Two Spanish giants looking to sign Arsenal youngster following his latest behaviour

Matteo Guendouzi has been linked with a surprising transfer away from Arsenal this summer after his recent antics.

The Frenchman reportedly taunted Brighton’s players over how much they earn before grabbing Neal Maupay by the neck at the end of Arsenal’s game against Brighton.

His latest action has reportedly tested Mikel Arteta’s patience again, and the Spaniard is prepared to sell him when the transfer window reopens (The Mail).

In what one can consider surprising news coming from France, Le10 Sports claims that both Barcelona and Real Madrid are interested in the Frenchman and both of them will look to grant him an escape route from the Emirates.

The midfielder has two years left on his Arsenal deal and he was one of the club’s favourites under Unai Emery.

However, Arteta has been less than impressed with his overall performance and attitude and the Spaniard might have no problems sending him to Spain.

The report adds that Madrid would look to even play him in front of their defence ahead of Casimero.

Arsenal signed Guendouzi from the French second division and if they eventually move him on to one of the two big Spanish sides, they would surely make a healthy profit from his sale.

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  1. GET AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE FOR THIS ARROGANT LIITLE GIT AND GET HIM OUT OF OUR CLUB ASAP. Rotten apples stink to high heaven and infect other, so far, good apples. Ideally he needs to be sent to a psychiatric unit for training in how to be a proper human.

      1. Lisa, Time ? To do or be what exactly? If, as I think you mean, to start knowing how to behave, then I can tell you as a man fast approaching 70, that in my long life experience people of 21 hardly ever change the basic way they behave Good people, at 21 and far youinger too, remain good people Bad charactersat 21 who are unpleasant, self regarding and arrogant to others, remain that way too, with VERY few exceptions.

  2. Matteo Guendouzi:

    This is all part of being a foreigner in the Premier League. You get bashed for stuff that a Brit would be publicly defended for.
    I just want to warn you that going to Barca or Real or somewhere else NOT the EPL won’t work. Those two clubs in particular are xenophobic, racist places that as soon as you slip up, everyone hates your guts. Don’t go there, I warn you!
    So just stay at Arsenal and continue to get better. Keep taking training seriously and listen to your coach (he knows what he’s doing) and celebrating every Arsenal goal, even if you have almost nothing to do with it.😁😁
    A few tips for greatness:
    1:Self control.
    2: Humility.
    3: Diligence.
    4:Those curls of yours😉
    Keep up the good work!

    P.S: whoever reads this who has a Twitter account, send to Guendouzi to make up for all the bad press and cheer him up a bit!

  3. Sell one of our best prospects to a bigger team, sounds familiar, typically Arsenal but i dont see it, it would not make sense.

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