TWO ways the latest Arsenal injury blow could be GOOD news

Arsenal fans could end up happy about this injury news by Sam P.

There was a little bit of good news for Arsenal fans on the injury front this week, with Arsene Wenger declaring that even though our Chilean international star Alexis Sanchez was not being included in the Arsenal squad for the pre-season tour of America, as reported by Metro, his ankle injury was actually not too bad.

The boss said, ‘Alexis will not go because he had an ankle injury.

‘That is not too bad but I will leave him behind.’

So there is still real hope that the fantastic forward will be running out onto the Emirates pitch when Liverpool come to north London to get our Premier League campaign underway in a little over two weeks. The chances of Per Mertesacker making that game, however, are zero and it looks like the German defender could miss a massive chunk of the season.

With the recent record Arsenal have had with injuries and with Danny Welbeck already ruled out long term, this was not what Wenger and the Arsenal fans wanted to hear, but there are two sides to every story and I think there might be some long term positives to come from this latest blow.

The first and most obvious would be if the Frenchman now goes into the transfer market and signs a big name top quality centre back and his words and about the BFG’s injury on the Arsenal website suggest that he might, a lot of Gooners may just be quite happy about Mertesacker’s knee problem.

Wenger said, “We have to look for an option to get a bit more experience. We will see some of our young centre backs on Thursday as well. With Per being out, we are a bit short on the experience front and we are looking to bring somebody in.”

That word experience is the big one for me there and hopefully Arsenal will not shirk from spending the money needed. On the other hand, Mertesacker being out for so long could be a good thing for our young centre backs Calum Chambers and Rob Holding. With Gabriel also missing the USA tour because of illness they should both get a lot of game time and that is the only way talented and promising players gain this valuable experience.

We might even get another Bellerin type breakthrough, or is that too much to ask?

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  1. Must we wait for injuries to cripple the team before doing what is right?

    Different year, same wenger

    1. The real worry is Wenger’s clueless diagnosis of injuries and the amount of time the player will be out for. ?

  2. If we don’t spend big this summer, I see Alexis, Ozil and Bellerin leaving next summer
    They won’t want to stay where they don’t see us coming close to a PL or CL trophy

    Walcott won’t leave though. Why would he leave £140,000 per week?

  3. Eddie Howe is being linked to replace Wenger!
    Now surely that has to be the best rumour to come out during this transfer window? ?

    I can’t say that I’m happy about Mertesacker’s Injury but it’s funny how he ends up in that way shortly after making a statement about the need for more signings and how we were lucky to have finished runners up last season. ?

    There’s no point in expressing my dissapointment with our transfers dealings,. As it seems more than likely that Wenger will start flapping around trying to fill gaps on the last day of the transfer window and if Coquelin ends up playing as a CB against Liverpool and Leicester then We colud find ourselves 6 -9 points behind the leader by the time Wenger gets his cheque book out… again ?

    1. I was wondering why Mert said that
      Maybe Wenger told him he isn’t going to be Captain lol

      Im not a football expert but I find turning Coquelin (who has always been a midfielder) into a CB just weeks before the PL starts. Just because he is a Defensive Midfielder doesn’t mean he can be a CB without experience. Though Kompany and Blind have played both DM and defensive positions. So maybe he can
      I would sooner him just buy an experienced CB or 2 TBH

      But any pressure on Wenger to spend is welcome
      This summer’s transfer dealings will not only affect our trophy chances this season but may also affect our Club for years to come if there is an exodus next summer. So Wenger MUST spend on quality signings

      1. Would be interesting to turn Coquelin into a CB but that would almost be like turning Gattuso into a CB lol. Both of them are too aggressive to play CB which requires you to make level headed decision under pressure. It would just be a red card waiting to happen

  4. It depends on the nature
    of Sanchez’s injury.
    Is it a one off which will heal
    quickly and completely or is it
    ligament or joint damage which
    is slow to heal and quick to re-injure?
    Last seasons injury took a long time to heal
    and Sanchez really only hit form at the Copa America
    and with his insistence on playing all the time
    maybe he’s been playing on painkillers?
    Unfortunately preseason games are no indicator
    of ability in the EPL so we will learn little or nothing
    about possible Cech Sanchez Debuchy Ozil Giroud or indeed
    Mertesacker replacements till they actually play in the EPL.
    So we will be going in essentially blind v Liverpool
    if the regulars are not playing but I think you will find
    most if not all of Cech Koz Ozil Ramsey and Giroud will
    start v Liverpool despite only 2 weeks left to them.
    Get that Toradol injection out Sanch 🙂

  5. Why would wenger buy more CBs for Mertesacker’s 5 month injury when we already have £15M Gabriel, £18M Chambers and the fresh addition Bolton player of the season Rob Holding? Welbeck was out last season for nearly 10 months.. I didn’t see Wenger buying nothin.

  6. Some people have jumped on the situation that Wenger is using Coquelin in the CB position at training, now he only has 3 CBs there and a whole bunch of midfielders, he has 2 teams a guess practicing against each other a midfielder would more than likely be used since Bellerin, Debuchy, Gibbs, Monreal, Chambers, Holding and Bielik would already be occupied.

    These two teams will be more or less be getting one half to play in the MLS match, its not a perfect solution, but its practice, so there is mo need to become hysterical, any manager would have done the same given the situation.

    Now i am not really impress by our dealings so far, but he has said he will get a experience defender and i have confidence he will, more or less not the fans or media choice but i have no doubt he will get one.

    The only good about the injury situation is it actually forces wengers hand, the mert and welbeck injury can not be hidden for after the transfer deadline therefore has to be dealt with before the transfer window closes

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