Ty from AFTV is not happy with Troy Deeney (or some Arsenal players)

Troy Deeney caused a stir among Arsenal fans on social media this week by claiming that some Arsenal players have told him they don’t like AFTV’s Taiwo Ognulabi, commonly referred to as Ty.

For those not aware, Ty has been one of the constant talking heads on the fan channel from its Inception, often getting some of the most views.

Robbie Lyle built his brand on turning fans into cartoon characters. While many got clicks based on how loud they could shout and how many swear words they could manage, Ty has built a reputation for being ultra positive, accusations of delusion and a lack of humility no matter the result.

He will blame officials for defeats, hinting at a conspiracy against the Gunners and gets angered by banter from opposition fans.

Referring to the current Arsenal squad on first term basis, he talks like he’s actively apart of the team so therefore any gripes our team might have with the opposition, Ty takes personally.

One of them happens to be Deeney, going back years when the then Watford captain accused Arsenal of lacking ‘Cojones’ (he was correct).

The striker knows what he’s saying and why he’s saying it, he knows this will hurt Ty who maybe takes the sport too serious?

Ty has responded by challenging Deeney to a verbal confrontation which of course his boss Robbie would love to happen.

Whether a grown adult in his 50’s should be that annoyed by the concept of not every other adult in life liking you, is a debate for another day.

A grown man telling another grown man he will ‘verbally splatter you’ because other grown men have said they don’t like someone smacks of immaturity.

Yet, the angle several fans have taken (not just Gooners) is that it’s arrogant for any player not to like one of their fans.

The notion being that Ty watches games home and away, attends women fixtures and sometimes the youth set up matches and spends lots of money on merchandise.

The argument is by making these investments, he’s contributing to a player’s salary.

Yet who’s the actual arrogant people here?

Because while fans will always be the life blood of any club, it doesn’t mean that a player shouldn’t have the freedom of speech.

Are we saying you can’t have an opinion just because you’re rich?

Consider what Ty makes money from doing?

He gets paid to provide content based on fans critiquing Arsenal, The Kroenke Family, Arsene Wenger, Mustafi, Ozil, Arteta, etc.

AFTV makes money by giving their points of view on Arsenal.

They can’t make money off doing that then cry when the same thing is happening to them.

They are a business who through Youtube are at times disrespectful towards another business.

So that business equally has the right to point out what they like or don’t like about you.

AFTV’s inability to see the irony in their stance is scary.

It’s not any fresh news that AFTV hasn’t always been popular in the dressing room.

Hector Bellerin confirmed this when speaking at a university which led to further verbal abuse on fan cams.

Robbie challenged Simon Jordan for questioning the channel’s ethos.

Arsenal themselves have had to release a statement distancing them from the fan channel.

AFTV often rationalise any criticism as other outlets being threatened by a new form of media.

In other words, they want fans to have the right to say what they want to about players, but expect players to not have opinions about fans?

It sums up a generation who grew up in the age of the internet.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc …. the power to share your feelings around the world within seconds exists.

So many believe in the right to have the freedom of speech, as long as what is being said is what they agree with.

In this instance Ty wants to be able to say he doesn’t like certain players (and get cash for it) but is dismayed when players say they don’t like him.

I been fortunate to meet Arsene Wenger, Arteta, Edu, etc.

Yet, I have never been in awe of anyone. I’m educated enough to know they breath the same oxygen as me, have their own issues and have flaws.

They might talk to and give me their time, but they don’t have a divine right to like me.

I have had the honour of contributing to this site for years. Yet not all readers are going to like me and that’s their right.

Why would you care what strangers think?

Unfortunately for Ty, the reality is Arsenal players are strangers to us.

We talk about them and debate about them, but we don’t know them. They have families, friends, worries, etc. They have every right to watch a YouTuber and judge what they see.

I have been brought up to treat people how I want to be treated.

If you want to make money calling players, ‘cheats‘, labelling them ‘nobodies’, wishing them to be relegated.

Then you then need to be able to cope with players saying they don’t like you.

Dan Smith

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  1. Quite agree with you, if you shoot your mouth off then you have to accept that other people have an opinion and have the same right to express their feelings

    1. Babbling idiots that are only interested in making money for their grimey little ego’s. Majority of their support comes from fans of other clubs and sad Gooners who have little loyalty. Ty and the other mouth are vile horrible muppets, I for one would not give them a second of my time. Hopefully more people like Deeney will slate them and people cop on to their rotten ways and stop tuning into that sh*te.

  2. It is a nasty network that stirred up hatred against Wenger and made money from sh.t stirring about certain Arsenal players, it is toxic along with that slob Robbie who claims he is an Arsenal fan, rubbish, he is a nasty piece of work along with the rest of them. It seems to be the younger generation who follow that rubbish. On away games I have seen fans give it to them because of their negative attitude towards Arsenal. I am glad Arsenal players have said that, and more should blank them as they are a blot on the Arsenal landscape

    1. Just shows you don’t watch it. If anything, especially the past season, DRobbie and co have been positive to the point of looking delusional, whereby our collapse was met with applause from rival fans and they were turned into a joke

      1. Really so who started the hate campaign against Wenger then, who stirred up the vitriol of hate which started to divide fans? who use to have the crass nasty banner about Wenger thanks for the years now it’s time to go, they did, who had a presented jailed for kidnap, who had a presenter sacked for Racism? The list is long, and so are the memories of a lot of fans who despise them

  3. Two seasons ago every one bully us, in the last campaign we were only bullied by the Citizens and Pool.

    Arsenal slowly but surely getting the mix right, it’s for reasons like this why we wouldn’t play Odegaard and Havertz in the same team.

    One player that would go a great deal in commanding our defensive area effectively is Tabsoba, he would pairs well with Magalhaes in physical games

    1. A few more games then that mate I’m afraid
      It’s not being bullied , it’s being mentally weak

  4. DAN Clearly you either do not know that giving this immature man child Ty- and the vicious site of which he is a wretched part- unwanted publicity,
    is harming our own JA and our club,OR far worse still, you dont CARE.

    I BELIEVE IT TO BE THE LATTER, AS YOU WILL DO AND WRITE ANYTHING TO GET YOUR NAME IN PRINT. You have sunk to a new low in deciding to publicise this site which is virulently antI Arsenal.

    One question; WHY?? Even though I already know the honest answer as to WHY!

    1. Your silence is DEAFENING, Dan, and REVEALING too. And I know you HAVE read my post too, as just now you replied to a post just above mine.

  5. He was right? Where did their cojones take them? Where were Watford then and where are they now?

    If there was Arsenal without cojones it would have been the one that finished 8th in a row.

    1. Which 8th are you referring to, or was it both, throwing away CL place when finishing 5th or not having the cojones to seal the PL title this past season?

      1. The two 8th under Arteta. The lowest we have been since we became a force in English football.

        We had missed on top 4 3 seasons prior to that but at least we still had European football.

        In my opinion we didn’t throw away the title. The lack of squad depth and quality bench caught up with us in the end. Who can compete with the pay to win frauds of Manchester?

        1. I disagree HH did Southampton ,West Ham have amazing squad depth ,we bottled it just like last season trying to get 4th IMO .
          This season will be very tough ,if we do not get our transfers spot on then it’s going to be a long old season once again .
          Man City’s so called fraud squad had nothing to do with our own results ,that was on one persons head only .

          1. City whole squad if you pair them 11vs11 they are going to be very close. Because of the quality of their whole squad it doesn’t give others a chance to make mistakes, drop form, coping with key injuries etc. Those are things which are unavoidable.

            It’s like in today’s video games. Impossible to win against someone who spends a lot to get stronger characters and tools no matter how skilled you are.

  6. Freedom of speech is not about how, it’s about why. Created in the late civilisation of Greece and immortalised as fundamental law in the US creation. It’s like a bird in cage. Open it and it will fly and rarely never come back. Compare that with free roaming birds that comes to you, anytime and anywhere. Freedom of speech is the most human ability. Think of the reason and use it wisely.

  7. Of course Troy Deeney has a right to speak his mind.

    We have seen on JA people who say that they like about our manager(s) players and other fans, but react with rage when others react to them with the same kind of rhetoric.

    I would pay money to see the likes of Xhaka, Ozil, Aubameyang, Holding, Elneny, Bellerin etc etc being able to confront those who have accused them of being lazy, dross, incompetent or not fit to wear the shirt.

    Some might even call it cyber bullying?!?

    Xhaka and Bellerin are perfect examples of two of our players who DID confront these type of “fans” and I applaud them and Troy Deeney.

    As for AFTV it’s something that I equate with Talksport – not worth listening to… BUT… they are committed to be at all our home and away games, so they also have the right to voice their opinions – I’m sure Deeney isn’t the least bit concerned.

    1. Well said Ken ,fans in a rage about ATV but then go on how they are an avid listener to the gutter radio station “talk shite “,spearheaded by the amazing Simon ‘ruin a club and run ‘ Jordan .

  8. OT Just watched Hull play St Helens in the rugby league.
    Saw a Hull player backchat the referee – show the yellow – kept going – shown the red.

    Now, if only our PL refs had the “cojones” to do that, we might see it filter down to grassroots level.

  9. I liked Robbie & AFTV when it first started out. It seems so long ago that he, with just his camera operator, did those little breakdowns of play following every game, home & away, until somehow the muppets that started to regularly gather around him took control and manipulated the output to their own advantage to make themselves social media stars.
    Shame really, as he’s such a likable guy off camera, but deserves his success, however achieved.

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