morgan then replies to state that he would ‘break the bank’ for the Villa man, and Harry replies: “Absolutely. I have been saying that about England for months and months,.

“If he was with any other country, national or international player, they would build the team around him.

“We would be going ‘Oh, we are playing Italy, they have got this fella in midfield. We have got to do something’. I think he has got into the England team more by accident. He has done so well and there’s no leaving them out.”

Can Arsenal afford to splash out £100 Million on Grealish? Is he the perfect player to build the team around? Where would he fit into our team?


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  1. It baffles me why I will be in a Sub Saharan country yet be wiser than the Arsenal board. Arsenal should employ me as a scout, I am far better than the one’s available currently. Why can’t they see or know that Arsenal needs Grealish if they are gud ? Pls whoever is in charge of that office should do the needful immediately. Nah small ting dey vex person pass !

  2. Arsenal doesn’t need Grealish, their are cheaper and better options! 100m for what? Go to France and Germany and get better players

  3. NICE OF REDKNAPP AND MORGAN THEN TO EACH GIVE US £50MILL FROM THEIR OWNFUNDS , to enable us to buy Grealish. If they are not going to offer this , then both areliving on FANTASY ISLAND.

    1. There’s the answer to the Dein issue. Staring us right in the face…Rednapp & Morgan. Why didn’t we think of this before? Sack Arteta & bring these two in.

  4. Well the Republic of Ireland had plan to built their national team around him but he switched back to England!

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